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Bachelor Breakdown - The Final Rose and After the Final Rose
Check out the hilarious Bachelor Breakdown with Juan Pablo and the final rose. I've yet to read a better recap of this show anywhere: [http:%2
0 messages
03-17-14 11:45 AM
Bachelor Juan Pablo Finale and AFTR
The last night of this travesty is now being shown. I hope whoever he picks has the sense to dump his sorry @$$ on the AFTR show. We'll know t
Round Robin
9 messages
03-12-14 10:09 AM
ABC: Not vetting in the name of tabloid headline drama since Day One. achelor-star-juan-pablo-galavis-reportedly-deadbeat-dad-didnt-pay-child-support-15750.php %0
2 messages
03-10-14 08:19 PM
Clare was the deal breaker
The two reasons Andi left: 1) Juan Pablo told her that she just barely beat out Renee (which meant that he just wasn't going to ch
4 messages
03-10-14 08:14 PM
Bachelor Breakdown - Overnight Dates and Juan Pablo vs. Andi
Check out the always hilarious Bachelor Breakdown. This week it's the overnight dates in St. Lucia and the Juan Pablo vs. Clare battle! [http:
0 messages
03-05-14 04:09 PM
Bachelor Breakdown - Hometown Dates
Read the always hilarious and best Bachelor recap out there - the Bachelor Breakdown. This week it covers the hometown dates for Clare, Nikki, And
0 messages
02-28-14 01:50 PM
Bachelor Juan Pablo Overnight Dates
Have fun watching this bullsh1t, and somebody let me know who really got the boot. I'm gonna go watch basketball.
Round Robin
4 messages
02-26-14 01:23 PM
Bachelor Juan Pablo Hometown Dates
Hometowns are being shown tonight, overnights tomorrow night. I expect the usual overhyped bull$hit, but no big disasters.
Round Robin
5 messages
02-26-14 11:12 AM
Next 'ette
Who thinks that Sharleen will be the next 'ette? I'd bet that they'd at least offer it to her. That way they'll have a 'minority' lead
3 messages
02-25-14 03:24 AM
Bachelor Breakdown - Miami Edition with CHICK FIGHTS
Check out the always funny Bachelor Breakdown. This week they visit Juan Pablo's hometown of Miami. Sharleen says "adios". Nikki and Clare start
0 messages
02-21-14 06:25 PM
Bachelor Juan Pablo Round Seven
Down to six women, episode is in his hometown of Miami. Probably another surpriseless episode like most of this years have been. This guy sucks, a
Round Robin
3 messages
02-17-14 11:15 PM
Bachelor Breakdown - New Zealand edition
Read the hilarious Bachelor Breakdown and find out what went down in New Zealand with Juan Pablo and the girls: [
0 messages
02-14-14 03:08 PM
Bachelor Juan Pablo Round Six
I'm gonna miss probably the first half of the show tonight, so if you guys have any comments, go ahead and post 'em. I don't expect to like
Round Robin
7 messages
02-13-14 02:27 AM
The live wedding broadcast of DOOM!
Did you notice ABC's advertising strategy for this? "We're going to put all these people in one room and pray something horrible happens!%2
4 messages
02-10-14 02:23 PM
Bachelor Breakdown - Vietnam Edition
Check out the hilarious recap of The Bachelor with Juan Pablo. This week they go to Vietnam. This is by far the funniest Bachelor recap out there: %
0 messages
02-07-14 02:46 PM
Bachelor Juan Pablo Round Five
They're in Vietnam. Wonder who had that bright idea? Fleissmeister?
Round Robin
13 messages
02-06-14 08:41 PM
Bachelor Breakdown - Week 4
Check out this week's hilarious Bachelor Breakdown - Juan Pablo and girls travel to South Korea! [
0 messages
01-31-14 05:40 PM
Is it Fair?
In past seasons, the Bachelor has as a surprise brought on a contestant's pet or child to cheer up a contestant. But this season Kelly has had her
3 messages
01-29-14 01:26 PM
Bachelor Juan Pablo Round Four
Round Four of this farce is now being shown. They are going to South Korea. Don't remember them ever going there since I 've been watching this fr
Round Robin
11 messages
01-28-14 10:42 AM
Bachelor Juan Pablo Round Three
Here we go again. Same BS, different season. Probably nothing too wacko tonight, but probably some cattiness getting started up if you buy the pre
Round Robin
8 messages
01-23-14 11:50 AM
Juan Pablo T-Shirts AT COST wItem&item=191025802900#ht_63wt_880 i came up with this idea and then the big t-s
0 messages
01-15-14 12:33 PM
Bachelor Juan Pablo Round Two
Three more girls get axed tonight. And the drama starts up bigtime.
Round Robin
11 messages
01-15-14 11:50 AM
Bachelor Breakdown
Bachelor Breakdown is BACK for anyone interested! Get the hilarious recap of Juan Pablo meeting the Bachelorettes. [
0 messages
01-13-14 12:32 PM
Bachelor Juan Pablo Opening Night [View All]
I won't see it live because I will be away for the first half and will be watching other things when I get home. Feel free to post your own comments
Round Robin
25 messages
01-13-14 06:08 AM
Bachelor Juan Pablo
Tonight's the night! I haven't had time to read any spoilers I don't know anything about this season. I'll be watching! Anyone
3 messages
01-07-14 11:44 AM
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