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"Best of Joe Shmoe"
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Rabbit 12 desperate attention whore postings
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10-28-03, 03:20 PM (EST)
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"Best of Joe Shmoe"
Best Moments:

1. When the fly comes out of the dog feces and flys over Matt's head.

2. Seeing Dr. Pat's cute happy face, almost child like face or Katie Couric like face just before it gets demolished by Matt in the Sumo Event. (That's either great acting if staged or real)

3. This is kind of cruel but if you've ever seen the women in the coma in Florida on CNN, she has that smile on her face with her front teeth sticking out, it looks just like Matt when he has that look. The resemblence is hilarious.

Rating the Actors:

Earl Bradford: Plays the old senile miltiary veteran well. It must help that he's a military veteran and weapons expert who is a technical advisor and actor on tv shows.

Brian: I'm not sure if Brian was intended to be the Buddy from the beginning. I think they had to put someone as normal as Matt what with all the caricatures on the show and also put someone who was a bigger loser than Matt. It seems more that a friendship developed during the show.

Ashleigh: I missed the part where she was all nice to Matt until I saw the marathon. She was very cute in the beginning. When she was turning on Matt, it didn't work as well for me from an acting standpoint. Seemed really forced.

Gina: Needs to take more acting lessons. Needs to be herself.

Kip: Awesome. Amazing that he doesn't slip up his accent, especially when he gets emotional. Is really in the moment, when he get angry about the pictures. Really believable even though he's over the top gay. Hands down the best performance.

Hutch: Solid. He's having fun with his character.

Molly: Plays the virgin well + she's hot. The real Molly doesn't seem that far removed from the Molly she's playing. Though I doubt she's a virgin, she does come across as having limits to what she will do.

Dr. P.A.T: Alright. Cute. Although her role could have been amped up more.

Ralph: Good job in a cartoony kind of way.

Boyfriend: Too unrealistic. Overacting. Was this intended to be on purpose to make the other actors more believable?

Executive: Uses some of the same gestures and techniques as the boyfriend when frazzled.

Director: John Stockton retired from the Utah Jazz last season. I guess he's found his new line of work.

How the Show should end:

Have the Big Reveal. Everyone tells matt that it was fake. They give him suprise! a million dollars and a one year deal with Spike TV. Ballons and Champagne, as Kip, Hutch, Matt, Molly and Earl celebrate. Matt's holding a million dollar check. Suddenly smoke. What appears to be fake fire, is really sleeping gas to knock Matt out.

We fly Matt back to Pittsburgh. And put him in his bed in his parent's basement in Pittsburgh. Put hidden cameras in his basement and car. Matt wakes up holding his $80 check from the pizza place. His mom is yelling at him that he's late for work. There is no evidence that LOL ever happened. And his parents are in on it and don't know about LOL. Matt drives to work and delivers pizza's. Matt totally doesn't know what's real anymore. Matt delivers a pizza to a random house. Hutch without his goattee and blonde hair answeres the door. He tells Matt to put the Pizza on the table that has Kips puke green scrapbook. Then the rest of the cast come out and have a pizza party to celebrate the really big reveal. "What is going (in a high pitched voice), On?"

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 RE: Best of Joe Shmoe Traces 10-28-03 1

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Traces 103 desperate attention whore postings
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10-28-03, 04:18 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Best of Joe Shmoe"
Great ending! Would have been great if they could pull something like that off! Too bad they have such a low budget!

I have already put my favorite Matt moments, but there was one more I would like to add one for Earl that no one has yet mentioned:

When Earl sees Kip's creature comfort scrapbook:

"What they're pictures....Okay so they're pictures of asses."

...But I'm from Pittsburgh!

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