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Top Ten Reasons I won't be Watching DW
[font color=navy blue] Top ten reasons I won't be watching Desparate Housewifes anymore... 10. Too many house fires - a
1 messages
05-19-06 02:11 AM
05/07 Episode
That Andrew he is a little booger ain't he? I loved how Bree just left him alongside the road, good for her!!!! She needs to look out
12 messages
05-11-06 06:57 PM
Hello, Could someone please help out a desperate "Desperate Housewives" fan? I was unable to watch or record several episodes this
2 messages
05-04-06 03:23 PM
4/30 Episode
I am seriously spooked now having Mr. Friendly show up tonight. I kept waiting for him to snack a kid.
10 messages
05-04-06 02:19 PM
Met Eva Longoria
Figured this was a good place to put this. Hubby and I are in LA celebrating hubby's b-day. So yesterday we went to the Santa Monica P
5 messages
05-04-06 02:08 PM
Desparate or Dead Housewives
Despite the lack of new episodes I'm still watching. Just wondering if anyone else was? This season has been pretty dissappointing but I wonder if
5 messages
04-26-06 02:14 PM
I don't get it [View All]
The biggest mystery on this show is why would somebody name a son Dana? What kind of a name is that? Why not name a girl Bob? Or why didn't th
36 messages
04-23-06 06:18 AM
Bree what's up with her?
Is it me or does Bree seem like she has totally lost now that Rex has died. She just seems to get crazy with each new show. She use to be so well put
3 messages
04-12-06 09:02 AM
About dam time right? lol..yeah it'd be nice if they could manage to actually do back to back new episodes. Anyway, I'll recap as m
12 messages
03-29-06 01:54 PM
These are from different episodes, beginning with April 2 Episode 2.18: Everybody Says Don't Airdate: April 2, 2006 %0
0 messages
03-27-06 05:26 PM
I guess I'll have to catch a few episodes
I haven't watched this show. Well, no. That's not entirely true. I watched, I think, two episodes. The first two. It didn't hold my i
6 messages
03-21-06 11:09 PM
Not another repeat? shows 1/29 as a repeat of the episode where Sophie gets married. Please say this isn't true. A repeat is bad enough, but
2 messages
03-19-06 09:28 PM
March 12 Episode---Finally a new episode
Well, that took forever. Did you watch, or have you forgotten about it? I liked Bree's coversion to AA & afterward a secret rewar
7 messages
03-15-06 00:10 AM
Desperate Demise...
You know.. if I don't start seeing some new and consistant episodes I'm not going to watch anymore. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the show.. %
1 messages
03-13-06 11:18 AM
Hello, I am gathering postcards to put in together a book. Any desperate housewife is invited to send in a postcard with a brief story to tell
desperate housewife postcard
0 messages
03-08-06 02:28 PM
Anyone getting bored with this show?
I have been a big fan of Desperate Housewives from the beginning but very bored with the recent episodes. I think that the storyline with Susan is pl
1 messages
02-22-06 02:12 PM
Feb 19 Episode
Gabby, Gabby, Gabby...I can now say with certainty she is my favorite character. She had 3 memorable standout scenes last night that had me laugh
3 messages
02-20-06 12:07 PM
Dear Nicolette...
My girls at [|Snarkywood] have blessed us with a Housewife snarkfest this month! Bwwwuuaahahahahahaha!!
1 messages
02-17-06 03:04 PM
February 12 episode
Ok, so what did you all think? I thought it was pretty good, liked it when Edie & Susan ganged up on Bree in the beginning, they tag teamed
7 messages
02-16-06 12:49 PM
2-22-6 episode
Bree and Rex sure raised a couple of sweet kids, didn't they? Danielle is as nasty as her brother. Shocker of the night was Bree o
6 messages
02-02-06 01:26 PM
Finally a new episode [View All]
I was missing my DH fix. I am not as good at summarizing as kathliam but a super-brief overview thus far. Gabby kissed Tom as a joke but Ly
34 messages
01-15-06 09:54 AM
Bree Spoiler
I am not sure how much space to take up before I post the spoiler. Could sing for you but we don't want a mad rush for the forum doors.
Stormy Valley
2 messages
12-28-05 09:19 AM
I soooo hope this doesn't happen
I saw this earlier on MSN, and wanted to share. I just hope we don't have to endure Jessica Simpson on DH [b]From MSN%
2 messages
12-23-05 04:57 PM
So, last nights episode was pretty good. It is certainly moving some storylines along quite quickly. It seems that we finally see where Bree's s
16 messages
12-15-05 01:29 PM
11-27-05 Episode [View All]
or should I name it "Ding Dong George is Gone"!!! Yeah, can everyone cheer with me!!!!!!!!!!!
30 messages
12-05-05 08:38 AM
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