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Conferences Joe Schmo Forum (Protected)
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YEAH! I'm watching Joe Schmo 2 right now! YESSSS!!!! And already they're wise to them! UH OH!
2 messages
06-15-04 11:25 PM
Spike TV to host chat
I just saw a promo that the first person who gets voted off during the Joe Schmo 2 premiere tonight will do a online chat tomorrow Wednesday, June 1
0 messages
06-15-04 04:19 PM
Joe ready to go?
Though not too much info. It seems that Spike TV has ordered 10 episodes. Here's a link to the story...
1 messages
02-11-04 10:40 PM
Is anyone watching Joe Schmoe on Spike TV? It started on 9/2.
32 messages
01-03-04 06:34 PM
I MET MATT GOULD!!! aka Joe Schmo!! He is the coolest guy ever!!! I am so excited!
4 messages
01-02-04 08:00 PM
I actually Thought Matt was Cute
I dont know what it was about him; I think is good looking.. However, I dont' think that is what got me. I think his honesty and protection/de
0 messages
11-25-03 10:42 PM
The new Joe Schmo with commentary
Tonight aired the first episode of Joe Schmoe with Matt doing the commentary. I laughed my butt off again at the show, AND at Matts got
6 messages
11-22-03 06:23 PM
I'd rather kiss Brian then Matt
Hi, I don't know if anyone agrees with me, but Matt really gives me the creeps. Yuck! I'd rather kiss Brian then Matt. %
9 messages
11-21-03 10:13 PM
Guys, how did I know she was nice person? Behind her bitchy role I've always seen her as a nice sensible person. Is it about her facial expressi
7 messages
11-16-03 10:11 PM
veddy interestink...
After reading the earlier post re: whether or not the actors from the show had websites, I followed a link, then another, and ... well.. you k
2 messages
11-12-03 12:06 PM
i'm sad
i think i'm going in to joe schmo show withdrawls what should I do? help me hellllllp me!
7 messages
11-12-03 04:23 AM
Joe Schmo with Matt's perspective
I just saw an ad on Spiketv, for the show to be re-aired but with commentary by Matt.... so that should keep us Joe Schmo fanatics satisfied for a b
4 messages
11-12-03 03:19 AM
Now that it's all over--a scary thought
Well, it's all over (including the crying), Matt got the cheque, Ralph got his interview, and the actors all got to come clean. I think
ghost cat
9 messages
11-10-03 02:15 AM
Are there any Official Sites for the actors?
Since most of these people have nothing but "Joe Schmo Show" on their resume then Im surprised to see that nobody has an official site. Every surv
4 messages
11-09-03 06:10 PM
Brian Keith Etheridge from Joe Schmo ...
***Chat with Joe Schmo ~ Brian Keith Etheridge a.k.a. THE BUDDY Tuesday Nov 4th ~(10ET/9CT/8MT/7PT) *** ww
4 messages
11-07-03 04:42 PM
** Joe Schmo Episode 8, Official (belated) Summary **
Okay, so this is a week late. But itís not because Iím lazy or have had problems with the process of taping the show. No, itís becaus
4 messages
11-05-03 03:11 PM
Extra Finale Recap - Schmogasbord
While we wait for Guppin to get done with the Official Recap, I thought you might enjoy this pictorial essay I did. I'm supplying a lin
7 messages
11-05-03 00:17 AM
Matt is NOT gullible!
How anyone expected him to know is beyond me. Picture yourself in a reality show, never in your wildest dreams would you think it is not actually a
8 messages
11-04-03 11:12 AM
Is Matt a Party guy?
so now that he's been Joe Schmo is he doin Joe Millionaire next? Hey! why not he's just a pizza guy from Pittsburgh it would make for some goo
9 messages
11-03-03 03:50 PM
**OFFICIAL** SurvivorBlows "Joe Schmo" Summary - Episode 7 [View All]
[b]BACK FROM THE DEAD[/b] [b]Preamble[/b] Mr. Amai wonít watch [i]Survivor[/i] or [i]Amazing Race[/i
29 messages
11-03-03 04:15 AM
where did the matts pissed storys come from [View All]
stone stanley lied again lame ending
23 messages
11-02-03 04:24 PM
Brian nicest guy on show
I think Brian-out of all the men on the show, was the nicest.He's so sweet, nice, and gentle. I know if i was on the show, i'd feel safe
2 messages
11-01-03 06:10 PM
Molly annoying
Does anyone agree that Molly is annoying. well, maybe not the actress, but Molly. I just can't stand those goody-too shooded people! Also%2
2 messages
11-01-03 06:02 PM
Who has the most acting talent
I just have to say if everything is on the up and up then Kip and Hutch are actually very good actors. They have talent and we will probably see them
12 messages
11-01-03 05:58 PM
Talk About Butt Kissing!
Oh my, what a sell job they did on Matt--"It's all for you because you're so wonderful and great! How does it feel to be a star of your own
6 messages
11-01-03 05:50 PM
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