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Conferences Starting Over Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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SO ladies going to Jamaica.....?
Has anyone looked at Buffy's (the girl TJ met at the gym) site? There's a photo of some of the SO ladies and the caption undern
20 messages
01-24-06 06:16 AM
This is the ONLY place to discuss spoilers
Do not discuss any of the information you read here in the other forums - it is a violation of our community guidelines and can lead to the terminatio
5 messages
01-24-06 01:42 AM
TV Guide Spoilers 1-23, 1-24, 1-25 [View All]
Mon 1-22 Jillís meeting ot discuss larger problems becomes a Kim-bashing session. Christina and her mother are ready to move on from the daughter%
21 messages
01-23-06 04:15 PM
Jackson not connected with Christine
Is it just me or does anyone else notice that Jackson has little emotion when interacting with his Mom. Is it possible that he's seen and experienc
9 messages
01-23-06 01:44 PM
Thursday 1/26
Thursday, January 26th "The women shake things up" The women shake things up on the streets of Southern California; one of the women brea
4 messages
01-22-06 11:23 PM
Spoilers for January 23rd through January 27th
The following are the episodes of Starting Over that will air during the week of Monday, January 23rd, 2006. Monday, January 2
0 messages
01-22-06 08:05 AM
Whatever happened to Vanessa?
1 messages
01-21-06 09:38 PM
"Even the slightest hint that Lisa is not being honest with me or herself..."
"... will tell me that Lisa isn't ready to be in the Starting Over House." said Rhonda. It's not that Lisa isn't ready, she wil
0 messages
01-20-06 09:35 PM
Possible Housemate...
If you go to Jessica's myspace ( in her top 8 at Christie. If you go to her page and look at her com
11 messages
01-20-06 01:59 AM
Rehab jan 26
Ok I was just on the SO website and noticed that there is a section under heading "On The Show" called "life sources" I noticed they have appe
2 messages
01-19-06 03:34 PM
next houseguest
this one is coming into SO soon eaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=48376030
2 messages
01-19-06 06:54 PM
T.J. Next
T.J. will be the next to graduate. Check out Christina's pics on her my space.
17 messages
01-19-06 03:16 PM
One woman finds herself behind bars wonder who it will be
i just read that one of the women ends up behind bars? does this mean jail? i wonder who will it be? i don't know. the things i read about thi
14 messages
01-19-06 12:07 PM
Christina gossips
I remember Christina telling the newest girl(can't remember her name),talking about someone when they're not around is gossip,then on the
Makeup Artist
2 messages
01-18-06 08:36 PM
Details 1-16 through 1-20 from
Monday, January 16, 2006 (Episode #3072) A search party ensues after Kim waltzes out of a fun group activity. A violent slip in the kit
8 messages
01-18-06 04:39 PM
RE: someone throws a fit because a man isn't attracted to her...well we know it'll be Lisa
They so set her up for this fall. Their little dating game was just a game! I haven't even watched Wed's episode yet and I so know this spoile
10 messages
01-18-06 04:21 AM
Christina's Affair [View All]
How in the world can someone have an affair while living in the house? There's your roommate to deal with, curfew, signing in & out, came
43 messages
01-17-06 05:53 PM
New HG
The next house guests name is Jody. ds/User_files/43b891c32665bfdb.jpg %0
I need to SO
1 messages
01-17-06 04:50 AM
TiVo Spoiler 1/18 & 19
1/18 - [i]"Iyanla decides on of the women cannot be helped"[/i] 1/19 - [i]A new housemate arrives and
5 messages
01-16-06 04:08 PM
StartingOver website???
Umm where did it go!!!?
1 messages
01-15-06 10:48 AM
Found these on another site....undated but go further than other spoilers here
Monday Jan 16th -A violent slip in the kitchen further damages Kim's relationships with her housemates; a seemingly harmless gossip session turns
10 messages
01-15-06 01:13 AM
Tivo spoiler 1/23
Monday1/23 "Problems in the house" Jill calls a meeting to discuss problems in the house; Christina and her mother wash
11 messages
01-14-06 11:15 AM
does anyone have good gossip about the new housemates?
0 messages
01-14-06 02:43 AM
I'm scared to read the spoilers!!!!!! See ya on the MB!!! ~Kozy
0 messages
01-13-06 06:11 PM
HUGE NEWS YOU WILL ALL BE graduate [View All]
I know who will be the next to graduate after Allison................................- ...........................that person is TJ, if anyone wants
31 messages
01-12-06 11:59 PM
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