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Conferences Joe Schmo Forum (Protected)
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joe schmo......joke on us...
I thought that it would turn out the Ingrid was "part of the joke"....and the joke would be on us, the audience. That Tim was the ONLY Joe Schmo
0 messages
06-30-04 01:08 PM
Fur Boxes, Tossed Salads and Fish Tacos . OH MY!
This is not a rant so much as a rave. I think I'm falling in love with this season. !This shcmow is Rubber Duck-ulous! I
7 messages
06-30-04 04:41 AM
Summary will be up in the morning
Many apologies. Send complaints to Bellsouth. :P Mon
Mon Cherie
8 messages
06-29-04 05:26 PM
schmo moved to monday after raw
i don't know if that is a good thing or abad thing. it will now start at 11.05 or latter instead of 10 on tuesdays
9 messages
06-29-04 11:12 AM
Joe Schmo 2 Official Summary: Episode Two
[h3]Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Pearl Necklace[/h3] Previously on Joe Schmo 2: We met Ingrid and Tim, two kid
Mon Cherie
10 messages
06-29-04 08:55 AM
So who is the hottest on the show?
I was looking at them and thinking besides the averge joe like guys, they where kinda good looking. All I can say is that Piper is the hottest chick
3 messages
06-28-04 02:58 AM
Holy Ingrid!
I was a big fan of Joe Schmo 1. I thought it was brilliat entertainment. The Schmo was so likeable it was almost hard to watch. Of course I tuned in t
Lovernious Heat
9 messages
06-24-04 06:51 PM
Pearl earrings [View All]
Tim got the inside joke, I don't think Ingrid did.... ds/User_files/40175e3a6e0835a
Bucky Katt
30 messages
06-24-04 10:52 AM
Anyone else disappointed in the first episode?
I was looking forward to this show big time. But I found myself chaning channels during the commercials, and not caring much if I missed a minute o
5 messages
06-23-04 10:59 AM
Joe Schmo2, Episode One Summary [View All]
[h3]That's Not Jewelry They're Talking About![/h3] Welcome to season two of Joe Schmo. Or as the marketing geniuses have du
22 messages
06-23-04 10:36 AM
Joe Schmo 2 -- Cast Revealed
It seems that they hired that Canadian Talk Show host "Jonovision" who also plays on Trailer Park Boys.. interesting http://www.j
13 messages
06-20-04 03:25 PM
Who's your Final 2 * 2?
It's not as if we're trying to call how the personalities will play off each other: this is just trying to think along with the scriptwriters.
8 messages
06-20-04 12:18 PM
Tim Walsh
Get ready- I went to college with this guy (a very small college) and I know him well. He is very funny and will be sure to make everyone laugh.%
4 messages
06-18-04 02:27 PM
Tim,Tim Tim
i know i know him from somwhere but need assitance in figuring it out. It's not from DC. Anybody know where he lived before; his profession;age
1 messages
06-18-04 09:55 AM
Does anyone know...?
if SpikeTV will be replaying Schmo 2 several times a week the way they did for the first season? I hope so cause i missed the premier :( %0
5 messages
06-17-04 10:17 PM
Joe Schmo Show Hotties -- DVD release
Hey Joe Schmo Show Hottie Fans: Rumor has it that the Joe Schmo Show will be released in DVD format the summer of 2004, according to d
6 messages
06-16-04 02:15 PM
YEAH! I'm watching Joe Schmo 2 right now! YESSSS!!!! And already they're wise to them! UH OH!
2 messages
06-15-04 11:25 PM
Spike TV to host chat
I just saw a promo that the first person who gets voted off during the Joe Schmo 2 premiere tonight will do a online chat tomorrow Wednesday, June 1
0 messages
06-15-04 04:19 PM
Joe ready to go?
Though not too much info. It seems that Spike TV has ordered 10 episodes. Here's a link to the story...
1 messages
02-11-04 10:40 PM
Is anyone watching Joe Schmoe on Spike TV? It started on 9/2.
32 messages
01-03-04 06:34 PM
I MET MATT GOULD!!! aka Joe Schmo!! He is the coolest guy ever!!! I am so excited!
4 messages
01-02-04 08:00 PM
I actually Thought Matt was Cute
I dont know what it was about him; I think is good looking.. However, I dont' think that is what got me. I think his honesty and protection/de
0 messages
11-25-03 10:42 PM
The new Joe Schmo with commentary
Tonight aired the first episode of Joe Schmoe with Matt doing the commentary. I laughed my butt off again at the show, AND at Matts got
6 messages
11-22-03 06:23 PM
I'd rather kiss Brian then Matt
Hi, I don't know if anyone agrees with me, but Matt really gives me the creeps. Yuck! I'd rather kiss Brian then Matt. %
9 messages
11-21-03 10:13 PM
Guys, how did I know she was nice person? Behind her bitchy role I've always seen her as a nice sensible person. Is it about her facial expressi
7 messages
11-16-03 10:11 PM
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