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Last Comic Standing
Who won this year's competition (season 2). A football game was on when the final's were supposed to appear.
1 messages
08-29-04 02:06 PM
Still Standing Tour
Alonzo, Gary, and Jay are appearing at the Tampa Improv this weekend. All shows were sold out. The St. Petersburg Times posted a really positive r
2 messages
08-28-04 02:13 AM
Season 1 vs. Season 2....what will happen??
Who is stronger?? I personally loved LCS2 more, but there are some great comics from season 1. I'm not too clear on the format with $50,00
0 messages
08-26-04 07:02 PM
Jay Mohr Interview - LCS3 News / [font color=red]***%
Bucky Katt
3 messages
08-26-04 02:46 PM
Going to call it now
It will end with a tie between the two seasons, 5 head to head wins a piece. I won't say who will win in head to heads ( cause I don%
1 messages
08-26-04 02:41 PM
What IS funny?
O.K., you're all comedy fans... So, what do you find funny? Because if you were to believe the so-called "experts", that is, the club
2 messages
08-20-04 11:44 PM
yesss [View All]
spoier---------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
23 messages
08-20-04 12:56 PM
Is it really that hard to come up with new material?
I almost fell off my chair when I had to listen to Dat do the "all Chinese people know Karate" routine for what feels like the hundredth time.I co
3 messages
08-17-04 05:49 PM
Corey H. is on Def Comedy Jam
I bought the Def Jam collection 5 and 6 on DVD and Corey H. is on there. He is real funny and looks a little shorter. http://ab
0 messages
08-17-04 01:17 PM
john's wife
interesting to see his lovely wife...kinda weird when she came up on stage...i have decided that husbands getting the limelight should be alone on the
2 messages
08-16-04 09:03 PM
Good ol' days.
This weekend was the first time watching “Last Comic Standing,” (cough-cough extreme “Survivor” rip-off, cough-cough), for my Wife a
0 messages
08-15-04 08:45 PM
Of the comics who didn't make it into the house but were featured on Tueday night's show (Grandma Lee, Marina Franklin, Jim Norton), who
5 messages
08-13-04 12:34 PM
**Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 12 Official Summary**
[font color=blue size=6]The Final Six[/font] Have I told you guys that my life is funny? Well, at least the car insuranc
9 messages
08-13-04 11:25 AM
Let's All Meet Back Here...
In September ! House against House....Hmmm. Sounds interesting, even though I didn't see the first contest... God bless and have a
1 messages
08-13-04 10:20 AM
Hurricane TV Coverage Removes Last Comic Standing in Florida Local NBC Station
So please, post how it's going here. It's my only way to find out anything! Anyone know any link to online I could watch this Last Comic Stand
3 messages
08-13-04 01:58 AM
wierd coensidence if ...
hefferon wins because this past year he had a comedy central presents and it debuted on the same night that last years winner datphans did so both wi
0 messages
08-12-04 06:21 PM
Predictions for tonight
Alright, it's a little 11th hour but, if you dare, make a prediction as to who will be declared the Last Comic Standing tonight. Not who you
5 messages
08-12-04 05:05 PM
Can We Get Another Vote Count Thread Going? [View All]
I'll start by throwing 3 votes John's way! That makes the tally: John 3 Gary 0 Alonzo 0 :) ht
22 messages
08-12-04 04:55 PM
jay nohr tidbit
last night watched a DUMB slasher movie.... called Cherry Falls. and the serial killer turned out to be Jay nohr in a BADDDDD wig....more than s
4 messages
08-12-04 12:08 PM
Thoughts on the Final 3 Show...
I couldn't post on the locked thread below, so here goes for what it's worth, JMHO.... I thought Alonzo wasn't as good as he usua
7 messages
08-11-04 12:33 PM
20 Aug thoughts
Spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoile
11 messages
08-11-04 11:27 AM
'And now for our special ten-minute recap of the last eleven minutes.'
Does anyone else think the show is turning into [b]American Idol[/b] West? 'Let's take another look at the antics in the house. Now
5 messages
08-11-04 10:55 AM
So who was the best?
Based on the final three's performances - I don't think anyone was any better than anyone else. I would rate them all equal based on last night.
1 messages
08-11-04 08:38 AM
lcs1 vs. lcs2, no contest
So lcs 3 is going to be 1st season vs. 2nd season, huh? Personally, I think it's no contest. As a group, the 1st season's cast is a hund
8 messages
08-10-04 11:45 PM
Jay you see the resemblance
Does anyone else notice the Eminem resemblance? It is too funny.
3 messages
08-10-04 03:24 PM
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