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Who Thinks Joe Will Get The $100,000 In The End Anyway?
I was just thinking that maybe the show will give poor old Matt the $100,000 at the end anyway as a show of goodwill for being the poor shmoe on t
10 messages
12-08-15 03:04 PM
Season Three is BACK!
Take light and notice Joe Schmo fans. A third round of "WHAAT is going on?!" is about to happen. January 8th, Spike TV.
5 messages
04-29-15 10:54 AM
JS # Episode #7: What was going on?
After dozing through half the elimination ceremony, I don't feel fully qualified to comment on this episode. http://community.rea
2 messages
02-27-15 11:51 AM
JS #3 Episode #6: "Chase: thinks some of it is real."
Also known as "Heads you're paranoid, tails but they're actually out to get you." (And you thought the purple rock svcked?) Oh, Ch
1 messages
02-08-13 11:43 PM
JS #3 Episode #5: it didn't work for Who Wants To Be A Superhero either.
Let's try to get inside Chase's mind for a few seconds. Figuring out what the Schmo of the day thinks about the situation was always
3 messages
02-05-13 03:56 AM
JS #3 Episode #4: the strap of love.
On the other hand, if they'd weighted the gun to simulate being loaded and Chase somehow felt the need to pull the trigger, he might have decide
2 messages
02-05-13 03:47 AM
JS #3 Episode #3: take the field.
I still say challenge karma came looking for Matt and missed. Up until the elimination ceremony (and how do you get a beaver to urinate o
2 messages
01-17-13 01:43 PM
Joe Schmo #3 Episodes #1 and #2 (doubleheader premiere)
[i]tonight tonight his life gets ruined tonight![/i] Which can be an odd way to look at it. Realisticall
5 messages
01-10-13 03:40 PM
Joe Schmo 2 maratho to air
Spike TV (possibly in preparation for Season 3?) is airing a Joe Schmo 2 marathon, from start to finish, Saturday, July 31... S
0 messages
07-25-10 08:42 PM
The official Joe Schmo 2 DVD set is now available.
The falcon has spoken. (But probably hasn't done so on any commentary track.) It's a
1 messages
12-28-09 12:26 PM
Final Show
Will the Joe Schmo Final show air again? I have missed it and I can not get the same thing from the summary as I would watching it.
5 messages
12-03-09 00:32 AM
Petition for Joe Schmo 2
I've started a petition for Joe Schmo 2, here is the link. etition.html
0 messages
01-30-06 05:38 PM
dr pat. on snl
don't know if neone reads this board nemore but in case neone's interested kristen wig aka dr pat from joe schmo 1 is on snl now, i don't know
0 messages
12-05-05 10:27 PM
DL music???
Does anyone know of the place where The Joe Schmo Show gets its music? (For example, the dramatic music in the evictions.) In the credits, i
2 messages
09-19-05 06:41 PM
Season 2 DVD!
It looks like Joe Schmo 2 may be coming to DVD! Check out the link below! =) ?New
0 messages
07-31-05 09:47 PM
Does anyone have Joe Schmo 2 on VHS or DVD? Thanks.
1 messages
07-29-05 07:31 AM
anyone know where MKG is now?
I'm desperately seeking Matt Kennedy Gould for an interview on my cable show, The Resident. ( Anyone hear of a
4 messages
07-25-05 06:15 AM
Living the Dream
Out of curiousity does anyone know anything about this? Looks like a NZ version of JS1....
14 messages
06-16-05 09:42 PM
Naughty Ingrid
Hey Joe Fans... Not going to post any link unless someone says it is ok, but someone sent me a link to a somewhat porn site with a girl t
6 messages
03-28-05 02:06 PM
Joe Schmo 3
I read somewhere that there is no third season. That sucks. But I was thinking, maybe they are pulling something like Punk'd. Also%
2 messages
03-28-05 02:46 AM
"Kip" from the first Joe Schmo is back on tv!!!
Hey, everybody! Kip's going to be back on SpikeTV with his OWN show! It's a sketch comedy show called The Lance Krall Show and it starts o
0 messages
03-26-05 02:07 AM
Tim in the olympics! x2?
Just watched men's gymastics, and laughed my head off at how much the Hamm twins from the USA team look like Tim! Anyone else notice
Canada Girl
9 messages
11-30-04 08:02 PM
who is the guy from joe schmo 2
who was the FAKE bachelor? He was on Las Vegas Tonite.
1 messages
11-26-04 05:44 AM
Helloo i'm from israel and i like the joe schmo show...
i think that is a very good idea to do this realety shows... and that matt is a very good person...with a big hart!!! very nice and sp
2 messages
11-18-04 02:32 PM
Tim's pub - drink list
As we all know, Tim is opening up a pub in the near future. Wouldn't it be awesome if he used parts of his experiences on the show to make up nam
Mr Canuck
0 messages
08-29-04 03:04 PM
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