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People seem awfully judgemental of Matt. [View All]
This is my first post on any of these boards. I don't watch any of the reality shows, normally. This one caught my interest one night while clicki
59 messages
11-01-03 04:26 PM
Pittsburgh Pride
As you can see from the comments made from Matt Kennedy Gould, people in Pittsburgh have EXTREME hometown pride. I've been to cities all over the
1 messages
11-01-03 03:55 AM
So what were the RATINGS???
Ok, Ok, the Pope is dropping Mother Teresa for sainthood, and is giving her spot to Matt Gould after that final show. And yes, after the level
5 messages
10-31-03 11:45 PM
Joe Schmo 2
If they have another season of the Joe Schmo show, I'd like to see them make it a lot different than Matt's season. They should definately have
13 messages
10-31-03 03:14 PM
Two issues I had with finale!!
1. When Ralph asks everyone "who is the imposter", the editors took a shot of Matt wiping his brow and then looking over at the other contestan
12 messages
10-30-03 06:01 PM
Radio Interview with Matt t_kennedy_gould.asx
5 messages
10-30-03 05:04 PM
OK, admit it... many of y'all were choking back the tears when they did the whole "Matt is such a great guy" montage of the actor's comments? I'm
19 messages
10-30-03 03:56 PM
I know we've voted before, but a lot has gone on since then. Two part question. 1) Do you think Matt knows or not (rega
19 messages
10-30-03 06:25 AM
Wav Files
I want a wav file of when Matt says "What's goin on!" Anybody have it or know where I can get it?
0 messages
10-29-03 09:36 AM
Ok so while watching the marathon yesterday to catch up I noticed something which could mean nothing at all: 1. Joe voted for Ashleigh 3
6 messages
10-29-03 03:28 AM
Summary Delay Note...
Howdy. I know I'm supposed to be doing the summary to episode 8 of "The Joe Schmoe Show," but I was out tonight and foolishly assum
1 messages
10-29-03 02:49 AM
If anyone cares...Just read Matt got back with the ex
Just found this article on the the Joe Scmo links: .asp?id=E3C6B885-04AD-469C-9F7
9 messages
10-29-03 02:36 AM
Matt...what a wonderful person!
I doubt that the producers had even a clue of what a good, decent, honest person that they picked when they picked Matt Gould as "Joe". He ab
0 messages
10-29-03 00:22 AM
Molly Interview
Molly on the BJ and Shannon X-Perience: morningshow&id=100474
9 messages
10-29-03 00:17 AM
best lines of the show
sorry if these aren't the actual lines, but you get the idea Kip: who did this? Someone has implicated themselves....I%
0 messages
10-29-03 00:16 AM
holy exec producers robin, its Anthony!
nice little show--quite amusing--good thing it airs at all hours... all of a sudden, i look up from my copy of life of pi to listen to Anthony's v
0 messages
10-28-03 10:50 PM
Schmorons - it's time to vote!
first of all - thank AMAI for her kick-ass summary. You've had two weeks to come up with suitable praise, so - lavish her!! Second%
14 messages
10-28-03 08:54 PM
Some thoughts on Joe
Okay, I'm new here. Perhaps, you may describe me as a "newbie." I suppose that is "one up" from "lurker." Which I think I was bef
Indigo Kid
3 messages
10-28-03 08:48 PM
What Will happen on the final show (spoilers.....kinda)
From the Boston Herald Spike TV refused to release a tape of the show, but a spokeswoman for the cable channel says it opens with a
1 messages
10-28-03 08:44 PM
Matt did an interview with my local radio station this morning
Has he done any other PR? Thought it was interesting since the finale is tonight (hasn't already aired or anything). Matt and "Ashleigh"
8 messages
10-28-03 07:22 PM
WTF... Where have *I* been?! I'm up to par now...
I can't believe I [b][i]watched[/i][/b] this show let alone that I sat here and watched the whole marathon today. I%2
4 messages
10-28-03 07:13 PM
episode where Matt knocks out Dr. Pat
Hi, I missed the part of the episode where Matt knocked out Dr. Pat. What exactly happened? I heard Brian ran out of bounds after tha
1 messages
10-28-03 05:04 PM
Best of Joe Shmoe
Best Moments: 1. When the fly comes out of the dog feces and flys over Matt's head. 2. Seeing Dr. Pat's cute happy face%
1 messages
10-28-03 04:18 PM
I think i know how it ends [View All]
Hutch does not win, so he takes out a gun and starts shooting people. The actors are wearing blood packs and it all looks and sounds real. Matt fli
22 messages
10-28-03 01:42 PM
The Jig is up....
Well, since i'm the only one with balls...just kidding. I really, really enjoyed this show. Namely because of Matt. If he is an actor and a c
1 messages
10-28-03 01:12 PM
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