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Conferences Big Brother Live Feed Updates And Spoilers (Protected)
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Big Brother 12 ECST Week 2: So much for that Plan [View All]
Hayden originally wanted to get rid of Braden: he won the POV. Big Brother had picked Annie to be the Saboteur and wanted her to try to
61 messages
07-23-10 10:48 AM
Orthodox Jewish Holidays during the season
This is to figure out if Andrew has to potentially sit out any important BB events to observe a celebration or not... Tu B'Av which
3 messages
07-23-10 04:09 AM
Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Week 2: Revenge of Rachel [View All]
Well, that didn't take long to see our first revenge HoH, didn't it? Rachel wins the tiebreaker of the Majority Rules HoH, and
48 messages
07-22-10 11:36 AM
Who definitely isn't the Saboteur and who may be? [View All]
BB's editing may not be trusted...they suggested who could and could not be the Saboteur with the before and after couch pictures but we'll not kn
45 messages
07-19-10 08:04 AM
Saboteur revealed to the house, not have's
So they are all going on and on about the Saboteur and who was right and hashing everything over and over knowing it was Annie. They are all in a chee
2 messages
07-16-10 10:12 PM
Big Brother 12 ECST Week 1: Who are these hamsters? [View All]
(Yes, I'm posting both threads a day early this week.) Welcome to the Big Brother 12 East Coast Spoiler Threads. We will again do
100 messages
07-15-10 09:18 PM
Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Week 1: Why should I care about you? [View All]
Welcome back to the live feeds of Big Brother. We're now in the 12th season, and maybe in the feeds we may get more antics of the saboteur than o
46 messages
07-15-10 05:53 PM
What pre-game linkages are there among the houseguests?
Ragan and Matt look like they could be related. Brothers, or cousins? Britney could be related to Kathy. Daughter? Niece? Though
7 messages
07-15-10 02:46 PM
This thread is to track alliances that BB lets us see on the live feeds or the show. So far: Matt/Hayden/Lane/Enzo ...
7 messages
07-11-10 06:23 PM
BB12: The ever-declining quality of hamsters. [View All]
I just saw the [b]Early Show[/b] contestant preview. No links yet -- and be thankful: you're going to need the extra time to brace you
24 messages
07-08-10 06:48 AM
Big Brother 2010 Spoiler
Just when you thought it was safe to watch TV again (with RussHell finally off of it), another season of Big Brother is just around the corner.
Rebel Crown
10 messages
07-04-10 07:59 PM
Sabbtage UnLimited.
Here's the list of supplies the saboteur will have access to, courtesy of Endemol's infinite planning skills and Hamsterwatch's disbelieving t
3 messages
07-03-10 11:32 AM
Would you go on BB if you had a chance?
We're watching J (and J) make what seems to be a boneheaded move today. We think that we would be able to see things more clearly and play be
10 messages
09-19-09 02:21 PM
Jury Votes
Anyone? Bueller? [u][b]Kevin/Jordan Final 2:[/b][/u] Jesse: Kevin. Kevin voted him out.
15 messages
09-17-09 08:23 PM
Big Brother 11 Finale ECST: Good Riddance! [View All]
Please keep all comments about tonights coronation of the BB11 "winner" here until 2:00am EDT. After tonight, most of them will be
88 messages
09-17-09 12:48 PM
Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Final 3: Waiter? Check Please! [View All]
If we get to see any of the first part of the Final HoH competition on the feeds, we can detail them here. After that, this will hopefu
107 messages
09-15-09 05:19 PM
Big Brother 11 F4 ECST [View All]
Let's use this for remaining 5 episodes to air, which probalby will crown a winner we're gonna hate something awful........
159 messages
09-15-09 10:45 AM
Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Week 9: Worst Case Scenario [View All]
And we thought Natalie was ugly before? Now she's got the power of the HoH....... There's a second Pandora's Box this week, and
137 messages
09-08-09 08:55 PM
Don't know much about the lying game... [View All]
List and keep track of the minor distortions Natalie keeps trotting out for review here and see how long it takes us to reach a hundred posts. (In
23 messages
09-08-09 08:58 AM
Jeff/Jordan/Russell/Michelle Alliance???
I heard on some other boards that there is an alliance between Jeff, Jordan, Russell and Michelle but I also read on this board that the alliance
4 messages
09-06-09 10:33 AM
Big Brother 11 Week 8 ECST [View All]
When we last saw Big Brother, they had started an HoH competition where they had to transport "hot chocolate" down a "graham cracker" lane t
136 messages
09-04-09 08:47 AM
Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Week 8: Recycled Teacup Rally to the Final 4 [View All]
Tonight's HoH competition involves them hauling "hot chocolate" down a probably slippery lane to a bowl to remove a marshmellow. 8 ou
218 messages
09-03-09 09:06 PM
Big Brother 11 Week 7 ECST [View All]
Sorry for not getting this up earlier. I'll post the highlights of Sunday's show soon. When we last saw Big Brother, the H
77 messages
08-28-09 01:46 PM
Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Week 7: Recycling winner, and then there were 6 [View All]
As the show turned off, the HoH competition was underway, and there was a 1 hour time limit on it. Also, the shelf that originally was a slight
251 messages
08-27-09 08:48 PM
Jeff is so stupid...
...he just spent two hours trying to quiz the fish on whether they had a pre-existing relationship. ...he didn't believe their answers %2
5 messages
08-25-09 02:20 PM
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