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Conferences Starting Over Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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I really miss the show.
I am going crazy. I have been watching the show since the first season. I think it is bull that everytime the have something to show about Pres. Bush
1 messages
02-22-06 10:09 AM
Is anyone from New York! I am just getting started on this forum. I really love the show. Even thought about trying to get on it but then thought tw
1 messages
02-22-06 10:07 AM
I'm sorry I'm a little new at this, can you tell me why we can't post a spoiler on spoiler? I don't know all of the rules, and I think i
1 messages
02-20-06 03:08 PM
no more lisa
And I Thought that I was in heaven when there was no more Lisa and now today I could of slept in an hour longer. cause of a stupid re-run Grrrrrrrrrrr
1 messages
02-20-06 12:29 PM
February 21st - 23rd
Monday - re-run because of holiday Tuesday - Lisa is encouraged by poets to sort through her problems with verse; Jodi looks back on an a
2 messages
02-20-06 11:43 AM
BOR for Lisa on Mon Real or another Joke [View All]
The previews on Fri show a BOR coming for Lisa is it another joke or is it the real deal? Will she be called to account or given another gift? P
67 messages
02-18-06 04:31 PM
Feb 20 guide spoiler REPEAT EPISODE
On Yahoo TV guide for 2/20 SO is indicating a repeat episode with TJ and Lisa. The 2/21 notation doesn't say repeat, but nothing has been sub
11 messages
02-17-06 08:07 PM
Jodi goes to Curves!
[i]This isn't much of a spoiler if you haven't been preempted by the Olympics in your area. But if I posted in General Discussion it would be
2 messages
02-16-06 01:23 PM
Info on Chris Taylor AKA "Mr. Aussie" [View All]
I found these links on JokersUpdates: ninlisaslife.msnw http://groups.
41 messages
02-15-06 05:18 PM
Monday we get a new housemate
Monday 2/20 According to my Dishnetwork...... A new housemate arrives and stirs up suspicion and gossip in the house; TJ works wit
5 messages
02-14-06 07:07 PM
Spoiler Previews week Feb 13 - 17
Don't have time to copy all, maybe someone can expand on these: 2/13 Mon Rhonda’s group discussion of comfort zones, they go
14 messages
02-14-06 01:07 AM
Preempted by Olympics - Some one record for me???
I'm really unhappy about the olympics taking priority over SO. GRRRRRR! So, if anyone has the privilage of living somewhere where they DO show
1 messages
02-13-06 04:05 PM
Getting on the bandwagon on Long Island....
Mon 12 Noon WNBC.....Judge Judy??? eeewww, So any new info for us ?
SO wanna be
0 messages
02-13-06 01:22 PM
Did the show get cancelled?
Today I tried to set my recorder so that i could catch the show later and it is not there. I look at the programming for the rest of the week and it
1 messages
02-13-06 09:45 AM
Friday's show
on the preview of what is to come next week it shows that, this new girl Kelly, gets all defensive I knew that their was another side to her and i
2 messages
02-12-06 09:03 PM
Fill us in for the next two weeks as to what happens on the shows
We in NYC and Los Angeles will preempted by the Olympics (see my previous messages. Where else can I go to find out what is happening on the show
2 messages
02-11-06 12:39 PM
Spoiler for Week of Feb 14
In Soap Opera Digest , dated Feb 14, 2006 Feb 14 - Dr Stan and Rhonda confront Christie on Feb 14th because she has been avoiding her f
2 messages
02-11-06 12:31 PM
ALERT Starting Over preempted by Olympics for 2 weeks
NBC is preempting in New York City area and Los Angeles area, I am not sure about the rest of the county Call 212.664.4444 in New York Ci
3 messages
02-11-06 07:52 AM
Thursday 9th spoiler
This post is from "Jokers" site: This was a post is from someone who seen the show in advance about her stipulations to graduate, a
17 messages
02-11-06 07:13 AM
NBC cancelled show ??
Checked next weeks listing and Starting Over is not on !!!! Replaced by JUDGE JUDY ughhhhhhhh Anyone know whats up?
0 messages
02-10-06 10:46 PM
Friday show
Can someone brief me on Friday's show? I totally missed it!! if you can't say something nice---say somet
0 messages
02-10-06 10:35 PM
Allison's new blurb in the Charlotte Observer
Allison has been mentioned again in the Charlotte Observer 1/29/06 iving/communit
9 messages
02-09-06 02:45 PM
Former Housemates Where Are They?
Whats up with Sommer, Towanda, and Deborah. Did she have her baby. She was pregnant when she left and lied about it remember? They showed her
0 messages
02-09-06 01:43 PM
What Is Lisa1 Doing Now ?
What is Lisa1 doing now in real time not TV time. She has left today, boo hoo, so has she graduated yet or not?
2 messages
02-09-06 01:39 PM
Startign Over And Entertainment
Why keep Losa1 for the entertaiment value? Anyone they bring on will have their own issues and drama to bring to the show. Isnt that obvious? S
0 messages
02-09-06 01:35 PM
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