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Conferences Starting Over Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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Previews for Jan 9th episode. More Allison drama
Did any of you catch the previews that were shown during today's rerun? It was about Allison's graduation and the drama that ensues.
18 messages
01-04-06 08:27 PM
Another Houseguest at My Space
If you go to Sommer or Jessica's My Space, Jill is under both friends list.
9 messages
01-04-06 01:47 PM
HG's can now give spoilers before leaving the SO House?
In previous seasons of SO, the HG's were not allowed to talk about outcomes on SO, or have websites, or give interviews in "real time" unt
11 messages
01-04-06 01:08 AM
I am had breast cancer in 1999. I guess what has bothered me is that Allison drinking was never addressed. Drinking does up your risk for getting br
1 messages
01-01-06 08:10 PM
Jan 2...Season Resumes!
From the tivo guide... "Dr. Stan gives the housemates a challenging assignment in the great outdoors; Christina has a special visitor w
5 messages
01-01-06 02:37 PM
New Article...Check Out What Allison is Doing Now [View All]
Here is a new article that just came out about Allison today: iving/health/13387
96 messages
12-31-05 10:04 AM
Spoilers for 1-11&1-12
Wednesday 1-11 A difficult day brings out the worst in Christina; Iyanla's instructions reveal painful truths to the newest housemate; dati
3 messages
12-31-05 08:13 AM
Mystery guest
.......................................- ................................This might not be true..but i have a good indication that the next SO woman wi
3 messages
12-30-05 11:26 PM
IS NOT ON THE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to know when is the show coming back from reruns and I haven't seen an answer yet..Maybe I had missed it. Could someone fill me in...
1 messages
12-30-05 01:10 PM
What happen to the show???
I live in New York City and last week due to a transit strick starting over was not shown for the whole week. This week I notice reruns does anyone kn
2 messages
12-30-05 07:02 AM
who is Karrine
I just started reading the boards for this season, I see alot of you talking about someone named Karrine, who is that? Is she a house guest at
1 messages
12-29-05 10:50 AM
Updates of most SO women
This is a website called, most of the so woman are on the site there is Sommer, Renne, Lynell, Maureen, PJ,
0 messages
12-28-05 02:26 PM
Karrine on Tyra Banks Show
Did anyone see the interview today on Tyra Banks talk show? She Ms. Karrine on it regarding her book that's out and is #3 on the charts. Ty
15 messages
12-25-05 11:12 PM
Here's what a (straight) man thinks about the show.
First of all, Rhonda is HOT. I get lots of women here in L.A., and most are FAR better looking than Rhonda--until they open their mouths. Rhonda
2 messages
12-22-05 08:50 PM
Jill: Get That Surgery!
I absolutely love you and your spirit! You're going to make it, mostly because you want to make it. Don't take chances and spoil t
0 messages
12-22-05 06:48 PM
Allison Can't Show Gratitude?
The other HG's gave her wonderful gifts--praise, encouragement, support--but Allison seemed not to hear them; her response and obsession becam
0 messages
12-22-05 06:44 PM
Allison Speaks about having No Nipples
Allison REPORTS ....... "I really had some fun learning how to love my body. With my body still being heavily scarred, I went to a lingerie shop a
Drama Mama
3 messages
12-21-05 11:51 PM
Karen season 2...
I tried to do a search to see if this issue was addressed on here but could not find anything. I'm not even sure if I am posting this in the right p
0 messages
12-19-05 10:33 PM
New Housemate's Name
This is my very first posting, so I hope I am putting this in the right spot. According to TIVO, the new housemate's name is Kim. I saw some d
3 messages
12-19-05 05:19 PM
Dooes anyone know of anyplace to go.......
besides here for spoilers?
1 messages
12-18-05 09:22 PM
More repeats for the week of December 26th
The following are the episodes of Starting Over that will air during the week of Monday, December 26th, 2005. Monday, December
0 messages
12-18-05 07:50 PM
Not sure where to put this ....
But maybe the message board will re-open? I found this article and it states that the new board will open in the fall. TV time fall or ou
3 messages
12-17-05 02:49 PM
Double Graduation!?!
I posted this in another forum and I think it may have been viewed as a spoiler so I wanted to try it here and get ya'lls feedback. OK, Allison i
14 messages
12-16-05 05:07 PM
Spoilers through the end of the year but reruns start on the 21st
Monday, December 12, 2005 (Episode #3060) Christina is excited to receive an honorable job offer that may have the additional benefit
8 messages
12-15-05 10:52 PM
possible spoilers on SO site?
In the Life Resources section of the SO site, there's a list of "resources" from past and upcoming episodes. (http://www.startingovert
11 messages
12-15-05 02:43 PM
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