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PTTE: I Know I'm a Better Picker Than...
We've got five eligible to play for the bonus. If you want to go for the bonus, then here's what you need to do. Look at the list of the other
9 messages
08-10-06 07:43 AM
last comic
I missed tonight's finale! Who won?
3 messages
08-10-06 00:39 AM
Online Voting?
What's the deal with the NBC online contest? I found the rules a bit weird - not sure how it works.
Canada Girl
7 messages
08-09-06 01:19 PM
Oh man, Poor Ty
Man, he really bombed on that last bit. It must have been really awkward for him at that moment when nobody did anything and he had to wave his hand
2 messages
08-09-06 08:05 AM
Ty Was A BIG Disappointment With the Drug and Alcohol Theme
As a recovering alcoholic myself and from a long line of alcoholics in my family, I took real offense to his ignorance about the disease with his co
7 messages
08-08-06 11:27 PM
Ty your Fly
Ty I have to give it up to you. You were on point tonight. You have my vote and I believe that you are going to take it from Josh. I think Josh is fun
0 messages
08-08-06 10:46 PM
Josh Blue You Rock!!!!!
Josh you were so funny tonight!!! My 17 year old son has CP and spina bifida and thinks your stuff dont stink!! Keep up the great work! We
0 messages
08-08-06 10:39 PM
Chris Porter
I first saw Chris Porter in a small bowling alley in Springfield, MO. He was funny as hell then and I still have the T-shirt! I can't remember
1 messages
08-08-06 12:49 PM
Saw Josh Blue, Roz, friend, live!
At San Francisco International Airport this morning (8/7) at 6:45 a.m. PT. Guess they were on their way to the finals... I was flying home to
Ariel NYC
2 messages
08-08-06 12:43 PM
August 1st East Coast Spoilers [View All]
Who in the world was that Jay London Guy? They could have done without him tonight...He was awful.
29 messages
08-03-06 02:25 AM
Chris Porter - disappointed.......
I really liked Chris on the first few epsiodes and thought his sets were really funny. But I think Chris's last 2 sets have been disappointing and h
5 messages
08-02-06 05:10 PM
Question? Joke last night from TY BARTNETT
TY said the funniest thing, but i cant remember it was in reference to. It was..... thats like before sex breaking out with pictures of people i co
0 messages
08-02-06 12:22 PM
7/5 how - How woud you vote
Original title, I know. Anyway...I don't know how I would vote. I didn't get to see the show because I was installing an air conditioner at Mo
10 messages
07-31-06 01:57 PM
Anthony Clark crying?
Am I wrong or did the host fight back tears all night? If so, what's up with that?
0 messages
07-27-06 01:47 PM
7/18 Show - How would you vote. [View All]
I must say I was disappointed in Chris Porter. I think his set was stronger than nobody but Michelle Balin's. And that was more her doing, than
29 messages
07-24-06 08:39 AM
Kristin Keys
I'm one of those that doesn't typically write in to forums/chat rooms - but I thought someone on the network might be checking this site for opi
6 messages
07-18-06 09:45 PM
Did Gabriel forfeit?
So you're in front of a camera operator who's filming you at all times and your hands are busy working on something underneath a pillow. What did
11 messages
07-17-06 04:39 PM
LCS #4 Episode #6 East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep all discussion of tonight's episode on this thread until the West Coast gets to find out that the producers have actually managed to com
11 messages
07-12-06 05:09 PM
Full Length Head to Head
I was browsing the NBC website looking to see if I could catch a repeat of LCS and noticed this
Tough Cookie
5 messages
07-06-06 07:26 PM
Roz & other non-funny people.
OK...Roz sucks! I heard the hooker being a cust. service rep when I was in high school. They really did a poor job this year. I don't blame Marsha
1 messages
07-03-06 04:46 PM
Why was Dat Phan snubbed?
Does anyone know why Dat Phan was snubbed when they talked about the past winners this season? I thought it was really strange.
7 messages
07-03-06 04:09 PM
Chris Porter!
Chris Porter will be at the Huntington, West Virginia Funny Bone this weekend July 6th-9th. Come out to see him at the Funny Bone!
0 messages
07-03-06 03:56 PM
Official RTVW LCS #4 Episode #5 Summary: I know I'm funnier than Episode #5
[b][font size=3]Official RTVW LCS #4 Episode #5 Summary: I know I'm funnier than Episode #5 of Last Comic Standing. [/b][%
6 messages
07-03-06 03:27 PM
Anyone Know the "Rules" that could be Broken?
Does anyone know if the "rules" are posted somewhere so we can guess which rule might have been broken, and by whom? Anyone care to
13 messages
07-03-06 03:22 AM
Nikki Payne
aka The girl with the lisp that is driving some of you crazy. Have faith. She's Canadian and I've seen some stuff on TV that she's d
Canada Girl
7 messages
06-30-06 05:00 PM
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