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Thoughts on final 3 [View All]
What are everyone's thoughts on the final three? For sure there are some difference in opinions which is always interesting to hear. I
25 messages
08-09-04 10:21 PM
The man isn't funny, he must have more friends that's about the only way i can see him in the last three. GOOD GRIEF
13 messages
08-09-04 00:33 AM
wild card results - Jay wasn't that funny
No disrespect to Jay London, as he is a talented comedian but there is no way that he truly defeated either Ant (who I dont care for but still thi
17 messages
08-08-04 06:40 PM
Jay Mohr...Now THERE'S Unfunny
Again - IMO...everything being subjective. And I really thought it was offensive to joke about breaking Clay Aiken's back. I
3 messages
08-08-04 12:09 PM
Oh happy day!!
I just found John Heffron's website. I just Googled his name and it was the first entry that came up. I'd post a link but I'm afraid I'd mes
5 messages
08-07-04 08:38 AM
For Real?
Does Jay Mohr have the wrong list or what? Kathleen has been working professionally in this business for years and won the comedian of the year at t
9 messages
08-06-04 03:43 PM
Who are your top three favs /bottom three of the top 10?
From reading some of this board, it is clear to me once again that comedy appeal is really variable. For example, I like Ant. Seems to
15 messages
08-06-04 02:40 PM
Exposure Equals Victory/ If You Have The Kohones (sp?)
I will say it again. The way to win the last comic standing is to be on as many challenges/exposures as possible. Some people may already know the
mocha madness
0 messages
08-06-04 01:46 PM
Who are the three finalists?
I missed the show tonight and the suspense is killing me. Would someone please post tonight's winners. thanks.
11 messages
08-06-04 12:26 PM
more thoughts
I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would think jay london is funny. He says the same things every single time - puts himself down,
9 messages
08-06-04 03:15 AM
What did they say?
I thought it was pretty cool that there was a recording of each comic on his or her voting line. Since all three of my votes went to John, I got to
4 messages
08-05-04 10:52 PM
Who voted and for whom? [View All]
I think the voting will be very interesting and quite tight, but perhaps a simple poll here will be informative (I'll keep a running tally).%0
28 messages
08-05-04 10:23 PM
Jay London
Now he was the best......... shame to see him voted off, Last Comic Standing, as Trump would say, YOUR FIRED... no true talent left.
0 messages
08-05-04 10:12 PM
Does anyone know...
...if the comics are sequestered in their house/castle for the duration of the filming of the show? I know they get to leave for challenges and t
0 messages
08-05-04 04:30 PM
3 August - thoughts
Thoughts from tonight. Jay London Ė killed. He was great. I guess he is an acquired taste and either you like him or you donít. I like
16 messages
08-04-04 02:08 PM
Thoughts on the comics...
1) They really need to get new acts if they want us to vote. We've already -seen- these routines -- several times now. Whatever laugh factor they
1 messages
08-03-04 11:09 PM
I see most people voted agreed
I don't know if its pity for him or they get his act , but as for me i love it his act. As the show goes, i don't think he'll win , but as
15 messages
08-03-04 08:31 PM
help! missed 7/29 show
shoot! could anyone send me a tape of the 7/29 show, I would gladly pay for the tape, shipping and more...Or if you missed any episode of LCS
1 messages
08-02-04 04:21 PM
Who will go the the F3, and ultimately win??????
I think the F3 will definitely be John, Alonzo, and either Jay or Gary. I'm voting for John to win as many times as possible! He'
10 messages
08-02-04 03:52 PM
Did anyone see the Disclaimer after the show last night? I know one of the paragraphs said to the effect " Due to something that happend on Tuesda
2 messages
07-31-04 04:07 AM
This show makes me so mad, but I can't stop watching it!
There are so many things that this show could do without. For instance, the producers of the show mostly chose controversial people that would grab
7 messages
07-30-04 06:07 PM
why is everyone afraid of Kathleen Madigan?
We haven't seen much of Kathleen so far. She didn't have to do any head to heads, one because she had immunity and the rest noone said they were
8 messages
07-30-04 04:59 PM
Does anyone else think John Heffron is cute?
I know that all the good looks comments seem to go Gary's way, and I do think he's pretty dang hot, but I just think John is adorable. Seems
17 messages
07-29-04 11:51 PM
Any final card predictions?
Any final predictions for the wild card results? I think its going to be Ant, although he was my least favorite on the show. I agree with most -
8 messages
07-29-04 07:54 PM
Tuesday's show should have been titled, Return of the Sore Losers.
I couldn't have been more annoyed at listening to Ant, Todd Glass, and Bonnie rant and rave about how they were going to get everyone who voted
5 messages
07-29-04 03:02 PM
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