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Conferences Desperate Housewives Forum (Protected)
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DH-Season Finale
So, in a nutshell: Bree comes back pregnant, but alas, it's smoke and mirrors for Danielle's pregnancy. Gaby marries
12 messages
06-01-07 03:27 PM
April 29 show
Spread some rumours about last night's episode. Did she really keep the body to collect the pension? What is the legal and financial p
2 messages
05-06-07 03:10 PM
There is an end in sight for this show
[ sperate+Housewives+to+end+in+2011/TV_Guide/TVNews/Articles/070222_desperateforanother4
7 messages
04-24-07 03:32 PM
Feb 18 Episode
Anyone still watching?? We have this whole forum over here to talk about the show, but sadly little discussion. I thought last night
11 messages
03-22-07 06:50 PM
Pregnant Desperate Housewife
One of the actresses is pregnant in real life - it's going to be interesting to see what effect (if any) this has on upcoming storylines. %
10 messages
02-22-07 08:30 AM
New Spoilers [View All]
Finally, here are some new spoilers............... ........................... ........................... ..........................
35 messages
02-21-07 01:11 PM
Unanswered Questions: Orson, Mike & Monique
It appears: 1. Mike doesn't know that Orson is the one who ran him down. 2. Mike only knew Monique for one night when he c
2 messages
02-20-07 05:48 PM
New Episode Jan 7, 2007
What! We finally got a new episode to dish about and no one wants to talk? I guess I'm gonna have to go rewatch it because I missed a few parts
5 messages
01-27-07 00:41 AM
Orsons mother is a ...
Im suprised Orson hasnt admitted his mother into an insane asylum . What do you think ...
0 messages
01-02-07 04:22 PM
Speculation... [View All]
Which desperate housewife dies next week? Is it too obvious or will we be surprised? d
43 messages
12-01-06 02:15 PM
Some very interesting revelations on last night's episode. For starters the Bri and Orson storyline was pretty juicy! It seems as though the moth
10 messages
11-29-06 03:53 PM
nov 26 episode
ok, I had such a sick feeling at the end of the show. That guy was SO creepy. So was he rally a pedifile then? Also, if one of the housewiv
miss Lou
0 messages
11-29-06 02:59 AM
Anyone but me wondering if Mike "really" has a lasp of memory?
maroonclowns mom
5 messages
11-26-06 02:35 PM
Pedophilia is not good TV
I don't like introducing this story line. I know that it is a serious problem and I not advocating that the issue be swept under the rug, but pe
8 messages
11-21-06 03:47 PM
Episode 11-12-06
Well...there were alot of things that I didn't quite like about this episode but the most disturbing thing that was COMPLETELY unbelievable is the f
6 messages
11-15-06 08:24 PM
last nights show
Was it me or was lat night not a great episode. I never watched this show until last season and after last night i think i will stay watching. %
7 messages
11-09-06 10:10 AM
Remember Dr. Ron McCreadie?
Just caught a commercial for Lifetime movie "Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy" staring Jay Harrington (Dr. Ron McCreadie)... looks like it
0 messages
10-22-06 03:32 PM
Oct 15 Episode
Anyone still watching? Anyone care enough to discuss? I actually quite enjoyed last night's show. The scene when Bree told that nei
7 messages
10-17-06 03:13 PM
Desperate housewives !?
HIa people x is it true that one of the housewives die in the nxt season of the show ? I realy need 2 no coz every1 in the UK luv the sh
Paris_Nicole BFFL
2 messages
10-12-06 02:29 PM
Season Premiere East Coast Discussion Thread 09-24-06 [View All]
Let's talk about the season premiere! ds/User_files/42ade5f1273090f5.gif [f
30 messages
10-09-06 10:17 AM
Season 3 Episode 2 Discussion Thread 10/01/06
Tonight is the wedding. Let's talk about it here.
10 messages
10-03-06 04:18 PM
Spoiler - "Big Name" celeb to join the cast?
Here's a spoiler that has been reported about a star who may be moving into the neighborhood this season, in hopes of sprucing up the ratings...%0
0 messages
07-29-06 09:54 PM
Missed tonights show!
I missed tonights show and Im so mad! My DVR didn't do it's job! Is there anyway I could see the episode on the internet? If so,
3 messages
06-10-06 01:52 AM
FINALE Season 2 [View All]
What else can I say except for, "WOW!" Alot of questions were answered but new questions arose. I have to say...I was glad that To
21 messages
06-04-06 09:33 AM
02-17-06 episode
So who do you think is behind the door in Atlantic City?? I felt for Lynette, she was devastated. The Carlos/maid thing is kind we
8 messages
05-21-06 11:01 AM
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