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Conferences Starting Over Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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the new man in the house
The new male in the house arrives Tuesday. His name is Ozzy and he is black and very cute. The women's assignment is to wait on him hand and foot. T
9 messages
11-08-05 10:35 PM
Need Recaps??
I have been posting Episode recaps on other boards but just realized that this board didn't have them. I can certainly add them here or once I check
8 messages
11-07-05 03:57 PM
I have looked up on what's coming on next week.....
11/07 Jill faces the facts about her medical condition and struggles to share the information with her mother; Iyanla leads Allison in an exe
Viewers Opinion
1 messages
11-06-05 07:15 PM
The Christina "SPINNING" her husband to be the bad guy on the STARTING OVER INDIVIDUAL HGs threads is packed full of SPOILERS!!! Christina%2
1 messages
11-03-05 01:12 PM
I am watching tomorrows show!
My station aired the wrong show: Jill found out that she has a 40 lb. tumor in her lower stomach. Lisa was given an assignment to m
0 messages
11-03-05 09:05 AM
Man moves into the House........
don't remeber the date But its with in the next Month
0 messages
11-03-05 05:47 AM
Not on in my area this year
I live in the Ft. Lauderdale area, and the closest station is West Palm Beach, of which we don't get in this area. They put Martha Stewart
1 messages
11-02-05 12:02 PM
Where did TV Gal Go?
Where can I go to see the spoilers like TV Gal used to post?? Please HELP!
0 messages
10-28-05 12:35 PM
Lost and hoping to be found
I appreciate having the opportunity to tune in here but like many others I miss the old forum and can we contact Andrew or Tv gal to ask
0 messages
10-26-05 07:48 PM
Oct. 13th show
Does anyone know where I can read a complete rundown of what was on the Oct. 13th show. I was about 1/3 of the way done watching it on my DVR when
2 messages
10-21-05 01:41 AM
1 messages
10-10-05 12:45 PM
Spoilers October 10-14
Monday, October 10, 2005 (Episode #3016) Life Coach Rhonda Britten gives Jessica a challenging assignment: share details of the trag
1 messages
10-06-05 07:45 PM
Bad (or is it good?) news - about spoilers
Here are 2 identical spoilers from different boards, one supposedly TVGal's and one VideoGal's: http://www.#####
20 messages
10-04-05 01:19 PM
Spoilers week of Sept. 26
Sept 26 - 30 Mon #3006 A broken-down automobile serves as a metaphor for the couples' relationships, and they are given th
6 messages
09-29-05 01:44 PM
Why are they picking on Jaclyn
I would like to know why the coaches are not seeming to call out Micheal on the fact that he is the one who choose to cheat on Jaclyn. On todays show
2 messages
09-29-05 10:08 AM
Starting over message boards
Does anybody know what happen to shelley's yellow rose? I haven't been online for a long time and I have know idea where everyone went to?
1 messages
09-28-05 12:27 PM
Lou & Jennifer
I think that Lou & Jennifer are acting childish. They need to clean the inside of that car as well as the outside. I think that they need to grow
1 messages
09-27-05 10:50 AM
Where is Tvgal!
I'm completely lost! I can't watch the show b/c of work... I have come to depend on Tvgal and our other spoilers who gave us the blow by blow
2 messages
09-27-05 07:18 AM
i have tried every thing to e-mail the coaches, iguess you can tell i'm new with a computer ,i'am 64 yrs. old so i guess i will get it down.
2 messages
09-26-05 07:11 PM
Welcome to all spoilers
Please feel free to post any spoilers for [i]Starting Over[/i] in this forum. If you look down the "message boards" menu on t
20 messages
09-24-05 03:42 PM
Spoilers week of October 3rd
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-20-05 AT 04:03 PM (EST)[/font] I hope I can post this here - it's a recap from TV Guide%0
2 messages
09-22-05 08:24 PM
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