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Episode 7 Summary - The Final Insult
In writing the most difficult and least entertaining summary on the SB boards one has to make a decision whether or not to be short and crappy, like
4 messages
10-12-04 08:45 PM
Gary Gulman/Totally Hot
As much as I enjoy Gary's material,I like looking at him even more,he is by far the best looking comic in the house. If a poll were taken, I w
9 messages
10-11-04 02:26 PM
Last Comic Standing Cancelled?
Attached is a link to an article at reality newsonline stating that Last Comic Standing Season 3 has been cancelled. Apparently they are planning to
9 messages
10-07-04 08:08 PM
season 1 deserves to....
win... i mean not because the have lost everything because its a popularity contest, but they deserve to win because they are generaly funnier then
12 messages
10-06-04 09:26 PM
Will john win 2 in a row?
Heffron is clearly the best on the show once again. Of course this is my opinion. But if the show is fixed like many believe it is, will NBC let him
4 messages
10-03-04 02:33 PM
This week was ACTUALLY FUNNY!
Which leaves me with but one thing left to say: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog should be the Last Comic Standing! He made me
2 messages
10-02-04 02:26 PM
Spoilers for 9/28 show
I went to the taping yesterday. It was LONG. Ralphie disappeared at one point. He was very ANGRY. He was yelling at Kathleen on stage but it was hard
7 messages
10-02-04 02:22 PM
America apologizes, finally does the right thing...
... by eliminating one of the least humorous comedians this side of Bob Saggett.... Dat Phan Gullman hit the nail on the head with his joke
4 messages
10-02-04 08:39 AM
This show has to be FIXED
The last comic standing has to be fixed for Tammy Pescatelli to lose to Jay London. She is much funnier then Jay and last season I thought he won when
10 messages
10-01-04 11:32 AM
Ant running low on material?
I have only seen Ant on T.V. a total of 4 times, and I swear he has said the same jokes over and over. If he is out of material, shouldn't he ju
2 messages
10-01-04 10:41 AM
John Heffron
Does John have his own site or message board?
1 messages
09-30-04 05:17 PM
vote error?
it let me vote more then the 3 allowed votes per e-mail, so i was able to vote, from the same e-mail over 15 times and could have kept going but i
1 messages
09-30-04 01:46 PM
So who will be the final four?
I am so glad that Dave Mordel is in the final four. I is the funniest from season one IMO. John, well we all knew John would make it.%0
2 messages
09-30-04 12:14 PM
Yay! they are gone! SPOILERS!!!
I am so glad Ralphie, Dat, Kathleen, and Jay are gone. Out of the four, Kathleen was the best one but she is noway funnier than Heffron. I am
5 messages
09-30-04 12:06 PM
Official LCS Episode 5 Summary : Is Anyone Really Watching?
I would like to start out by saying that I lost interest very quickly in this season of LCS! I have been watching Big Brother more regularly than th
6 messages
09-29-04 12:10 PM
Can I get a recap of tonights show?
I missed one for the first time. I took a lil nappy-poo and ended up sleeping thru it. I am so irritated at myself. Anyway, I seen someone had
2 messages
09-29-04 09:09 AM
Can I vote for "Comic the Insult Dog" as the Last Comic Standing?
I was laughing so hard last night from Comic the Insult Dog that I had to pause the DVR like 5 times. When he started cutting on Tess about weighing 2
0 messages
09-29-04 08:57 AM
I saw Gary, Jay and Alonzo last night
at the Improv in Cleveland. They are doing a tour called "I'm Still Standing". Gary Gulman was up first and he was really good. He has always
0 messages
09-27-04 05:08 PM
last comic tryouts
hello does anyone know how to get info for trying out for the next last comic standing. can anyone email me at if any k
0 messages
09-27-04 04:29 PM
Official LCS Episode 4 Summary - Final Clown Upright. Crap.
[b]Final clown upright. Crap.[/b] Do we care? Why are we watching this farce? Well, if you’re going to read i
4 messages
09-23-04 04:13 PM
what's up with Ralphie?
What is the deal with Ralphie May? I didn't see season one when it was on last year, but has he always knocked over the microphone when he was d
6 messages
09-22-04 09:29 PM
Question about the $50,000 they win from the voting???
Is that $50,000 divided between the remaining comics that performed on that episode or for all of the comics on the "team" this season??%3
1 messages
09-22-04 07:48 PM
Special Guest Comics
I saw a promo for tonight's show that said they will be having special guest comics Carrot Top and Louie Anderson. Great, just what we need-- mor
10 messages
09-22-04 11:14 AM
"I know I can read the teleprompter better than.........."
I've never been in show business and I thought Jay did a great job last year but lately he is really struggling with the hosting this year. So much
4 messages
09-22-04 07:13 AM
Where'd it go??
Am I missing this show or has it disappeared? Comedy Central advertised an 'all new' show the other night so I thought it was moved off the
1 messages
09-21-04 03:41 AM
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