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May 1-5th previews [View All]
May 1 Cassie finally meets the son she gave up for adoption; Niambi calls ``Mr. Situation,'' even though the roommates and life coach
48 messages
05-02-06 10:59 AM
The meeting - Cassie and her son
Ok, well, I have an hour to go here in NM. Anyone out there have a spoiler to fill me in on? Any tidbits to share? Do tell!
0 messages
05-01-06 10:58 AM
MONDAY show ? for tvgal
.................................. .................................... ..................................... tvgal, I know you don%2
1 messages
04-29-06 03:59 PM
what do you think about what Antonia said to Cassie according to the preveiws?
Okay so far I'm not really liking the new one. She seems to be missing the filters on her mouth. Next week previews show her asking Cassie why she g
23 messages
04-27-06 10:54 AM
Any pre views after May 5th?
Where do you get pre views so far ahead and is there any pre-views for the week of 4/8 yet??
2 messages
04-26-06 04:20 PM
Please, anyone know?
I missed today's show. Anyone know where I can catch a repeat in Massachusetts????
0 messages
04-26-06 12:53 PM
Order of Graduation
He is my order of graduation for the remaining(5)houseguests. Jill......she is almost ready now...and ready to fly! Christina...
7 messages
04-26-06 04:10 AM
woohoo sommers back
i love that they let sommer come back she was awesome and i see alot of her in myself which i guess is why im excited shes back and gets to finish pro
0 messages
04-25-06 10:44 AM
Kelly update info [View All]
Kelly's friend on Jokers had these things to say about Kelly. Well, it's that time for Kelly. This Thursday she will be graduating f
26 messages
04-24-06 03:46 PM
Tess dread
If she is really coming back, I'm going to have to mute out her squeaky distress call!
2 messages
04-24-06 07:41 AM
Kim's upcoming Kelly's graduation
Oh my - I've only seen the outtakes so far, but I am cringing every time! Does anyone know what is said? Kim does so well for a while a
17 messages
04-23-06 00:18 AM
Iyanla is chatting and taking questions om womencomfortwomen
Iyanla is doing a live chat at the sometime next week it says. They are also asking for submit your questions to Iyanla. any
0 messages
04-21-06 10:31 AM
Kim's mom...what is anyone's take on her?
I had such mixed emotions with Kim's mom. I never really felt an honest connection between them and I watched every episode. I think that's why
0 messages
04-20-06 12:31 PM
Shocking LISA1 update/final show
Now, I just copied this from another site, so I don't know if it is true.....but sure sounds good to me! I appologise if this has been posted
19 messages
04-20-06 12:04 PM
SO previews April 24 - April 28 [View All]
Previews April 24- 28 April 24 Christie hyperventilates during a workout with her trainer; Kim gets a makeover for her graduation;
62 messages
04-19-06 12:24 PM
Previews April 17-21 [View All]
Guess who gets to graduate? (gag) April 17 The housemates go rock climbing while blindfolded, forcing them to rely on a
28 messages
04-15-06 05:13 PM
OMG!!!JODI has Live Chat this Thursday...
on the WCW website at 9pm. Eastern. Didn't know if you knew earlier. (I was at Disneyworld last week, and didn't touch a computer :) %
5 messages
04-11-06 08:49 PM
Dr. Stan Remarks [View All]
I just read an interview with Dr. Stan on RealityShack. He didn't have much to say about this season, but he did say: This season,
36 messages
04-06-06 04:00 AM
LISA1 is taking your questions!
Found this at another site: The question around the Starting Over House lately seems to be "Where's Lisa?"---The "real time"
39 messages
04-06-06 03:47 AM
Any previews for 4/10 - 4/14?
They is a week that hasn't been posted. I can't find anything on the web. Anyone know what happens Mon. 4/10 though Fri 4/14? T
3 messages
04-04-06 09:17 PM
She's Backkkkkkkkkkk !
Yay ! Not only did we get a glimpse of Lisa1 today, but we got to see one of her best assests ! Her ability to fake cry !!! Counti
16 messages
04-03-06 05:59 PM
Cassy [View All]
The new women is cassy from a prev. SO. I wonder what she has to work on. I remember she came before because she had a drinking problem and also wante
26 messages
04-01-06 01:02 PM
Did anyone see the show today? Am I wrong or did they show a preview clip of Cassie talking to Rhonda and some of the women in the house about rece
2 messages
04-01-06 10:04 AM
Zap2it previews 4/3 - 4/7 [View All]
April 3 Jodi discovers her weight has not changed since she entered the house; Lisa N. graduates from the house. April 4 The ne
33 messages
03-30-06 03:58 PM
Something new happening
I read on one of these feeds several months ago, when Dr. Stan was interviewed, that something was going to happen this season that had never happ
1 messages
03-30-06 10:45 AM
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