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What were you thinking
Deeanna, could you not see the chemistry between you and Graham. I'm 44 years old and I could see the love between you'll. Girl you are suc
6 messages
06-27-08 02:12 AM
What Deanna needs
Definitely she needs a bobbie pin to hold back that strip of bangs that keeps falling in her eyes. She seemed so convincing with each guy
13 messages
06-26-08 01:33 PM
Ty's Mom
I am really curious to learn more about Jason's ex wife. Why does Jason have custody? Does he have full custody? Why are they divorced? I thin
2 messages
06-25-08 11:14 AM
bachelorette: june 23: summary & analysis
All of the families seemed normal except Graham's family. So many of Jesse's students have a crush on him? hmm... Jesse is sort of go
7 messages
06-24-08 03:48 PM
Anyone know how to contact Sean?
2 messages
06-24-08 02:35 PM
possible spoiler about Jesse; background information about Graham
I read some information about Jesse on a board that was passed along from another board. Jesse might have gone on the show to promote his
1 messages
06-24-08 10:29 AM
OMG! I just got done watching the Bachelorette and I am so BUMMED that she let Graham go! She obviously cares for him and I can't believe she
5 messages
06-24-08 00:46 AM
next to go
I think that after the one on one overnight dates that DeAnna will say good bye to . . . Jesse. Reasoning: she wants 3 children by the age of 30.
0 messages
06-23-08 09:56 PM
** East Coast Spoiler Thread **
Okay... all you East Costers know the drill... Let the Westies in on what is going on... no sig pics please! Thanks!
0 messages
06-23-08 09:26 PM
bachelorette: june 16: summary & analysis: 2nd hour
In this episode, DeAnna likes the fact that Jesse can keep up with her on a four-wheeler. When DeAnna and Jeremy were in the pool, the
10 messages
06-22-08 08:38 PM
New Drinking Game
Take a shot every time Deanna mentions "Brad". Good Lord, Woman -- Get. Over. It. And if you really want to punish your liver,
7 messages
06-22-08 07:23 PM
The "Challenges" this season on the Bachelorette
I've been wondering about something... Who is coming up with these stupid 'challenges' the guys have to do?? Now.. I can understand the ba
3 messages
06-20-08 12:56 PM
No Love for Deanna
I think Deanna already has expressed her opinion about finalists. She said Jason rode bike straight and conforming (I think boring in her eyes)%2
2 messages
06-19-08 11:52 AM
Where are all my East Coast friends that can dish an early scoop of the show for us west coasties??
Like someone said last week... Its monday night.. You know the drill.. Please oh please put up some posts of us who just cant wait to watch it :
2 messages
06-17-08 01:39 AM
bachelorette: June 9: summary and analysis
DeAnna went on a date with Jesse. I think he's the producer's choice. They had a date on a stage in an auditorium, which I thought was odd. Then
4 messages
06-16-08 04:30 PM
Matt & Shane Update
I was just crusing through some other message boards, and found this post... "The Bachelor curse strikes again! In Touch Weekly is
4 messages
06-12-08 12:28 PM
It's "Blinky"!
Most good poker players will tell you that they look for their opponent's "tell". This a sign that the opponent may be holding strong cards or
2 messages
06-11-08 01:17 PM
Mary and Byron
Does anyone know if they have gotten married yet and if not do you know when? Thanks.
3 messages
06-09-08 10:19 PM
Who doesn't get a rose tonight? **Spoiler Thread
Okay... you knwo the drill... just cut to the quick and post who didn't get a rose tonight? Feel free to give some blow-by-bloe descriptions. Is t
1 messages
06-09-08 09:18 PM
Another Interesting Episode
Well, I thought tonights episode was great!! We should hook Barber Shop Ron up with Marshana. They'd make a great couple. I have
13 messages
06-07-08 02:51 PM
DeAnna and Jason (the single father)
How does everyone think DeAnna will react to the news that Jason is a single father, I don't think she will be too upset that he didn't tell her
1 messages
06-05-08 10:17 AM
5-26 Episode--The Final 15
My observations: 1. There are some strange guys this season. Twilley strikes me as a little desperate. (Really? You think that waitin
10 messages
05-29-08 12:24 PM
Bachelorette 5/19
Just during the highlights of the guys I have two favorites. The Boxer (dog) guy and the single dad. Now I'll see if it holds out until the en
9 messages
05-20-08 08:10 PM
Deanna Pappas (Bachelorette)
I watched the Bachelor with Brad and you and Jenny ....I loved both of you ladies I wish you the best. However, Jenny is right the one I hope you k
3 messages
05-20-08 03:03 PM
Matt Update
I just read this in the TV Guide Editor Blog, "Matt Grant wrapped filing on the ABC series The Bachelor: London Calling about six we
4 messages
05-15-08 11:09 PM
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