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What Is Lisa1 Doing Now ?
What is Lisa1 doing now in real time not TV time. She has left today, boo hoo, so has she graduated yet or not?
2 messages
02-09-06 01:39 PM
Startign Over And Entertainment
Why keep Losa1 for the entertaiment value? Anyone they bring on will have their own issues and drama to bring to the show. Isnt that obvious? S
0 messages
02-09-06 01:35 PM
Is Kim Going To Leave And Summer Coming Back
I have heard that Kim is just going to leave because she can't take the heat and that maybe Sommer may be coming back. Whats the true deal in futur
0 messages
02-09-06 01:32 PM
When Does Jill Graduate?
Did Jill complete all her assignments before leaving the house? Who was her date? whats her Dads name? Did he say yes? And has she had tha
0 messages
02-09-06 12:45 PM
Who Is This Kelly?
Who knows the true scoop about the new housemate Kelly, she comes in tomorrow. What is Christie so freaked out about? Whats her deal, spill it
0 messages
02-09-06 12:40 PM
It's official...a REAL spoiler!!! [View All]
OMG!!! Voiceover: "It's only happened twice. A woman has been asked to leave the Starting Over house." We see old footage of Tess and,
26 messages
02-09-06 12:31 PM
Jill - 'real time' journal entry [View All]
I'm posting this here because it could be considered a spoiler since it's regarding present day news.
25 messages
02-09-06 12:01 PM
This is going to be a shocker...
Sommer will be back!
1 messages
02-08-06 00:42 AM
Spoiler info on Lisa
I don't know if this is 100% true or not, but here is some info I have come across. Lisa will get thrown out of the house this week ... or actu
2 messages
02-07-06 01:27 PM
women asked to leave
In watching Tuesdays promo, they state only two women have been asked to leave (Sommer & Tess). I remember in the first year a woman who came
2 messages
02-06-06 07:54 PM
the troll(Lisa1) MAY have used up her last chance?!!!
OMG!!! how many chances can one woman get in life?...Lisa is driving me nuts, and so is this whole scenerio,its no wonder Rhonda looks PO%
7 messages
02-06-06 12:41 PM
TiVo Spoilers ... only 1 week??
I noticed that my show info goes through the current week now, and does not extend to the next week. Any one else experiencing this?
17 messages
02-06-06 01:14 AM
IV not returning next season [View All]
I heard from another board that IV is not returning because something to do with the ratings not being high enough and apprentaly IV was suppose to do
60 messages
02-06-06 00:29 AM
I believe Lisa is booted... Right after Kim and Lisa's BoR, a new housemate *kelly* moves in. I think it was
2 messages
02-05-06 06:21 PM
Anyone else notice this???
I was told to put this here in this section. Has anyone else notice the way that the girls are graduating. First was Jessica which wa
18 messages
02-03-06 04:53 PM
Is it just me?????
Or is alcohol a problem for many of the ladies on this show. Seems like they always have a glass of wine or a "cocktail" in their glass whenever t
2 messages
02-03-06 03:37 PM
Did I miss anything??
I missed today's show, (2/1/06). Anything good or juicy happen? Thanks (sorry if I posted this in the wro
1 messages
02-01-06 10:48 PM
Another take on next week's (1/30 - 2/3/06) shows
The following are the episodes of Starting Over that will air during the week of Monday, January 30th, 2006. Monday, January 30, 2
7 messages
02-01-06 03:18 PM
Spoiler for the week of 1/26 - 2/2
Thurs. 1/26 The women shake things up on the street of Southern California; one of the women break
9 messages
01-29-06 01:15 PM
Tivo spoilers [View All]
these go to Mon 1/16, feel free to add to them!! Mon 1/9 Allison's emotional graduation ceremony chronicles her v
35 messages
01-27-06 05:16 PM
Thread moved
I've moved the thread "What is up with all the past house guests hanging with the new ones?" over to General Discussion because it doesn't %
Cygnus X1
0 messages
01-27-06 09:30 AM
Future HG Jodi [View All]
I came across which I bet is one of the HG entering the house soon. I had heard that Christina has removed her my space, so I was searchi
30 messages
01-26-06 02:26 AM
Spoiler 1-30
There is a lie detector on the upcoming show resource list. Perhaps for Lisa? Then she can graduate if she passes the test. On this guy's websi
13 messages
01-24-06 08:06 PM
Can't vouch for the truth of it, but found this spoiler on Christine's graduation [View All]
Reported on another site: Jackson brings her the GED diploma during her graduation. Her gift is real estate classes and art classes. What
21 messages
01-24-06 07:53 PM
married at 14
my wife and i have been married 28 yrs she was 14 i was 18 she has been threw hellher parents s\were divorced she was sexually abbused by her grandf
1 messages
01-24-06 12:56 PM
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