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Bachelorette Desiree Round Seven
Down to five guys. Supposedly no roses on the dates tonight. At some point tonight Des will get a visit from Catherine, Lesley and a third 'ette f
Round Robin
15 messages
07-13-13 06:17 PM
Bachelorette Breakdown - Madeira Island
A funny recap of the Bachelorette episode 7 - Madeira Island in Portugal. [ chelorette-breakdown
0 messages
07-11-13 06:14 PM
Bachelorette Desiree Round Six
Tonight the crap hits the fan again. Post your thoughts here. If I'm able to watch I'll probably post some thoughts during the show.
Round Robin
10 messages
07-02-13 02:40 PM
Bachelorette Breakdown
Funny weekly recaps of the Bachelorette for anyone who's interested. Here is the Atlantic City/Mr. America episode: [http://w
4 messages
07-01-13 01:30 PM
James's Statements
Supposedly James made some statements that make a couple of the other guys believe he is not there for the right reasons. First of all, in the end o
0 messages
07-01-13 11:55 AM
Bachelorette Desiree Round Five
If somebody else wants to do a play by play on tonight's episode, go right ahead. I can't do it, because my digital cable signal is bad tonigh
Round Robin
20 messages
06-26-13 09:03 PM
Des - Open Your Eyes - Ben Is A Stalker
Ben might be there for the right reason - but his behaior is sooo stalkerish. The other men have observed it - especially Mikey. I have NEVER been a
2 messages
06-19-13 11:49 AM
Bachelorette Desiree Round Four
Tonight they will show the part of Des's season that was done in Atlantic City. Don't know if there's anything all that fantastic on tonight's
Round Robin
19 messages
06-18-13 04:40 PM
Bachelorette Desiree Round Three [View All]
If the promos for episode 3 are correct, there is a bigger *ss than Ben and we find out tonight. It appears once again we have a contestant on the
21 messages
06-11-13 02:03 AM
Bachelorette Desiree Round Two [View All]
Gonna go ahead and start this sucker. Hope I'll be able to watch tonight, but the digital cable signal where I am has been giving me fits. Spill t
Round Robin
31 messages
06-06-13 10:19 AM
Bachelorette Desiree Opening Night
Des meets 25 guys, maybe 5 or 6 of whom actually stand a snowball's chance in Timbuktu of winning her heart. Rumor has it that one of the others g
Round Robin
20 messages
05-30-13 02:25 PM
ABC: no Bachelor Pad this summer.
Don't worry. Your odds are very good that NBC is [i]exactly[/i] that desperate.
8 messages
05-29-13 02:31 PM
They're fighting already
According to a news article on this here website, Sean and Catherine are fighting already. Does that shock any of you?
Round Robin
7 messages
04-12-13 04:56 AM
Next Bachelorette is...
...Desiree, according to Reality Steve. Apparently it had been Lindsay's gig to lose, and she lost it, and Desiree was next in line. I think s
Round Robin
8 messages
03-20-13 10:24 PM
RE: Bachelor Sean-Finale & AFTR
Well, this is it. The end of a season complete with sore losers, a wackjob brother, wackjob contestants, etc., etc., yadda, yadda, yad
Round Robin
9 messages
03-13-13 06:32 PM
season finales
Does anyone remember which Bachelor/Bachelorette season finale showed the proposal before the rejection?
4 messages
03-12-13 06:30 PM
RE: Bachelor Sean-The Women Tell All
Yes, the Little Ball of Hate supposedly showed up for the taping, as did Desiree and AshLee. Think things got testy? Post your thoughts on this
Round Robin
13 messages
03-09-13 09:26 PM
Who should be 2013's Bachelorette?
Assuming this farce continues for the foreseeable future, who should be the next Bachelorette after Emily? Should it be one of Ben's women, sh
Round Robin
9 messages
03-05-13 01:41 AM
Bachelor Sean Overnight Dates
OK, we've already had it all but confirmed that Sean didn't do the deed on any of the overnight dates, but does anything else really happen?
Round Robin
7 messages
02-27-13 06:39 PM
The Letter
How many of you wondered what the letter said that Chris handed to Sean during the promo for the Finale? Could it be that one of the F2 ladies actua
5 messages
02-27-13 01:32 PM
Bachelor Sean, Sean Tells All
Gonna go ahead and post this sucker now, 'cause methinks we're gonna need it. I hope Sean tells it like it is about both the Little Ball of Hate
Round Robin
10 messages
02-21-13 05:58 PM
John Wolfner from The Bachelorette is SINGLE!
I just found this article that went up with John Wolfner and it looks like he is still single! Loved him on the Bachelorette! http://babesdi
1 messages
02-20-13 11:35 AM
Bachelor Sean Hometown Dates
They will be showing the hometown dates on tonight's show. I doubt there'll be much exciting to report, and I probably won't see all of tonigh
Round Robin
5 messages
02-19-13 04:14 PM
No SOURCED SPOILERS! Just my guessing the F2.
Most of this is based on Episode 1 previews, which I’ve watch *just* a few times…. However, one outside source is the EW magazine art
3 messages
02-19-13 09:58 AM
Bachelor Sean Round Seven
Sean and the last 6 women go to St. Croix. Methinks something good is gonna happen tonight! Post your comments here.
Round Robin
16 messages
02-17-13 05:38 AM
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