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Schmolerons - it's time to vote!
That's right Bs & Gs, it's the vote thread! Rumor has it that two people get their plates destroyed in this week's super colossal riches t
15 messages
10-07-03 07:11 PM
Fake food???
I know they want to do the sendup of the awful food challenges on other reality shows but does anyone think they might just make the food look gross i
4 messages
10-07-03 04:16 PM
Joe Schmo episode 4 official summary [View All]
[b]The naked truth - the horrid, troubling, strangely hypnotic, awful naked truth #### [i]previously on Jo
21 messages
10-06-03 05:41 PM
tv guide [View All]
someone at sucks said in the print version of tv guide, on oct 28 matt gets a six figure pay check. so i was right they paid him off
25 messages
10-06-03 05:13 PM
Joe makes the column
Read this interesting column on Joe Schmo - I wonder if this is the message board the guy writes a
5 messages
10-03-03 11:41 PM
Episode Four Complete Con Job
Either the actors are now lying when they talk to the cameras or the producers are increasingly presenting their comments out of context. M
13 messages
10-03-03 10:58 PM
Heart of a Schmo [View All]
Is Matt a decent guy? Seems like it--But far from having a "heart of gold" as Dr. Pat claimed. Consider this: -He knew the name o
22 messages
10-03-03 05:08 PM
Hutch comes back [View All]
The previews for next week show the back of his head a couple of times...anyone else notice?
63 messages
10-03-03 04:16 PM
Official Joe Schmo Episode 2 Summary: Of Mom, Butts, and Strange Party Games [View All]
[b][center]Official Joe Schmo Episode 2 Summary: Of Mom, Butts, and Strange Party Games[/b][/center] Previously%2
22 messages
10-03-03 12:50 PM
Brian's Man Boobs
I thought it was hilarious that they had to blur out Brian's man boobs during the honey/money challenge! Are they really that big that it would
8 messages
10-03-03 12:03 PM
Matt Kennedy Gould...The original Joe Schmo
It seems nobody knows who is being fooled. Overall I think that every one would agree that this reality schmo is entertaining, otherwise you would n
7 messages
10-02-03 04:14 PM
Favorite moments from e5????
Ahhh...another show with many classic moments. My favorites, in descending order: 5-Matt’s bathtub interviews. What’s up with that%
7 messages
10-01-03 10:15 PM
Brian Interview on 96X
Hey everybody! Dallas from the BJ and Shannon X-Perience on 96X here. We talked with Brian this morning and we will be posting the entire inter
9 messages
10-01-03 08:12 PM
Thanks and a question
Great forum and I am quite happy to see all the different theories floating around, especially since I don't have one myself! I am wo
7 messages
10-01-03 06:25 PM
Time to vote: who goes tonight on Joe Schmo [View All]
I don't know why we haven't done vote threads for this show, but we might as well start now. Put your choice for evictee in the sujec
28 messages
10-01-03 02:10 PM
They're officially boobs!!!!
Not like you could really spoil this show considering how much they give away every second of the day of what's going to happen next BUT......
17 messages
10-01-03 02:03 PM
They give it away every week!
This is the second time the previews for the following week gave something away! The first was Earl being voted off and now we know Hutch is coming
5 messages
10-01-03 12:28 PM
west coast, don't look if you don't want to know.... filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler fil
2 messages
10-01-03 12:19 PM
Kip Nip
Kip is the funniest guy in the show! LOL he acts like a gay person so well and it as funy as hell to watch behind from where Matt is on the show and
1 messages
10-01-03 02:20 AM
Has anyone heard from Joe?
love the the concept...but, has anyone heard ANYHTING about where Matt is right now? has he done any talk shows or anything? did he
6 messages
09-30-03 11:31 PM
Molly the Virgin [View All]
OK, I understand the premise. I think the show is very entertaining. And I understand the over-the-top things they are trying to do. %0
21 messages
09-30-03 06:20 PM
If Joe knows...
OK... say Joe is in on this (I don't think so): This show doesn't have an enormous amount of cash to throw around... less than mo
18 messages
09-30-03 05:40 PM
How long does it last?
I've read that the 'ruse' only lasted ten days...but I've also seen the photo of Matt and the final two contestants. I can't tell if they'
7 messages
09-29-03 01:58 PM
I'm Pro Joe, am I Alone? [View All]
I personally love Joe Schmo, I am under no illusions that it is an epic television show, or will go on to be a classic, but I truly like it, a
26 messages
09-28-03 01:28 AM
Matt is cool
I can't help but really like this guy. I mean, most of us accept the reality presented us with fewer questions than he himself presents. The act
20 messages
09-27-03 06:55 PM
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