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Conferences Big Brother Live Feed Updates And Spoilers (Protected)
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Ed Cheated in HOH competition wiht balls
OK so when is this going to come up on the show.. He cheated.. he should be punished he put the blue ball in Jameka's tube.. what happends to him I
3 messages
09-13-07 08:54 AM
Live Feeds: Chenbotus Interruptus follow-up. [View All]
Did you think we could get through a week in an hour? Neither did anyone else. (Previous experience, y'know.) Once the feeds come back,
42 messages
09-12-07 02:59 AM
Big Brother #8 Episode #28 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all sigpic-free discussion of tonight's 'a week in an hour, live' double-elimination speed round on this thread until midnight EDT
73 messages
09-10-07 06:11 PM
Big Brother #8 Episode #29 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's show, whatever it is, on this thread, wherever I managed to post it, until some time or another (p
65 messages
09-10-07 06:03 PM
Rush to judgment II: HoH nomination speculation and possibilities for BB8 speed dating hour.
You know it's a BB twist when you repeat yourself... Pre-show predictions go here. I'm using all the available contestants in mine just because
8 messages
09-06-07 10:55 PM
Live Feeds: The Rule Of King HoH Shrek The Fourth First. [View All]
All-grunting! All-scratching! And earwax, earwax, earwax! The fun [i]never[/i] stops in the HoH room! http:/%2
37 messages
09-06-07 07:39 PM
Before tonite's show - jessica question
it is 4:25 PST - live show hasn't aired east coast yet either. Do eric and jess really not know that D&D are voting her out? How come there w
0 messages
09-06-07 07:07 PM
Big Brother #8 Episode #27 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep the cheers and screams of agony as both Legions Of Janelle (lovers and bashers) return to the BB stage on this thread until midnight E
24 messages
09-05-07 12:40 PM
CBS' Manipulation on keeping Eric in, and the BS 24/7 live feeds and patheric producers making the decisions [View All]
Everyone of us fans, either of CBS, Big Brother, should send emails, copies, whatever else, not only too CBS, but also E Entertainment O
23 messages
09-05-07 05:47 AM
Big Brother #8 Episode #26 East Coast Spoiler Thread
And the tea party continues. Keep all sigpic free discussion of the conclusion of the HOH, etc. on this thread until the show has aired o
16 messages
09-03-07 11:50 PM
Sequester Speculation
Obviously, something is up. They're not showing the losers, and there has to be a reason, because they know that we love to see the
3 messages
09-03-07 09:27 PM
summary for tonights show
i cant find the thread that says whos turn it is, i just wanna make sure it was covered.
0 messages
09-02-07 04:36 PM
Big Brother's competing realities [View All]
News article describing how TV only viewers are getting a different picture than live feeders. Also talks about the producers influencing the show.
25 messages
09-02-07 07:35 AM
Reporters can't question Amber on anti-semitic remarks
[i]If Siyavus, who's nominated for eviction this week, is booted from the house, she won't have to answer to the media about her comment
19 messages
09-01-07 08:51 PM
Live feeds: the world's slowest HoH competition continues [View All]
...and continues to continue -- yes, it's still continuining -- we have definite continuance here... http://community.realitytvwo
30 messages
08-31-07 05:34 PM
Big Brother #8 Episode #25 East Coast Spoiler Threa [View All]
Please keep all your detailed, verbose, and exhaustive discussion of tonight's episode on this thread, because we're hoping to get a few peo
83 messages
08-31-07 01:32 PM
need help: I missed the show. How can I watch the competition online?
After I found out about the producers pressuring houseguests to vote, I stopped watching... but I still read about the show. I'm not i
2 messages
08-31-07 02:58 AM
J2: The Mighty Bleach: Live Feeds week. [View All]
Who will Jessica nominate? -- actually, that's boring. Who will Jessica backdoor? Because that's pretty much all that's been working th
49 messages
08-30-07 03:15 PM
Power Of 10/Big Brother #8 Episode #24 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of the chaos that begins at 8 p.m. with poor Drew trying to teach Amber the concepts of 'percentage', 'range',
62 messages
08-29-07 12:19 PM
Big Brother After Dark
Is anyone else watching Big Brother After Dark that comes on Showtime Too? What do you think of it? I'm totally loving it - it has been GREAT th
uglier than sarah w
10 messages
08-29-07 02:05 AM
Big Brother #8 Episode #23 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Thou shalt keepth all discussion of this most holy of episodes on this annointed thread until the West Coast opens itself unto the light and beholds t
53 messages
08-27-07 08:34 PM
Did anyone notice? on the showtime feed when Amber and Danielle came home Amber said she heard something about A Quater back that was fighting dogs
8 messages
08-25-07 02:19 AM
Entertainment Weekly interviews Allison Grodner (BB executive producer)
Posting this in Spoilers because there's some discussion of live feed events that haven't made the CBS air yet. Make of it what you will. %0
8 messages
08-24-07 09:01 PM
Big Brother #8 Episode #22 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of the total insanity that makes up tonight's episode on this thread until midnight EDT, by which point the West Coast
57 messages
08-24-07 08:54 PM
Live feeds: The Blonde Following The Blonde week. [View All]
This is worth starting the new week over: Eric just insulted Julie on camera. His line: 'Has she ever gone a single show without botching one
139 messages
08-24-07 05:59 AM
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