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Conferences Desperate Housewives Forum (Protected)
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James Denton going to host Miss America
Just saw this online, and thought I would share info about our favorite plumber: LAS VEGAS (AP) - James Denton, who p
0 messages
11-23-05 02:43 PM
Season 2- Episode 8
I thought that last nights episode was pretty good, as long as I don't try and worry about any of it being believable. (though still not up ther
4 messages
11-21-05 03:57 PM
Season 2 - Episode 7
The theme of this episode was wrapped up in 'what the camera captures'. Carl breaks up with Edie, and later we find out Edie had found an [b%5
5 messages
11-17-05 09:16 AM
Gabrielle's Pregnancy that she's fallen down the stairs and carted away in an ambulance, there is the chance that Gabrielle may in fact lose the baby. Since
1 messages
11-16-05 05:41 PM
Actor Fired For Improper Conduct
Gee, I didn't know Terrell Owens was in the "Desperate Housewives" cast. %2
6 messages
11-16-05 05:00 PM
Sophomore Slump
No show has blown all of it's goodwill from it's freshman season faster than Desperate Housewives. At first I just assumed that they were taking t
3 messages
11-12-05 01:30 PM
Finally, Susan Gets her "Just Desserts"
I think I am in the minority in that I cannot stand Susan. She grates on my nerves more than any other character. Last night's ep was the icing on
7 messages
11-12-05 01:24 PM
Season 2, Episode 6 discussion
Didn't see a discussion of last night's episode started yet, so am starting one. Here are some of my thoughts on last nights show. %0
1 messages
11-07-05 03:15 PM
Upcoming Show Spoilers
Do not read this thread if you do not want to know about some spoilers. ds/User_files/4
5 messages
11-06-05 09:46 PM
I'm Looking for Compilations of Seasons to Rent, Purchase?
I wonder if there are in existance DVDs that contain entire seasons? Like, all of Season One, Two, ect. does anyone know?
1 messages
11-04-05 09:46 AM
Nicolette gets air time
Here is and article from CNN, seems like they are bringing Edie out to play this month for November sweeps...
1 messages
11-04-05 07:32 AM
Season 2, Episode 5 discussion
Just watched tonight's episode and thought it was pretty good. Enjoyed learning more about the secret of the new neighbors. Sounds like Caleb (I
12 messages
10-27-05 03:22 PM
Andrews shirt
Does anyone know what kind of shirt Andrew was wearing that Bree made him take off?
1 messages
10-19-05 04:57 PM
Season 2, Episode 4 Discussion
Hey, did anybody watch besides me? I don't know why, but it wasn't my favorite episode. At least they had Bree, Susan, and Gabrielle g
18 messages
10-18-05 07:41 PM
Mary Alice
Okay, I thought maybe we could just have one thread devoted to Mary Alice and her secret. It gets hard trying to find info. week to week in all of
16 messages
10-14-05 05:15 PM
Possible spoilers ahead
Looks like Bree ends up at perhaps the police station getting questioned. I see George in a picture also. Any thoughts? http://ww
6 messages
10-13-05 08:30 PM
Desperate Househusbands night on Celebrity Poker Showdown, October 13th, Bravo.
Because when a group of men are under stress, being emotionally tortured, in jail, and may be murdered by their wives at any moment, nothing s
0 messages
10-13-05 11:04 AM
Season 2 Episode 3 discussion
So no one but me is watching? DSL was down for a bit, but I'm back. ds/User_fi
15 messages
10-10-05 11:09 PM
Season 2, Episode 2 Discussion [View All]
Not sure if it's me or not, but to me, there is something missing this season. Something is lacking. I've said before that I keep feeling li
28 messages
10-09-05 10:55 AM
Don't like the Alfre story line
Loved the season premiere but I do not like where the Alfre story is going. For one thing every scene with her son seems incestious and the whole pers
5 messages
10-02-05 06:24 PM
Season 2, Episode 1 [View All]
Ack!!! Where are you people? LMAO still at Bree changing those ties. And who is that in the basement. Has to be Paul, eh?%0
42 messages
10-01-05 01:04 PM
Is Mike REALLY Zach'a father?
Some of you might be asking, "is this girl serious", but I'm gonna ask it anyways. Do you all really think that Mike is Zach's father? T
Xcited DesWif
11 messages
09-30-05 06:10 PM
What happened at the morgue?
Mike got the call to go ID Zach and they went to commercial. I went into the kitchen, and came back after it had started. Susan was sitting next to
1 messages
09-26-05 03:52 PM
Season Finale Discussion Thread [View All]
They showed the origins of Dana and Mary Alices story. Diedre sold Dana to the Youngs and then came back several years later lookin for him.
69 messages
09-26-05 09:40 AM
Gossip ahead...
I don't want him to leave the show, he's hot!!!! e2005/050826.htm
5 messages
09-25-05 07:33 PM
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