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Conferences Starting Over Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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A different take on spoilers for week of January 9th
The following are the episodes of Starting Over that will air during the week of Monday, January 9th, 2006. Reality Reel Media 01
4 messages
01-12-06 10:39 PM
ReCap Question...PLEASE!
I keep reading posts where people are talking about Christina's my space site....What's this web address??????
3 messages
01-12-06 08:20 PM
I recall someone posting recently that Christina will be asked to leave the house for having a fling with a camera man..will that still happen..
59 messages
01-12-06 04:22 PM
Where are the Recaps?
I thought they we going to rerun rerun until they got back up to Allison afraid to graduate!! I decided to tune out but now see it is
1 messages
01-12-06 07:32 AM
Tivo Spoiler 1/20
"Kim's newest roommate." One woman still feels trapped by her ugly past; Christine finds the strength to tell her mother about her sor
7 messages
01-11-06 03:11 PM
Mon. Jan 16th
A violent slip in the kitchen; gossip session; ready to graduate. Well it's clear to me that since Allison left, the floors ar
4 messages
01-11-06 05:01 AM
Where can I find recaps of the episodes?
Where can I find recaps of the episodes? David
1 messages
01-10-06 12:21 PM
Allison's replacement is....
Another woman named Lisa. I can see the confusion now.
5 messages
01-10-06 12:13 PM
Who collapsed? IV? New HG?
There was a preview today that showed a woman collapsing onto the floor. Was that IV? Anyone know?
15 messages
01-10-06 02:12 AM
A great website for spoilers
here is a great website for info on futre episodes : .asp?one_partner_id=TKCPQ&prog_id%
1 messages
01-09-06 07:11 PM
Christina is Working at Hooters in Winston Salem, NC.
I looked up the telephone number for the Hooters in Winston Salem, NC today. I called it. A young lady answered. I asked to speak to Christina. She
1 messages
01-09-06 07:10 PM
Is Christina Pregnant?
Not much was really ever said on the show. I know that she said her pregnancy test was negative. Does anyone out there know if she is pregnant or not.
1 messages
01-09-06 07:09 PM
How do these women make their bills?
When they go into the SO house for 6-8 weeks, or a lifetime for some, how do they make their bills? I mean, we all know that Lisa has Daddy t
1 messages
01-09-06 07:08 PM
Ding Dong The Whino is gone Party [View All]
You know, waiting for Christmas as a child was so difficult - it seemed so far away. Now Allison's graduation is allegedly coming soon and I feel
29 messages
01-09-06 05:46 PM
Is this how Allison's "SO Story" will play out?? [View All]
I am soo happy Allison will supposedly be off my TV after graduating Jan 9. However, based on info from both spoiler & non-spoiler forum threads%
37 messages
01-09-06 11:54 AM
14 messages
01-09-06 11:36 AM
jessica update
this is some of the new updates about what Jessica is up to now, this is a qoute "hmm...i've been an east coast girl since i was six but just mo
12 messages
01-08-06 12:16 PM
Jan 9 & 10 Tivo guide
Jan 9 "Allison's emotional graduation ceremony chronicles her various stages of growth and healing; curiosity mounts about who will m
10 messages
01-08-06 11:45 AM
Here's the scoop from my tivo guide
16th- There is a violent slip in the kitchen. Someone is ready to graduate 18th- IV decides one of the women cannot be helped. (That coul
1 messages
01-07-06 06:47 PM
Based on the spoilers re: addiction councelor..does anyone think meth could be involved?
Based on the spoilers re: addiction councelor..does anyone think meth could be involved? I truly doubt many meth addicts can yo
12 messages
01-07-06 05:47 PM
December 20th
"One of the housemates announces to her housemates that she has graduated; Kim bonds with one of the housemates; Jill confronts expert witnesses
13 messages
01-07-06 10:55 AM
Tivo spoiler 1/19
1/19 "Kim fails to divide the house." A new housemate arrives and immediately shows her jealous streak; Christina's mother visits%
13 messages
01-06-06 06:16 PM
Jan 11
"Christina resorts to violence after a day filled with rejection; the newest housemate confronts some painful realizations as she evaluates her ma
14 messages
01-06-06 06:13 PM
CASSIE (season 2) [View All]
Not sure if this is posted yet, but I found this info on another board: Just got a spoiler today from the other site that I read regard
57 messages
01-06-06 02:00 PM
SO Life Resources Spoiler [View All]
The Life resources section has the following lying & addiction resources listed for the month of January: JOHN TSILIMPARIS, MFT ADDIC
28 messages
01-06-06 08:42 AM
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