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Conferences Desperate Housewives Forum (Protected)
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Desperate Housewives - Season 9?
Looks like The Fat Lady hasn't actually finished singing. perate-housewives-spoilers
4 messages
03-20-15 11:07 AM
I know what you did
. . . and it makes me sick" I was thinking - We're led to believe that the note is referring to the murder of Gabby's stepfather. Ho
2 messages
03-01-15 10:43 PM
Final Season [View All]
Just wanted it known that I dislike the storyline with Lynette and Tom AS much as I detested the Frumpy Gabby storyline. :( I'm sad
40 messages
06-04-12 09:32 AM
Season 7 [View All]
Waited for Boo until I couldn't wait anymore. So it's Juanita. I'm sorry, but I have to wonder if this isn't the writer's way
43 messages
05-11-11 02:33 PM
Eva Longoria back on the market?
*combs hair* *svcks in gut* *sprays on Axe body spray* Ya, I know, still not enough. [link:w
1 messages
11-18-10 10:46 AM
Season 6 [View All]
And we're back!! I am actually only watching right now. ds/User_files/
78 messages
05-21-10 12:06 PM
Season Five..... [View All]
Since there's not a whole lot of traffic I'm just generically posting as Season Five. I just want to say, I still hate Gaby's sto
121 messages
06-03-09 01:10 PM
Season 5 Spoilers [View All]
DON'T OPEN/READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW............. ds/User_files/45e5821b040c9
27 messages
05-06-09 06:01 PM
Season Five, Episode One
It had better get better than this. I hate Gaby having kids and being frumpy. Would never happen. Susan, I can see wallowing
13 messages
10-14-08 08:36 PM
Season Finale?
Did anyone watch? Any comments? I don't want to say anything until the West Coast has caught up.....I really enjoyed it.
15 messages
06-02-08 10:41 AM
Spoilers for Fall 2007 [View All]
DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!!! ds/User_files/45e5821b040c9d0b.jpg
62 messages
04-23-08 04:22 PM
They're back!! - April 13 episode
We need a special code to help in the avoidance of spoiler info in the first line of any post? Otherwise I will need to blah blah blah... %
1 messages
04-14-08 09:27 PM
When is this show coming back?
I assume the reason why his show got put on hold was because of the writers' strike since it stopped airing right around the time that happened. No
2 messages
04-01-08 09:28 AM
January 6 Episode
How much you wanna bet Bree could fix her own roof. She could probably use that little piece of paper to do the trick. I mean, c'mon, it's s
7 messages
01-10-08 12:31 PM
Dec 2 episode - Yo, Ho, Blow the man down [View All]
Don't you hate when they do those festive feel-good episodes for the holidays? I mean come on, nothing says "happy holidays" like a being i
36 messages
01-09-08 02:34 PM
New to this
I am student that watches Desperate Housewives weekly, but for a critical internet class, I was asked to join a discussion board. So i thought why
1 messages
12-05-07 08:29 AM
Episode 7 - November 11
I know some of you watch on tape-delay, so filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler... So is he dead? The whole thing w
5 messages
11-13-07 03:33 PM
Episode 6 - November 4
I thought this was a great episode. Loved the "queen" exchange between Lee and Katherine. I also actually liked Susan in thi
1 messages
11-06-07 11:07 AM
Episode 5 - October 28
Anyone still watching? Last week's post was very quiet. Interesting show last night. No progress on the Dylan mystery, except a bri
3 messages
10-30-07 09:16 AM
TV Guide Spoilers
This was in this week's TV Guide for a Sweeps Preview: Halloween Party: Lee and his partner (I can't remember is name) are goi
0 messages
10-25-07 10:48 AM
Episode 4 - Oct 21
Can I offer anyone a crab cake? Getting in here before Boo and Tummy start having their usual dialogue :D My comments:%
2 messages
10-22-07 07:20 PM
Episode 3
Hmm, I guess I was wrong thinking about the storyline with Dylan and her father. What was it? Did Dylan accidentally kill her father? Althoug
8 messages
10-22-07 07:16 AM
Episode 2
I do NOT like Katherine. At all. How dare her switch pies. :) I still don't like her. And now I want some pie dammit. I will be
5 messages
10-16-07 08:49 AM
Episode 1
Well what did you think? All in all I didn't think it was too bad. The beginning where Edie has it all set up for Carlos and then he goes outsid
7 messages
10-08-07 10:15 AM
[img] osesMayfield_now_300x250b.gif[/img] What is everyone gonna watch this summe
4 messages
06-06-07 12:17 PM
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