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why did they show a scene for an upcoming episode stating one of the girls saying that she was pregnant when they didnt even go and show that scene
0 messages
03-06-10 11:15 AM
bad choice
Come on, Vienna? Really - no wonder he has trouble finding love if he's "attracted" to someone like her. Gross.
1 messages
03-05-10 06:16 PM
Jake cheated on Vienna?
According to this. 10/03/exclusive-jake-bachelor-cheated-vienna-after-getting-engaged
0 messages
03-03-10 08:11 PM
The Bachelor: OTWOL--Season Finale & ATR [View All]
In case you actually give a frak about this episode, please comment here. We'll throw in the ATR special at a discount.
76 messages
03-03-10 04:23 PM
I was so sad for Tentley. I know this will be something Jake will regret in a few months. She was truly a good person and perfect for Jake. Vienna nee
3 messages
03-02-10 03:18 PM
good girls finish last
Jake is a PIG!!! you would think he was smart and use his BRAIN over his #####!!! He lost my respect....I thought he was a good
1 messages
03-02-10 03:01 PM
Worst Season
This is the worst season I have seen. I think Jake acts alot younger than a man in his 30's.
1 messages
03-02-10 02:58 PM
Defending Vienna.
*sits back* *opens book* *puts on some music* *waits it out* http://community.realit
3 messages
03-02-10 02:15 PM
Wow- love really must be blind
How the heck?? Vienna??? Who predicts this ends within 3 months? and the scripting of Allie to get her to become the next Ba
0 messages
03-02-10 12:36 PM
I am a very attractive cool guy
I am single and I workout I am very cool to be with people see more about me online how do I apply for the Bachelor d
1 messages
02-26-10 07:20 AM
Jake - in General
I noticed for the 1st time this week that at the Rose Ceremony, the gals were all wearing flats. Anyone know how short he is? I'm thinking 5%2
4 messages
02-25-10 00:12 AM
The Bachelor: OTWOL--Ep. 7 [View All]
It's the day after Valentine's Day. Surely, Jake can find love tonight. Right? Post comments here.
23 messages
02-25-10 00:06 AM
The Bachelor: OTWOL--Women Tell All [View All]
These things are usually a waste of time and are so heavily edited that they are useless. Wait, that describes the entire series. http:
22 messages
02-25-10 00:01 AM
big gals need love too,jake...
being a big gal,i hope that jake knows,those of us that dont happen to have a fake body and heart like vienna , and are proud of the way they a
zephyrhills madam
1 messages
02-16-10 07:11 PM
The Bachelor: OTWOL--Ep. 6
Post comments on tonight's Bachelor nonsense here.
19 messages
02-10-10 00:30 AM
*SPOILERS* Reality Steve spoilers
If you don't know, Reality Steve is the one who broke the Jason-Molly-Melissa fiasco a couple of season ago. He has new spoilers up about this sea
16 messages
02-09-10 05:17 PM
Get TWO TIX to see The Final Rose Ceremony! is using their clever connections to give one subscriber 2 tickets to THE BACHELOR'S FINAL ROSE CEREMONY. The first person to r
1 messages
02-08-10 08:17 PM
The Bachelor: OTWOL--Ep. 3
One Bachelorette leaves in a huff b/c Jake doesn't love her enough, while another leaves prematurely (by her calculation) b/c she is a tea
15 messages
02-07-10 03:56 PM
proof it is Tenley.. Article said it all along..See Below NSIDE-SCOOP-ON-IDENTITY-OF-ONE-OF-THE-BACHELOR-FINALISTS
3 messages
02-06-10 08:23 PM
Jake keeping Vienna
I cannot believe that Jake is still keeping Vienna hasn't she done enough damage already? I cannot believe that Jake has not seen through her faca
2 messages
02-03-10 02:38 PM
The Bachelor: OTWOL--Ep. 5
Commentary welcome. Is tonight the night Vienna Snausage goes home, or does Ali take her Masshole attitude home?
11 messages
02-02-10 05:21 PM
Jason and Molly's wedding
ABC is planning another trip down the aisle, as "The Bachelor" couple Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney will tie the knot next month on the networ
1 messages
02-02-10 08:00 AM
Where is everybody?
I'm really surprised at the lack of discussion on this board. Is the show that boring, or what? I don't know what kind of activity there's
0 messages
02-01-10 10:36 PM
The Bachelor: OTWOL--Ep. 4
Post commentary here. I'm about to watch on DVR.
15 messages
01-28-10 04:41 PM
This is by far one of the Juiciest seasons of the bachelor yet! I'm loving it............... I cant get enough, Im gonna perdict he chooses Ally
1 messages
01-20-10 07:46 PM
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