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Bachelor Sean Round Seven
Sean and the last 6 women go to St. Croix. Methinks something good is gonna happen tonight! Post your comments here.
Round Robin
16 messages
02-17-13 05:38 AM
Bachelor Sean Round Six 2/5/13
Tonight at 9PM we have another episode of the Bach. And tonight we apparently get more bull$hit drama from the lovely Tierra. Oh, joy. Sean, you
Round Robin
5 messages
02-06-13 10:22 AM
Bachelor Sean Week 5 on 2/4/13
Most of this is based on Episode 1 previews, which I’ve watch *just* a few times…. However, one outside source is the EW magazine art
7 messages
02-05-13 01:19 PM
Bachelor Sean Round Four
Another Monday night, another episode of the Bach. It's already looking like A) Sean doesn't like this thing getting too competitive, and B%
Round Robin
8 messages
02-04-13 01:46 AM
Chris Harrison said Tierra is no Courtney. Maybe she hasn't done the skinny dipping thing yet so in that way she's not. However, she is every bi
14 messages
02-03-13 07:44 AM
Bachelor Sean Round Three
Third episode tonight, down to 16 girls at the start. Sarah implied in her interview in the news section here that Sean reveals something tonight an
Round Robin
11 messages
01-24-13 11:16 PM
Bachelor Sean Round Two
Tonight we get to see Sean get into the guts of the season, do a few dates, and start to get to know some girls. Post your thoughts on tonight's
Round Robin
11 messages
01-21-13 07:57 PM
Bachelor Sean Opening Night
Studly bachelor for the ladies, gorgeous bachelorettes for the guys. What's not to like, at least so far? Post your thoughts on Opening Night
Round Robin
13 messages
01-20-13 09:27 AM
The Bachelor Cat
This week's episode of The Bachelor recapped by cats: vMc
0 messages
01-13-13 03:21 PM
Emily to DWTS?
Who knew tabloid headlines were an endangered resource which needed network intervention to save? What a charitable move by ABC, single-handedly
2 messages
01-08-13 10:50 AM
Ashley & JP's wedding
Ok, I was NOT gonna watch this...but ended up catching the ceremony anyway. I'm really glad I did, it was beautifully done. I loved that JP'
0 messages
12-24-12 01:04 AM
Sean Dodged a Bullet
For all of those who hoped Emily would choose Sean, what do you think now? Yes,I was among those hoping for such an ending. For a show intended
2 messages
10-25-12 01:16 AM
Does anyone want to see Emily as thebachelorette again?
I for one do not. Brad got a second chance as the bachelor because he did not pick anyone the first time. Emily did...the fact that it didn't work
11 messages
10-25-12 01:08 AM
Jef & Emily
What do y'all think of their chances of sticking together now? I've read a lot of stuff on Reality Steve's site as well as other message board
Round Robin
8 messages
10-18-12 01:59 PM
And now it's time for everyone's favorite game --
-- predict the breakup date! I think this relationship only stays intact for as long as there are cameras around to record it. If Emily
8 messages
10-17-12 12:30 PM
Let's play Breakup!
1. Name the date Ben & Courtney will officially dissolve their "relationship". (100 points for getting the exact day, -2 for each day off
9 messages
10-08-12 07:03 PM
As per the news section of this here website, Sean Lowe is the new Bachelor. They already have a thread on him on Sucks, and have pics of most of
Round Robin
3 messages
10-07-12 08:46 AM
RE: Bachelor Pad finale night [View All]
Trust me, you gotta watch this! Post your thoughts here till it's over.
Round Robin
26 messages
09-21-12 08:22 PM
Michael & Rachel
We won't find out officially who walks away with the money until the Finale for Bachelor Pad 3 airs Monday Sept 10. It's also been reported Michae
2 messages
09-15-12 10:21 AM
Bachelor Pad 3-Episode 6
Something tells me we haven't seen the last of the twists. They always have them, and with so many people left and the finale coming up in 2 weeks
Round Robin
7 messages
09-13-12 11:10 AM
Bachelor Pad-Episode 7
Tonight's show decides who makes the final competition to be shown next week. Post your thoughts here till the left coasters get the chance to see t
Round Robin
13 messages
09-13-12 11:09 AM
Bachelor Pad 3-Episode 5
The episode is now being shown. Post your thoughts here. Could get a bit interesting, since the previews showed there is a twist coming, apparentl
Round Robin
10 messages
09-02-12 07:50 PM
Bachelorette Emily-Finale and AFTR [View All]
Well, tonight's the end of it. This IMO has been a sh1tty season, much less than I expected, and this format leads to boring TV when you get d
Round Robin
24 messages
08-23-12 09:01 AM
Bachelor Pad 3-Episode 4
Tonight's the 4th round of this messed up debacle for this summer. Will they get rid of the last of the fans, or will the vets start cannibalizing
Round Robin
10 messages
08-21-12 04:10 AM
Bachelor Pad 3-Episode 3
Third go-round for BP3 tonight. Will they boot out 2 more fans, or will the vets start eating their own? Post your thoughts here till the west coa
Round Robin
6 messages
08-11-12 07:43 PM
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