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Human Nature [View All]
Several times in the episodes, the producers refer to the show as being "an experiment". Maybe this is true; maybe it's giving the whole thi
ghost cat
36 messages
10-22-03 07:59 PM
SPIKE TV disappoints its viewers
This evening SPIKE TV showed the stupid GQ award show, and they started the Joe Schmo show 10 minutes late (I am glad I wasn't taping it), b
3 messages
10-22-03 04:03 PM
I love Joe Schmo!
Hi all- I know you are all out there trying to bash the concept of the show and trying to figure out what the "real" plot is behind the show, bu
19 messages
10-22-03 02:00 PM
The finale WILL be 2 hours long!!!
It says so on Yahoo's TV listings. Go here: [ 401d&dur=&.intl=&startdate=10672992
1 messages
10-22-03 01:01 PM
look for matt at the GQ man of the year show
i wonder how big a part he will have in the show, i guess thast was part of the bribe.
12 messages
10-21-03 11:26 PM
Joe Schmo Doesn't Win the $100,000 [View All]
Since the show is rigged, then why does everyone think he wins? They will just let him and Hutch be the final two "survivors" and then everyo
29 messages
10-21-03 04:28 PM
Do we really have to wait until NEXT week to see the finale? I can't imagine what tomorrow's show is going to be like.. ugh!!! I hate it
3 messages
10-20-03 10:18 PM
Joe is too cartoon like
How can it be possible for Matt to not catch on by now, every character is far too "token", come on, Kip is a gay fellow who dresses up like
19 messages
10-19-03 12:18 PM
2 WEEEEEEKSSSS????!!!!!!!!! [View All]
What the heck am I gonna do now for 2 weeks before I get to see the finally. Man I thaught It would rap up tonight, the way things were progressing
36 messages
10-18-03 10:58 PM
Schmorons - it's time to vote!!! [View All]
Ok peeps - you know the drill - who's craptacular plate will be smashed in tonight's episode? 1. Put your best guess in the subject
21 messages
10-17-03 06:11 PM
Summaries? [View All]
Would anyone want to write summaries of this parody? ds/User_files/3e70cef10fe19e18.g
37 messages
10-17-03 12:12 PM
Joe So Knows
Im thouroughly convinced, or at least really hope, that Matt knows. First of all, I think our boy Matt is alot smarter than we all think. His ba
0 messages
10-16-03 09:03 PM
Joe Schmo fansite with Video Clips
Hey, I'm new to this site. This is my first post but I am a huge fan of the show. I've started a Joe Schmo fansite and have about 150Mbs of vi
2 messages
10-16-03 08:18 PM
He Knows
Have watched show since beginning, and had believed that he was duped...Careful study and analysis now leads me to believe he knows, and the joke
3 messages
10-16-03 07:44 PM
Poll: Does he know or not? [View All]
Since so many around here know (or think they know) that Matt either does or does not know about the other residents being actors, I thought it
Bucky Katt
40 messages
10-16-03 07:14 PM
2 hour finale? Also a marathon on the 26th!!!!
Go to this link: .jhtml Then on the pull down bar pick Joe Schmoe. You'll notice on the 2
2 messages
10-16-03 05:36 PM
Kip's Plate
Hey, did I miss something the previous week, or did they include a line last night that they had edited out? When they did the "previously on
14 messages
10-16-03 09:59 AM
Ralph and Ginger Lynn
I just found this board and haven’t gotten a chance to read all of the posts here yet. So this may have already been mentioned, but… Did anyone
1 messages
10-16-03 09:56 AM
**Joe Schmo Episode 6, Official Summary** [View All]
[center]Joe Schmo Episode 6, Official Summary [font size=6][b]You Want Me to Eat What?![/b][/font size] [f
22 messages
10-16-03 04:04 AM
"Matt" is an actor too
Would't that be the best? The boy-next-door who they all think they're duping, is actually duping them. Think about it.
2 messages
10-15-03 01:27 PM
Is anyone else picking up on this or am I just a perv?
Joe Schmo (Matt) is constantly saying things that I take out of context like when he was coaching Ashleigh that it's easy to get the balls down
6 messages
10-15-03 11:25 AM
Lance aka Kip and Brian ....
***Chat with Lance Krall 'Kip' from the Joe Schmo Show ~ Friday October 17th ~ (10ET/9CT/8MST/7PT) *** %0
0 messages
10-15-03 07:33 AM
Even a lame duck can see through the smoke and mirrors
Am I the only one to see it? During the opening episode of Joe Schmo, during the underwear session Earl, the old man made a error about which pa
17 messages
10-14-03 02:35 PM
RE: Molly fans and other madness
I found these things on the Yahoo Schmoe boards and brought them to this board so other fanatics like myself would not have to go surfing to find new
12 messages
10-13-03 10:14 PM
Ralph from Joe Schmo ...
***Chat with Ralph Garmen host of the Joe Schmo Show ~Tuesday October 14th ~ (10ET/9CT/8MST/7PT) **** at
13 messages
10-13-03 03:38 PM
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