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Conferences Desperate Housewives Forum (Protected)
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The Redhead is ugly
Try some more makeup you "joker" looking goon...
0 messages
09-25-05 01:45 AM
Season 1 DVD
Anybody buy it yet? Just curious if it had any additional scenes or good information on some of the mysteries that are still on going.
3 messages
09-23-05 11:12 PM
Desperate house wifes is kind of wierd but i liek it
2 messages
09-20-05 02:48 PM
When does season 2 of desperate housewives start?
When does season 2 of desperate housewives start?
4 messages
09-19-05 04:43 PM
All I know is I don't want to see that dorky pharmacist another season
I still cringe every time I see that little "stiffee" episode on the golf course. But then again, I get amused all over when I see him tossed i
1 messages
09-19-05 01:16 PM
Ladies on Lifetime
Catch your favorite Desperate Housewives on a “Desperate Housewives” movie weekend, Saturday, Sept. 17th & Sunday, Sept. 18th from 11a.m.-
0 messages
08-09-05 05:18 PM
Season 2 Information from EW - minor spoilers
There was an interview with Steven Culp (Rex) in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly that included some general information on season 2.%0
10 messages
08-01-05 11:03 AM
Is Mike Zach's father?
I dont know if this has already been discussed but if Mike was dating Deirdra (though he didnt know she was pregnant), and she is Zach's biolo
3 messages
07-31-05 10:11 PM
If Bree gives George a Kiss..........
Would he still look like a toad?
0 messages
05-24-05 00:36 AM
Men are not Safe...
heard on ET last night that none of the men know their fates regarding if they are coming back for another season of DH...They filmed alternate ending
uglier than sarah w
19 messages
05-23-05 11:12 AM
***************************************- **********
4 messages
05-22-05 08:58 PM
Bree: "Spank neighbor kids=Good, Spank hubby=Bad"
I think it is quite comical that Bree is so "righteously" opposed to engaging in a distinct form of sexual behavior with her husband (namely spa
1 messages
05-19-05 03:22 PM
Real life trouble for Zach
Just saw this: NEW YORK (AP) - Actor Cody Kasch, who plays troubled teen Zach Young on ABC's hit series "Desperate Housewives%2
1 messages
05-19-05 11:04 AM
May 15 episode
Am I the only one who stayed up to watch the taped episode? :P The first segment was hilarious. Bree went golfing with the pharmacist
10 messages
05-17-05 11:11 AM
Programming note
My local TV listings are showing that tonight's episode is being rebroadcast on Saturday night, along with last week's episode. Since it's go
1 messages
05-15-05 04:36 PM
Whose house blows up and why?
Have you guys seen the previews? The front window of a house explodes with Susan out front. Susan is running down the street saying that there is a
16 messages
05-14-05 06:55 PM
Episode 5/8 discussion [View All]
Where is everyone tonight. Carlos has tricked Gabrielle into believing that his mother may have tampered with her pills. John freaked out w
36 messages
05-13-05 01:53 AM
Good Morning America Scene
I hope this works, this was one of the scenes from GMA that they showed yesterday. 05-0
1 messages
05-10-05 11:25 AM
Spoilers for last 2 episodes
Do not read if you do not want to know.. ds/User_files/4062078303c2d66d.jpg [font col
0 messages
05-10-05 09:07 AM
Episode 05/01 Discussion
Are Surveysez and I the only ones who watched? Susan: Edie told Paul that it was Susan's idea to break into Paul's house. Mike ov
14 messages
05-04-05 09:26 AM
Speculations and thoughts on Mike's true story.......+
Watching last night's recap special....It sort of made mike's story a bit more understandable to me.... Mike dated diedra at least 15 y
3 messages
05-02-05 11:48 AM
Could someone post a summary
about what happened last night. I missed the entire show and need a brief recrap!! Thanks.
2 messages
05-02-05 10:53 AM
Episode 04/17 Discussion [View All]
Let's chat it up here. What is gonna happen tonight.
32 messages
04-23-05 09:02 PM
We are getting a new housewive
I just heard that /12m.jpg Alfre Woodard will be the newest housewi
5 messages
04-18-05 03:13 PM
A gang of lunatics
Looks like they need to lock Marcia Cross up and throw away the key to the padded cell: e
14 messages
04-18-05 11:26 AM
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