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Conferences Starting Over Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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I feel for Jessica. I have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from being sexually abused and raped.It is very hard to deal with and I wish her the best.
1 messages
11-25-05 04:06 PM
Next season( being taped NOW)
spoiler link i found floating arround the net today! Jill on for a second season!!!
3 messages
11-24-05 06:44 AM
Episode Spoilers to December 2
These are from ic=111 There is a week missing, perhaps there will be re-runs. %
17 messages
11-23-05 03:58 PM
Computers in SO house
Someone mentioned in a thread that one of the housemates must have told a staff person something they saw on the computer... I doubt it. M
1 messages
11-23-05 08:32 AM
Spoilers for week of 11/21 - 11/25 [View All]
On another board, Cybergirl posted these. Not sure of their validity, but I thought I'd pass them on. We'll see! GRIN - Christina%
30 messages
11-22-05 09:46 PM
Mon 28th show
Monday, November 28, 2005 (Episode #3050) A stunned Jill learns that she has been indicted! The gossip swirling around the Starting
10 messages
11-22-05 09:33 PM
Next BOR makes Starting Over History? [View All]
That's what the preview says... What does everyone think? I think they will make TWO housemates leave ... Lisa and Allison. An
24 messages
11-21-05 07:11 PM
Can somebody please recap? I din't bother watching because I assummed it was reruns
I tried to go on the site I normally get my recaps and the last one they have is Fridays. It looked like a great show! I can't believe I missed it
0 messages
11-21-05 04:33 PM
Does Jill get the boot?
At this point I am assuming that nothing she does will keep Rhonda from sending her home with her parents. I understand that Rhonda is tr
8 messages
11-19-05 11:45 PM
Lisa: “Sara told me to say that”
Who caught it when Lisa said that to Rhonda in the one on one room? I wish they had told us who Sara was. I was a little surprised that wasn’t o
Amalfi coast girl
0 messages
11-18-05 04:47 PM
Josie so lied to the lifecoaches
I am from her hometown. Josie takes care of a woman with MS, NOT 70 HOURS, 7 DAYS A WEEK, and has been seen numerous times in various bars arou
3 messages
11-18-05 04:13 PM
Starting Over archives
The S/O archives is what I was talking about previously. The official site has an archive that I went to regularly last season (it's easier for
1 messages
11-18-05 02:41 PM
Starting Over Archives
Is anyone else having a problem w/the archive section? I click on an episode and it won't pull anything up! I've emailed SO and inquired ab
1 messages
11-18-05 12:52 PM
What happened to Sommer?
I don't always get to see all the episodes..obviously! Where can I find out how she left the show?
6 messages
11-18-05 11:49 AM
What does Josie do for work?
did Josie ever say what she did for work? 70 hours a week?? REALLY??? I know one of her graduation gifts was a scholorship working with a
0 messages
11-17-05 08:52 PM
Somebody Is Leaving The House On Monday!!! (11-14-05) [View All]
I have rogers digital cable, and when you search for a specific show, you can get information on the upcoming episodes of that show, up to a wee
23 messages
11-17-05 02:15 PM
Reality Show Writers Seek More Pay
Reality Show Writers Seek More Pay Nov 15, 2:03 PM EST The Associated Press NEW YORK -- Television's reality intruded
Starry Sky
0 messages
11-17-05 07:06 AM
Towanda had her baby...
Braxton Montelus Carter, 6lbs. 6 oz. born November 11, 2005. The inforation is at
2 messages
11-15-05 10:44 PM
Guess the "cease and disist" letter and lawyer did ZIP
If Christina is still on the web in all her glory then all that fuss and finger pointing Rhonda and Iyanla did to Miss C. at the BOR was all for d
14 messages
11-15-05 10:30 AM
SPOILER- Josie is visiting with Chloe
I saw a preview for next week, and it showed Josie visting the new house with Chloe (who looks so cute). Lynnette and Hailey may be visiting als
5 messages
11-15-05 02:06 AM
Directv Guide Listing
Nov. 14 Tension builds between Allison and TJ Nov. 15 Christina's hard work pays off Nov.16 Step toward indepen
2 messages
11-14-05 10:01 AM
The Truth about Christina
Christina was kicked off of the show recently. She is having an affair with a married man, who is my friends husband. He was a camera operator for
56 messages
11-14-05 07:53 AM
christina affair tell me more
I know everyones got it out for her but affair with the cameraman wouldn't that #@$%# over the show. I know if it was my husband there wou
1 messages
11-11-05 04:43 PM
An Idea of what is coming up....
10/24 The housemates work as a team to build a volleyball net; lisa gets a reality check; jill faces the facts about her relationship with
1 messages
11-11-05 09:23 AM
Christina is out - Trust me
I posted a message yesterday and it was erased quickly. Christina was kicked off the show last week. She was having an affair with a camera operator
1 messages
11-09-05 11:07 PM
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