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Conferences Starting Over Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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Count Down To Alison Departure...
Your days of mass attention are over Alison! So what do we have people? 2 maybe 3 days tops left to endure Alison's faux perkyness? %0
17 messages
12-14-05 12:41 PM
Looks like Jessica is first to go!
I just checked out the starting over web site for previews for next week and it's all set up for Jessica to graduate! Thursday episode is even ti
12 messages
12-14-05 08:27 AM
who is Karrine?
I watch evey episode and for some reason i cant remember who Karrine is... Any information will help..thanks
1 messages
12-14-05 06:53 AM
What is the devastating news that Allison gets? [View All]
I saw the upcoming episode for the 9th and Allison was really upset, what happened, did someone pass away?
21 messages
12-10-05 04:02 PM
Lisa--the spoiled rotten 40+ year old
You know I dont know about anyone else out there, but I honestly dont know how anyone in that house has kept from deckin that b**** Lisa. Y
0 messages
12-09-05 07:26 PM
Everybody should leave!
This crew, and the life coaches are all driving me up the wall. The life coaches should be changed with every crew, rotating them would be fine.
0 messages
12-09-05 04:06 PM
First Graduation...
A woman finds out she is graduation on Dec. 14th. I have tivo and have a guide 2 weeks ahead.
20 messages
12-09-05 01:56 PM
Is Christina working for Karrine? [View All]
A spoiler has been thrown out there that now that the SO house is over for season three that Christina has moved on and become a writing assistant for
33 messages
12-08-05 03:29 PM
Tivo Spoilers from December 5th through December 16th
December 5th - "Vigorous workout; money management." The women have a vigorous workout with their favorite male companion; Allison talks wit
13 messages
12-08-05 03:25 PM
Ally or Lisa
Is it just me or should have Lisa gone to Houston instead of Ally???? I think it would have done her more good than Ally.
farm babe
0 messages
12-07-05 02:27 PM
Christina Pregnant? Yes or No?
I saw the previews for this week last Friday and it mentioned some segment with Christina in it saying she might be pregnant again? Anyone know if t
2 messages
12-06-05 08:44 PM
Lisa is not in the next 2 weeks' previews!
is she leaving?
4 messages
12-05-05 08:40 PM
12/6 IV tells Allison
to pack her bags, yes she is leaving. She can not graduate twice and that also precludes them addressing her dring issues.
15 messages
12-05-05 02:18 PM
It looks like Lisa is more whining about her assignment and not doing it. The only one who really said it like it is at the BOR when asked
15 messages
12-03-05 12:11 PM
Tivo and Starting Over
Did you know you can get a small description up to two weeks on the Tivo site? In December it says something about Iyanla telling Allison to pack h
6 messages
12-02-05 09:09 AM
11-30 Show Today?
I don't see the show until later today. So how was it? Anything good? Thanks!
0 messages
11-30-05 01:03 PM
Christina is unemployed and mooching off of a married man
Christina is not working. She is living in Duarte California with a married man. He used to be a cameraman for the show but got fired because of his
0 messages
11-29-05 09:18 PM
Allison and Magic Johnson
OK---I saw the previews and I'm wondering what the connection between Allison and Magic Johnson is. I'm really not di
3 messages
11-29-05 11:03 AM
Christina is on the make.....
I read on this board that Christina is going to be asked to leave for dating the camera guy. I have noticed the last few episodes that she seams to b
19 messages
11-28-05 06:30 AM
Spoiler Link for Jan 28 - Dec 2 v-article-1532.htm
0 messages
11-27-05 08:09 PM
Next week - spoilers
The following are the episodes of Starting Over that will air during the week of Monday, November 28th, 2005. Reality Reel Media 1
0 messages
11-27-05 08:06 PM
Emails from new HG Kelly
I found this website that has a poster named "The Real Deal" who has a friend named Kelly who is now in the SO house taping new episodes. Apparan
3 messages
11-27-05 09:15 AM
Jessica's diagnosis
I saw on a spoiler soemthing about Jessica coping with her diagnosis. I know I was trying to figure out what she could have been diagnosed with. Well%
6 messages
11-25-05 08:02 PM
I feel for Jessica. I have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from being sexually abused and raped.It is very hard to deal with and I wish her the best.
1 messages
11-25-05 04:06 PM
Next season( being taped NOW)
spoiler link i found floating arround the net today! Jill on for a second season!!!
3 messages
11-24-05 06:44 AM
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