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The Bachelorette Ashley - Episode 4 [View All]
Ashley kissing everybody. I'm so proud of my girls - they both commented at different times that it was really gross that she was kissing
28 messages
06-20-11 10:29 PM
Bachelor Pad 2
Reported cast list: Jake Pavelka Vienna Girardi Rozlyn Papa Holly Durst Michael Stagliano (Holly & Michael recent
6 messages
06-14-11 11:25 PM
The Bachelorette Ashley - Episode 3
In which Bentley acts like a d-bag.
16 messages
06-13-11 11:28 AM
Cast To Lose: Bachelor(ette) edition.
In your opinion, of the initial twenty-five people each single gets to choose from, how many were specifically chosen by the casting department ju
5 messages
06-11-11 09:24 AM
Maks? m-chmerkovskiy-still-single-after-starring-on-ukrainian-bachelor-12358.php His last comm
1 messages
06-11-11 02:40 AM
The Bachelorette Ashley - Episode 2 [View All]
Haven't watched it yet, but I'll be back to snark later.
22 messages
06-03-11 02:53 AM
The Bachelorette Ashley - Episode 1 [View All]
So much for not watching. :) I've seen the first hour. I think she probably has a cuter crop than Ali did. So far I like West and
21 messages
05-27-11 11:41 AM
Just a little bit of break-up editing required.
[i]ABC reportedly called Maynard on April 13 to remind her of her contractual obligations and encourage her to stay with Womack, as they pride t
9 messages
05-25-11 03:35 AM
Ashley's bachelors
Saw a pic in the TV Guide of Ashley with all her bachelors. Good Lord, what a bunch of 3 dollar bills! Every one of those clowns looks as phony as
Round Robin
7 messages
05-16-11 10:26 AM
Tabloid reads: Brad and emily talking baby
Ok...I know tabloids really print some completely retarted things to get people to grab them and read. But who in thier right mind would BELIEVE for a
8 messages
04-05-11 09:02 AM
Michelle is Getting the Vienna Edit
Exhibit #1: Brad is defending Michelle. lor-brad-womack-defends-michelle-apologizes-f
2 messages
03-19-11 04:23 PM
Bachelor Brad: F3 Episode
I'm still upset over Shawntel's departure, but I'll persevere. Post your thoughts on tonight's episode here.
20 messages
03-19-11 02:48 AM
Do you think Emily's race car date was inappropriate?
I read on TV guide that Chris Harrison stated that Emily's date with the Bachelor at the speedway was intentional. He said it was done with the mind
7 messages
03-18-11 03:32 PM
Bachelor 15 (Brad II), Finale and After the Final Rose [View All]
Tonight's the finale. Who will Brad pick? And who will be the next Bachelorette? Let's talk about it. http://community.reali
42 messages
03-17-11 02:00 PM
2011 Bachelorette first impression ideas
Hello guys, I am here to seek inspiration or ideas for the first night of filming the bachelorette. I am a cast member who c
2011 bachelorette castmember
11 messages
03-17-11 10:54 AM
Who do you think Brad will pick?
We only have few days till we see who Brad picks. I can't wait, finale night is my favorite night of the Bachelor. Will it be Chantal the spunk
2 messages
03-14-11 04:25 PM
Bachelor 15 (Brad II), The Women Tell All
This episode should be interesting. Wonder what Michelle will say. Will they announce the new Bachelorette? http://community.realit
19 messages
03-13-11 09:39 AM
Bachelor 15 (Brad II), Episode 8 [View All]
Chantal O gets the first home town date. Chantal is in West Seattle which has a gorgeous view of downtown Seattle across the water. Chantal says she i
51 messages
02-28-11 05:21 PM
Michelle Haters Need Not Apply
Ok, be honest. Who's with me on this one? Michelle is beautiful, funny, and strong, (even if she's a ferocious b****).
8 messages
02-16-11 01:26 PM
Bachelor 15 (Brad II), Episode 7
No one started a thread for this -- you slackers. Six women left. Brad gets three one-on-one dates a nd a group date. No roses on the one
15 messages
02-15-11 06:55 PM
Shawntel's tramp stamp
Okay, so posting about a p---s enlarger gets you banned from the ABC board. Who knew? Anyway, Shawntel's tramp stamp is the ONLY t
1 messages
02-15-11 03:40 PM
The Brad & Laurel US Weekly "scandal".
I'd remove the quotes if I cared enough. (I don't.) It's just not a season without an accusation taking the front cover of the world's m
3 messages
02-14-11 10:22 PM
Bachelor Brad episode 6
I haven't posted about tonight's episode because starting this afternoon everytime I click on something I get a message about another domain wanti
8 messages
02-11-11 06:43 PM
Bachelor Drinking Game [View All]
Back by popular demand (well the voices in my head tell me it would be a good idea) Take a drink every time a totally LAME-O flight ref
22 messages
02-10-11 11:14 PM
Bachelor Brad episode 5
They're off to Vegas. They are staying at then Aria. Everyone will get a date this week. Brad gives the first date card and says that he is very exc
17 messages
02-07-11 12:02 PM
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