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What will she do if Jesse doesnt work out?
Will DeAnna regret her decision before she marries Jesse (hopefully) or will she be unfortunate enough to regret it after the marriage? He seems
4 messages
07-08-08 06:16 PM
It was wrong to keep Jason for so long
I think it was so wrong for Deanna to keep Jason for so long. She knew she was keeping him from his son. She could have strung along one of the guys
1 messages
07-08-08 05:36 PM
Sign Petition to make Jason the Next Bachelor! son-mesnik-the-next-bachelor
1 messages
07-08-08 05:33 PM
Wedding special to be televised?
How thinks that this wedding will be a three part series wedding special followed by a televised wedding on ABC? For as much as I didn'
0 messages
07-08-08 04:34 PM
Petition for JAson or Jeremy to Become Next Bachelor
Hey guys, There's a petition here for Jason and Jeremy to become the next Bachelor. Leave your comments and the site is going to email
1 messages
07-08-08 10:38 AM
I am so shocked on her decision! Jason is the man for her!!! She is sooo stupid! Jesse has nothing to offer her.. no job and no home! Jaso
2 messages
07-08-08 07:36 AM
happy for DeAnna
Am I the only one who enjoyed the finale? Wow. I have to be honest and say that I totally thought she was picking Jason, but after I saw it play
2 messages
07-08-08 07:35 AM
When DeAnna is in her 30's she will realize how badly she screwed up!
When DeAnna is in her 30's she will wake up and realize that living on the edge with a basically unemployed uneducated snowboarder while throwing aw
2 messages
07-08-08 03:16 AM
He's WAY to short for her!!! :-|
0 messages
07-07-08 09:59 PM
This woman's taste is all in her mouth! WHAT is she thinking making this choice!?? If I was her mother, I'd probably lock her up in he
0 messages
07-07-08 09:40 PM
Did anyone see the screen on TV when..
...she tells the person she is going to send home that she has enough respect for that person to tell them (I assume that she was telling them they
1 messages
07-07-08 09:25 PM
DeAnna Will CHoose JAson
Hey, I don't think this falls under spoilers because the author of the article clearly indicates that its not a spoiler but mere speculation, bu
1 messages
07-07-08 07:28 PM
Who does everyone think De will pick on Monday?
Personally as much as I want De to pick Jason - I think she picks Jesse. I read this on another board, "Someone reported that De was
13 messages
07-06-08 05:27 PM
Trista and Ryan: media whores... and bores
Trista and Ryan's fifteen minutes of fame were up long ago. Their droning took away from time that should have been spent on Brad, Jenni and Deann
9 messages
07-05-08 08:58 AM
feel bad for Jeremy
I feel so bad for Jeremy he was so nice..however, The very first show when Deanna met all the guys I said Jason that first night. I can't wait to
4 messages
07-03-08 03:27 PM
DeAnna's choice
I was in shock! I don't know what DeAnna was thinking when she let Jeremy go...she likes hangin' out with Jesse (who needs a REAL job)and i
4 messages
07-03-08 02:29 PM
If you want to watch old shows.
VH! channel 38 comcast, has been showing an entire season on saturdays from 1 pm to 11 pm each week. Next week is Chris Odonnel. Week a
1 messages
07-03-08 11:33 AM
deanna is terrible
I hope the person deanna chooses says no.. she is no better than brad. to me she treats the guys like play things. I would want never to get a rose fr
6 messages
07-02-08 06:23 PM
Bachelorette TV schedule...potential spoiler
spoiler space...spoiler space...spoiler space... spoiler space...spoiler space...spoiler space... spoiler space...spoiler space...spoiler sp
0 messages
07-02-08 01:54 PM
Who is Graham? [View All]
Graham appears to be a mysterious dude...he says he's from Raleigh,NC and that he's a pro basketball player. But in one of the first episodes he
27 messages
07-01-08 05:02 PM
about Jeremy and the other guys
was it Ron or Ryan who was so into "Jeremy did not get along with the group"...did he forget that they were all in a competition to win a girl and
0 messages
07-01-08 02:31 PM
Does Jesse remind anyone else of....
...Mike Boogie from Big Brother? For the last several weeks I've been trying to put my finger on who he reminds me of. I saw a promo ad for Big Br
2 messages
07-01-08 02:16 PM
The Bachelorette-Final two
It looks as if Jesse makes it to the final two. Can anyone tell whether it is Jason or Jeremy walking out in front of Graham for the "Bachelors Tel
18 messages
07-01-08 02:11 PM
Is Jesse from Ohio? Just talked with someone in Ohio who says she knows someone who knew Jesse's old girlfriend. I guess he is not a nice guy an
2 messages
07-01-08 01:35 PM
bachelorette: june 23: summary & analysis
DeAnna is pushy with the guys, telling them to "open up... open up." DeAnna is interested in a snowboarder... she should be looking f
0 messages
07-01-08 00:39 AM
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