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The Real Real Matt Kennedy Gould
Here's the deal. I can't reveal where I got this information, as the cast and crew have signed confidentiality agreements. %0
2 messages
10-27-03 04:51 PM
Are Molly and Ralph dating in real life??
I have heard, or maybe seen a couple of posts on this forum that a relationship has "bloomed" with two of the cast members. Are Ralph and Molly
3 messages
10-27-03 04:39 PM
It's so obvious!
I can't believe I didn't realise this before. Matt is an actor. And the director is an actor. And all the scenes where they supposedly go to the %
ghost cat
3 messages
10-27-03 04:30 PM
Student Writing Thesis On Reality TV! How do fans define the genre!?
***Student Writing Thesis On Reality TV! How do we define the genre!?*** Hi, I'm currently writing my thes
5 messages
10-27-03 04:16 PM
Can someone please tell me when the last show will air?? I keep seeing number 7 over and over again but can't seem to find out when the last sho
4 messages
10-27-03 03:59 PM
Joe Schmo Marathon on Sun 10/26
Just a reminder that the marathon is going to be on tomorrow in case anybody missed anything the first time around. Don't forget to chang
2 messages
10-27-03 03:57 PM
Just another little tidbit [View All]
One of my cyber buddys sent this link to me ml Just another one of those thing
21 messages
10-27-03 02:05 AM
honey money
does anyone else wonder why they blurred out brians chest in the money honey game? watch your tapes or copies of the game. its weird.
1 messages
10-26-03 08:52 PM
Anywhere I can get a sound clip of "What is going on?!"
0 messages
10-26-03 06:17 PM
Extra! Extra! Matt gets a whole page in People Magazine!
Hey SchmoMates: Matt Gould got a whole page devoted to him in People Magazine as reported on another thread. Photo entitled Ma
19 messages
10-26-03 05:27 AM
What really is going on.
Finally a reality show that reels you in with the rest! I believe Matt is an actor and he's actually throwing twists into the phony plots the othe
0 messages
10-26-03 02:07 AM
Episode 7 Video Clips
Thanks to all of you...ok, BOTH of you...who enjoyed the video clips I posted recently. Check out the new Episode 7 clips now live at www.lifeofste
7 messages
10-25-03 07:35 PM
Favorite Shmoments
If anybody cares (and even wants to post their own), here are my top five favorite Shmoments, in ascending order: 5) Ralph's
15 messages
10-24-03 06:18 AM
At the request of woeisme1, I am posting my website up here again. It is Sorry if this is getting redundant to any one. %0
7 messages
10-24-03 00:56 AM
Lets all write Matt a letter!
Hi Matt, I am a HUGE fan of the show. I have not missed an episode, and I also watch the re-runs, being the reality TV addict that I
2 messages
10-24-03 00:25 AM
So, now what?
As the show comes to an end, I've been trying to figure out what might be the next logical career move for the cast over at Joe Schmo.
14 messages
10-24-03 00:12 AM
joe schmo 2
t--------------------------------------- ----------------------- a ---------------------------------------- ----------------------z----------------
13 messages
10-23-03 02:32 PM
I jsut turned on the tv like 10 minutes ago and was expecting the finale but there was nothing does anyone know when the finale will be or what is goi
20 messages
10-22-03 11:51 PM
Human Nature [View All]
Several times in the episodes, the producers refer to the show as being "an experiment". Maybe this is true; maybe it's giving the whole thi
ghost cat
36 messages
10-22-03 07:59 PM
SPIKE TV disappoints its viewers
This evening SPIKE TV showed the stupid GQ award show, and they started the Joe Schmo show 10 minutes late (I am glad I wasn't taping it), b
3 messages
10-22-03 04:03 PM
I love Joe Schmo!
Hi all- I know you are all out there trying to bash the concept of the show and trying to figure out what the "real" plot is behind the show, bu
19 messages
10-22-03 02:00 PM
The finale WILL be 2 hours long!!!
It says so on Yahoo's TV listings. Go here: [ 401d&dur=&.intl=&startdate=10672992
1 messages
10-22-03 01:01 PM
look for matt at the GQ man of the year show
i wonder how big a part he will have in the show, i guess thast was part of the bribe.
12 messages
10-21-03 11:26 PM
Joe Schmo Doesn't Win the $100,000 [View All]
Since the show is rigged, then why does everyone think he wins? They will just let him and Hutch be the final two "survivors" and then everyo
29 messages
10-21-03 04:28 PM
Do we really have to wait until NEXT week to see the finale? I can't imagine what tomorrow's show is going to be like.. ugh!!! I hate it
3 messages
10-20-03 10:18 PM
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