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The Lost Scene
This was on the Spike TV / Joe Schmo website and was written by one of the producers, so it's definitely legit. Some of you may have seen it,
0 messages
08-12-04 08:39 AM
0 messages
08-11-04 11:33 PM
Joe Schmoe Live Chat tonight at Spike website 9ET (8/11)
Info here chmo/chat.jhtml
Drive My Car
0 messages
08-11-04 07:50 PM
I *heart* Joe Shmoe2 (a fanatics thread)
I loved this series. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at any tv show, EVER. The finale was excellent in every way, the only thing I c
7 messages
08-11-04 06:57 PM
OFFICIAL JOE SCHMO 2 (Episode 7) SUMMARY "Do the Pepto-mint Twist"
Note to SPIKETV: This season has been hilarious, however, someone in your scheduling department needs to consider this: 1) could you possib
16 messages
08-11-04 06:12 PM
show ends the 10th of aug [View All]
they will play all the shows that day then the 2 hour finaly. if the raitings are still at only 500,000 people watching i don't see them doing any
51 messages
08-11-04 03:07 PM
Summary writer sign-up thread for Spike TV's Joe Schmo 2 [View All]
This thread is the episode summary writer sign-up thread for [|- pike TV's Joe Schmo 2], which pre
53 messages
08-11-04 09:05 AM
Ingrid [View All]
So the woman in the office across from mine was just telling us about her good friend from D.C. Ingrid being the first Jane Schmo. I don't think I w
47 messages
08-11-04 02:17 AM
What does Everyone think the Ending on Aug 10 will be in Joe Schmo 2??
Just wondering, by the looks of it someone will be getting married but it's all fake.. Looks like Piper and Austin will be getting a surprise that
19 messages
08-10-04 05:15 PM
Finale not tonight? Damn!
OK stupid me I tuned in at 11:08pm tonight expecting to see the season Finale. In fact, my cable service's "guide" shows that it was suppose
6 messages
08-10-04 09:44 AM
Informal Schmo Poll
Is it just me, or have most of the behind the scenes interviews been Gerald? Why do you think that is? Compared to the others, he seemed the
11 messages
08-10-04 03:31 AM
How many days was Tim in the house?
Question: Tim was kicked out during "episode 7". That means he spent 7 nights and 7 or 8 days in the house. But during his interview
1 messages
08-09-04 11:59 PM
Are the ratings way lower this season?
The reason I ask is that first season we had a rather huge amount of fabs posting here in these very forums, yet this season, there's but a tric
14 messages
08-09-04 03:16 AM
What do you think of the DVD?
I'm considering buying the Season 1 DVD. Just wanted opinions from people who did buy it. Is it worth it? I need more justification than just
2 messages
08-06-04 11:32 PM
Joe Schmo 2 finale press release
"Joe Schmo 2" - the only reality show, that isn't really real at all -- comes to a dramatic end next Tuesday, August 10 with a two-hour fina
0 messages
08-03-04 11:04 AM
Joe Schmo Official Summary, Episdoe 6
*Summary writers note: I chose to use [i]italics[/i] this time for my own snide comments and opinions so as to not offend or confuse th
11 messages
07-31-04 08:47 AM
Official Joe Schmo 2, Episode 6 Summary
[center][b][font size=3]Official Joe Schmo 2, Episode 6 Summary[/font] [font size=4]And The Oscar Goes ToÖ[/fon
7 messages
07-31-04 08:29 AM
What about this picture? ds/User_files/41086f0078459a16.jpg I've seen this on Spike TV's Joe Schmo website.
2 messages
07-30-04 06:39 PM
I did not see that coming.
Tim, evicted? [i]Tim[/i]? Not a clue. I thought Bryce was going to do a one-episode 180, and then go hide in a closet until he sp
18 messages
07-30-04 06:37 PM
I Give Up
It saddens me to say this but I am done with this show. And I loved it so much. It has taken too many twist and turns. I can not keep up with who
2 messages
07-29-04 00:04 AM
Everett the Frog Is Alive and Well
Just in case anyone was believing it and maybe even a little saddened by it, Everett the Frog did not really die. It was just a story point to set u
3 messages
07-26-04 12:54 PM
I donít like women who cry at the drop of a hat and I donít like women that carry on with the fake poor me, pity me act, which the Eleanorís
15 messages
07-23-04 02:43 PM
Joe Schmo 2 Official Episdode 5 Summary
[b]Joe Schmo 2 Offical Episode 5 Summary[/b] [font size=1]Note: Some parts of this summary may seem stretched and drawn-
Tiger Lily
17 messages
07-23-04 02:09 AM
Joe Schmo Theme Song
Does anybody know the name of the song in which they play in the introduction of the show and in various other transitions in the show? Feedback wil
0 messages
07-21-04 09:14 PM
They should put more pictures of Cammy in the Joe Schmo website because they only have one picture of her and she's the hottet's blonde on the sho
2 messages
07-21-04 10:23 AM
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