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Kip here [View All]
Hello cyber people. My friend is a big fan of this message board and has been talking to everybody with the Kingkida moniker. He pressured me into wri
63 messages
10-11-03 09:47 AM
How will it end? [View All]
How do you think Matt will react when he discovers the truth? First, I think he will get a significant paycheck which will make him feel better.
32 messages
10-11-03 02:05 AM
why get addicted to this show???
i find myself very much addicted to this little show and i do not know why. the 'actors' that are supposed to be fooling this poor guy are not ve
7 messages
10-11-03 01:51 AM
The Joe Shcmo ending
Here's something I've thrown out on the regular message board I'm on as a possiable ending for the show. I think the WHOLE show is a
2 messages
10-11-03 01:47 AM
Take the Money and Run
okay, here goes nothing--my first posting on this board. In Episode 5, Matt says that he would have taken the "get me out of here"
ghost cat
7 messages
10-10-03 10:01 AM
Matt hates chocolate?!?!
Matt hates chocolate. He hates the smell of it. He hates the taste of it. He hates it so much, he holds his nose and gags. I am totally baffled.
12 messages
10-10-03 08:05 AM
Official Episode 5 Summary - Is There a Fetishist in the House? [View All]
Official Joe Schmo Episode 5 Summary – Is There a Fetishist in the House? Last (last) time on The Joe Schmo Show̷
23 messages
10-10-03 03:44 AM
What characters did Joe Schmo miss out on?
If you were going to cast another Joe Schmo, what type of contestants would you like to see parodied? 1 The British rock star wannabe%
11 messages
10-10-03 00:42 AM
Why was Hutch back?
I missed the first part of the show last night and have no clue as to why Hutch was back. Can someone tell me please. [marquee]http:/%2
4 messages
10-09-03 08:26 PM
what if
- - - - what if matt found out the show was fake early on and told the producer off camera. then they pay him off to play du
18 messages
10-09-03 05:04 PM
Did you tape Last Night's Show (10/7)
I taped Joe Schmo last night and my sound didnt get taped. Did anyone happen to tape this, that wouldn't mind mailing me a copy of the
4 messages
10-09-03 04:34 PM
High School?
As I've mentioned in another thread.....seems like with Matt's experience...he would have felt the implants when he squeezed Molly during the hone
6 messages
10-09-03 04:31 PM
These (fake) players have no strategy?
Despite the over the top scenarios of this show, the one thing that doesn't make sense is the seemingly random voting. Shouldn't even fake cont
7 messages
10-09-03 03:02 PM
(SPOILERS) The Reason for That Thing in the Latest Preview [View All]
Okay, it said 200 characters before I post any possible spoilers, so I'll take a second to introduce myself.. Ashleigh is in fact my name, th
ashleigh j
23 messages
10-09-03 01:55 PM
Backwards water?
Hello everyone. I'm new here. I did a search on the word 'fountain' and found only one post. So my conscious is clear that I gave an effort t
7 messages
10-08-03 06:50 PM
Chocolate Covered Babes
Does anyone know who they are?
5 messages
10-08-03 04:54 PM
Did Ashleigh and Molly Know to Kiss?
I was wondering if the two actresses knew they were going to be asked by Matt to either take of their tops or kiss to win the TV? I didn't see th
4 messages
10-08-03 03:49 PM
What's up with Brian's nipples?
I am a huge fan of the show!! As my husband and I were watching it last night, we noticed that they blurr out Brian's nipples. We figured mayb
4 messages
10-08-03 01:58 PM
Schmolerons - it's time to vote!
That's right Bs & Gs, it's the vote thread! Rumor has it that two people get their plates destroyed in this week's super colossal riches t
15 messages
10-07-03 07:11 PM
Fake food???
I know they want to do the sendup of the awful food challenges on other reality shows but does anyone think they might just make the food look gross i
4 messages
10-07-03 04:16 PM
Joe Schmo episode 4 official summary [View All]
[b]The naked truth - the horrid, troubling, strangely hypnotic, awful naked truth #### [i]previously on Jo
21 messages
10-06-03 05:41 PM
tv guide [View All]
someone at sucks said in the print version of tv guide, on oct 28 matt gets a six figure pay check. so i was right they paid him off
25 messages
10-06-03 05:13 PM
Joe makes the column
Read this interesting column on Joe Schmo - I wonder if this is the message board the guy writes a
5 messages
10-03-03 11:41 PM
Episode Four Complete Con Job
Either the actors are now lying when they talk to the cameras or the producers are increasingly presenting their comments out of context. M
13 messages
10-03-03 10:58 PM
Heart of a Schmo [View All]
Is Matt a decent guy? Seems like it--But far from having a "heart of gold" as Dr. Pat claimed. Consider this: -He knew the name o
22 messages
10-03-03 05:08 PM
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