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Conferences Joe Schmo Forum (Protected)
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SPOILER WARNING: Deconstructing Joe Schmo [View All]
Sleeve, I am creating a new thread for this post because I am not debating whether Matt knows, just accepting it as fact and (over) analyzing
33 messages
09-27-03 06:30 PM
Just curious
Who was suppose to write this weeks summary? Please do not get me wrong, I am not volunteering, I am a horrible writer. But, I definitely enjo
3 messages
09-26-03 06:21 PM
Poor Joe Schmo [View All]
Even though this is a reality show, think of it this way..How would you feel? There are honestly some people in this world that are truly genuine%
25 messages
09-26-03 02:44 PM
What was the original Dr. Pat storyline?
What are people's thoughts on how the Dr. Pat storyline was supposed to go? I do think she was supposed to go in t(is slot--but they changed the
2 messages
09-26-03 07:51 AM
"Who's Joe?"
have you noticed Spike TV's trailers for the show have been saying "Who's Joe?" for the last couple of weeks? I think this is t
4 messages
09-24-03 08:51 PM
The Crying Game [View All]
The last show convinced me Matt knows. Here is why: We (and the actors)knew the love triangle thing was going to happen so we knew As
25 messages
09-24-03 02:58 PM
Twist in the Tale of Poor Joe Schmo...
Joe is a schmo. We know this. Joe don't know. This is up for grabs. Joe is a media-hungry little ho-bag who will do an
9 messages
09-19-03 12:26 PM
Psychological Effects on Matt??
Do any psychology people know what lasting effects this could have on him. After watching the third episode, it seemed to me that the game had gone
8 messages
09-18-03 01:59 PM
Exactly how long *are* they living together?
The time frame of this show is a little hard to pin down. If they vote someone out every other day, then logic dictates they lived together at least
1 messages
09-17-03 11:33 PM
Official Joe Schmo Episode 3 Summary
[font size=4][b][u]Official Joe Schmo Episode 3 Summary Ė Schmo Canít Rap, Schmo Can Cry[/b][/u][/font]
Bucky Katt
13 messages
09-17-03 10:47 PM
Show 3 was very funny
but what in the hell were they all crying about?
14 messages
09-17-03 10:45 PM
Episode log lines - POSS SPOILER?
hey, spike tv has short summaries of some future eps on their site-- check this AT YOUR OWN RISK, I was sort of disappointed to wander acros
4 messages
09-17-03 10:11 PM
Who got kicked off?
Does anyone know who got kicked off on Episode 3, (aired on Tues September 16) and how did it conclude? Did Kip get thrown off? Please giv
7 messages
09-17-03 09:28 PM
Joe knows?
Here's my little hypothesis. Joe knows. The cast doesn't know he knows and they are the ones being set up. Did you see them all bawling and con
1 messages
09-17-03 03:32 PM
The REAL reason Joe took his hand off the hooker
If the show is real, and I'm not convinced yet that it isn't, than there is an obvious reason why he took his hand off the hooker. %
4 messages
09-16-03 06:27 PM
This is a great site
For sociological purposes this is a great site! Since discovering it I have been breathlessly cautioned on three occassions, by fellow
27 messages
09-16-03 06:23 PM
He must know Hutch is an actor
The show's plan was to start the humor slowly, then begin to exaggerate the characters and the situations. That still left a concern: What if Go
15 messages
09-16-03 11:43 AM
Comments on scenes from next week?
The scenes made it look like he figured everything out, but obviously, since there are 8 more episodes, this didn't happen. What do you think
15 messages
09-15-03 08:19 PM
What did you think of episode 2?
What did you guys think of episode 2. Personally, I think it was much better then the first two hour (whew) premire. Very funny stuff.
19 messages
09-15-03 06:44 PM
Who thinks Schmo is a Schmuck?
When I first heard about this show, I thought it would be pretty uninteresting...but oddly enough, I found myself watching the (full, yeesh)
4 messages
09-13-03 10:34 AM
Does Anyone Know If Episode 2 Will Re-Air?
Does anyone know if Episode 2 will re-air? I know Episode 1 aired again on Sunday and Monday.
2 messages
09-12-03 04:01 PM
How Do They Decide Which Actors To Vote Out?
I'm thinking every actor there has a purpose to further the show's dramatic element. However, how do they really decide which actors to vote out
17 messages
09-12-03 01:25 PM
Is Brian the guy in the Jimmy Dean commercial?
It's true, I think lots of people look alike. Just seems like the guy who is in that squirrel-tagging commercial is Brian. Anybody else see the re
3 messages
09-12-03 12:18 PM
The whole thing is scripted
has anyone evem had the slightest idea that this whole show is scripted. i mean cmon. all these guys and girls act like actors or whatever but the who
1 messages
09-11-03 10:39 PM
It has to be fake
Matt knows, he's probably an actor or more likely a regular guy out-acting these lame actors. 1. its too cruel. I don't believe a cor
1 messages
09-10-03 02:38 AM
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