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Do Upper Middle class women REALLY spank their kids?
I am pretty sure, statistically speaking, that MOST upper middle class women DO NOT spank their kids. Yet the mother of I believe four children is
41 messages
04-13-05 12:17 PM
Episode 4/10 Discussion [View All]
Looks like tonight is going to be a good one! What happens...I.CAN'T.WAIT!
42 messages
04-12-05 09:21 AM
Vanity Fair Catfight?
Anyone think all those rumors are true about Marcia and Terri not getting along?
1 messages
04-11-05 04:38 PM
Lil lost
Hey, I've missed a few episodes and have been trying to catch up, but i'm pretty fuzzy on the details. Can anyone help me out with a mini reca
1 messages
04-11-05 11:52 AM
****Spoilers******** Don't look if you don't want to be Spoiled!!
And even so since this (Spoiler only, not a msg board) has future episode details I'm just putting the link. http://www.spoil
0 messages
04-07-05 07:14 PM
04/03 Episode Discussion
Whose funeral? I can't wait!
11 messages
04-06-05 10:07 PM
Is this (4-10) the week that Andrew comes out to his parents?
[font color=purple] Okay, so we know from several weeks ago that Andrew is at least bi-curious if not gay. (susan caught him makinig out Jus
2 messages
04-04-05 08:47 AM
03/27 Episode Discussion [View All]
I am so excited about tonight's show that I am having to sit on my hands to keep from waving at everyone! BRING.IT.ON! The previews l
45 messages
04-01-05 07:45 PM
Next new episode
Was just curious when they would be showing some new episodes, so I looked on the ABC site earlier. << pout >> They have the next
11 messages
03-23-05 07:26 PM
Desperate Housewives "Latest News"
Each of the Desperate Housewives stars are getting a extra special Easter basket which will be presented on a certain primetime entertainment news sho
0 messages
03-23-05 05:00 AM
Desparate Oprah
[font color=blue]Or should I say, that DAW Oprah featured Desparate Housewives on her show yesterday. She spliced herself into some of the fu
7 messages
02-24-05 06:22 PM
Anyone else hearing the rumors that...
Marcia Cross is gay? Have been hearing them all morning, wonder if it's true...
18 messages
02-24-05 03:28 PM
Episode 02/20 [View All]
Another new episode and Mike is questioned in Ms. Huber's death. Let's chat it up! Great idea samboohoo on the Mary Alice thresd!
26 messages
02-21-05 04:53 PM
Finally a new episode - Feb 13. [View All]
About time. And they have done it to me again. Just when it looks like so many threads are coming together, they pick at the fabric and start someth
21 messages
02-18-05 01:10 PM
Fill me in ...
I just started watching this show a few weeks ago - didn't even know I was watching reruns until I read this board. I am totally hooked already.
6 messages
02-15-05 01:30 AM
Tonight's show [View All]
I can't wait to watch the show tonight! There won't be a new one on for a few weeks. I am figuring they are going to have some sort of cliff h
23 messages
02-08-05 03:02 PM
Why the re-runs?
Why the re-runs. I can hardly get from week to week and now they have re-runs. How long until a new episode? http://community.rea
4 messages
02-07-05 04:14 PM
Golden Globe Nominations
So why only four of the wives were nominated? Why not Eva Longoria???? Not as good as the other ones? I think they all are great.
4 messages
01-31-05 11:09 PM
So glad she said no
I heard an entertainment report this morning which had the claim that another actress was offered Teri Hatcher's part but said no because she would
7 messages
01-31-05 11:42 AM
Susan the Housewife
I haven't seen every minute of every episode but I think there are a couple of things I need cleared up about Susan. 1) Don't you hav
Bucky Katt
11 messages
01-30-05 04:29 PM
December 16th Discussion
Did anyone watch? ds/User_files/40b66ae74b0a5888.gif [font size ="0.5"
12 messages
01-21-05 01:03 PM
I hate to ask
but I have to know-did anyone find the jewelry at Mike's house yet? And a WOOHOO for the Golden Globe award the show won! %0
2 messages
01-17-05 04:58 PM
Help - I missed last night
Does anyone know when the rebroadcast is? I've already read about I want to SEE it. thx
6 messages
01-11-05 07:01 PM
Sunday's episode 1/9/05
Anyone see the preview? I thought they showed the wives' finding a body? I am so excited. Can't wait for this Sunday to arrive! f
13 messages
01-10-05 01:03 PM
Dec. 12/12 episode [View All]
Lots of things happened...what do you think? So, was Dana in the box? There was an adult in the box and Zach says he killed his baby
36 messages
01-06-05 07:48 PM
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