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East Coast Spoiler Thread
Okay... you know the drill... For us West Coasters who are impatient and can't wait to see this season's train wreck, please let us know th
9 messages
05-13-08 05:41 PM
after the rose show... robin, you are dismissed
Marshana said that Staci, the woman who gave Matt the underwear, is a bi*ch. Marshana said that Staci is loud and belligerent. Marsha
5 messages
05-08-08 10:48 PM
Upcoming Bachelorette Article
Not sure if everyone has seen this, but this is a great article on the upcoming Bachelorette series with Deanna. : ) http://ww
0 messages
05-08-08 01:40 AM
Matt's hair
Good or bad? Is he trying for the Beckham vibe? ds/User_files/45cbcddd3a5365ac.jpg%
5 messages
05-06-08 07:19 PM
All over but the crying (cheering)
According to the preview last night, the group of three girls and Matt head to barbados and the FINALE. I always thought that Noel would be in the f
3 messages
05-02-08 12:43 PM
Famous bachelor saying" hardest decision yet"
I studied the proposal hand and nails with my DVR. It would be a shock if he doesn't pick Shayne. Could the show be pointing us in her direction a
2 messages
04-30-08 02:43 PM
overnight date show: summary and analysis
I hope there are some interesting moments on the show. All of the women likely will spend the night with the bachelor.
4 messages
04-29-08 09:04 PM
Even More Confused
Gang, Last Week I had pegged Noelle as the one to go all the way. She went all the way home. This week I had guessed Amanda to be the one Matt
5 messages
04-29-08 09:01 PM
Show over on the east coast?
Where are all my east coast friends tonight with the latest?
0 messages
04-29-08 00:10 AM
I'm confused. Is this the LAST week of the show with the ring prsentation or NOT?? I have seen the ads and still don't know. Please Help
4 messages
04-28-08 10:02 AM
Noelle's Interview with RTVW
I just read Noelle's interview. What a pleasant lady!! I really like what she had to say. What I didnt know was that Noelle is an
5 messages
04-27-08 07:39 PM
Tonight's Episode [View All]
I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I am dying to see who the Bach sends home tonight!!! Will it be Shayne, or will he keep Shayne %2
33 messages
04-24-08 08:02 AM
The parents of the women are mature. Why do they all think the Bachelor has the best interests of thier daughters?
The older, and should be wiser, parents get fooled every season. The parents are always gullible. Why don't the parents ever say to the Bachelor
0 messages
04-22-08 03:07 AM
Alex Michel questions
Any questions you want to know about Alex Michel I will try to answer...I met him shortly after the show in Hawaii where I lived at the time and I h
5 messages
04-22-08 01:14 AM
Robin's Interview
I just read the interview with Robin and I have to say I'm impressed. She was open, realistic, and honest. I'm surprized she didnt say anyth
0 messages
04-17-08 08:04 PM
April 14 episode: drama queen Marshana & Robin not given roses
The snow-covered field in Sun Valley was beautiful. And the hot tub/swimming pool... So that's how the rich live... I was surprised whe
17 messages
04-17-08 07:12 PM
Matt really is the hottest Bachelor ever!
Every season we see the commercials for The Bachelor, and each time they say he's "the hottest bachelor ever". This season they really got it
4 messages
04-16-08 07:00 PM
Previous Season question
Can anyone remember which season was the one where the bachelor was choosing between a 48 yr old and a 25 yr old? I thought it was The Bachelor but
4 messages
04-14-08 10:47 PM
April 7 episode: pick me, pick me: I'm beautiful
Marshanna made those comments to the other women. Ashlee, sang to Matt. She didn't sing very well. Shayne's cheeks looked
12 messages
04-12-08 04:20 PM
Andy Baldwin "Quietly" Dating Marla Maples??
How many others besides myself gasped at that article? Marla's almost old enough to be his mother I thought.. What happened to
2 messages
04-08-08 04:52 PM
ex-Bachelor Bob Guiney's NEW SHOW!!!
Bob Guiney is going to be hosting a new show called "Date My House" that is premiering on TLC this weekend. Yay I LOVE Bob!! Has a
6 messages
04-07-08 04:44 PM
Date My House - new show
So did you guys catch "Date My House" on TLC this past Saturday with ex-bachelor Bob Guiney? e
0 messages
04-07-08 02:08 PM
March 31 episode
I saw dark roots in Shayne's hair during the previews for next week. Shayne's boots must have cost hundreds of dollars. Her watch looked like it c
16 messages
04-06-08 11:43 PM
One played the clarinet: she's not a virtuoso. One took a bite out of an aluminum can. One was ugly and didn't comb her ha
19 messages
04-01-08 08:11 AM
March 24 episode
The Good, the Bad and the Self-Centered The only thing missing was Falling Down Drunk Girl. What a difference a week makes. %0
7 messages
03-27-08 01:35 PM
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