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Conferences Big Brother Live Feed Updates And Spoilers (Protected)
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Big Brother #8 Episode #4 East Coast Spoiler Thread. [View All]
Please keep the identity of the person lucky enough not to be spending the rest of the summer with Jen on this thread until midnight EDT, at which p
50 messages
07-13-07 10:13 PM
Live Feeds???
Hello to all the live feeders, where are you this year?
6 messages
07-12-07 06:11 PM
Big Brother #8 Episode #3 East Coast Spoiler Thread. [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's episode, which will feature this season's first competition for the -- take a deep breath and then repea
35 messages
07-11-07 09:17 AM
Kail is the winner of the first America's Player poll
Eric is trying to give his all (which doesn't seem much)about a girlfriend throwing food on him during argument........ http://commun
11 messages
07-11-07 09:08 AM
Nick and Dani...
...the 1st nookie of the season. Not one to toot my own horn (although considering the subject matter it would seem that's the only way
4 messages
07-10-07 04:38 PM
Question about Sunday's episode?
On Sunday's episode, Dic said he was worried about the possibility of Daniele being nominated, b/c she was "one of the six?" Where is h
4 messages
07-10-07 03:00 PM
Big Brother #8 Episode #2 East Coast Spoiler Thread. [View All]
Please keep all sigpic-free attempts to mock the intelligence of the hamsters (wait. what?) on this thread until midnight EDT, at which point
68 messages
07-09-07 12:20 PM
Live Feeds - July 6
Well, the live feeds are finally up and running. And the strategy sessions are going full force. I've barely had time to figure out who is who%2
Rebel Crown
19 messages
07-08-07 06:04 PM
Big Brother #8 Episode #1 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please leave this website and seek professional help immediately. Thank you. Don't bother looking for a punchline: I'm completely s
39 messages
07-06-07 08:29 AM
Up on the block......
Filler.............. in case........ someone doesn't want to know...... Per TV Clubhouse.....%
0 messages
07-05-07 11:58 PM
BB8 Housemate Speculation Thread [View All]
Someone help me, I swore I wasn't going to watch Big Bother 8 this year. It is already set in the DVR to record and even more obnoxiously...ok is
28 messages
07-05-07 07:42 PM
BB8 on daily on showtime
i read a post saying that showtime was gonna air BB8 every night from midnight - 3am but i live in canada and dont get that channel, does anyone kno
3 messages
07-05-07 06:43 AM
The housemates will be living with.................. .......................................- ............ ..................................
11 messages
07-04-07 08:14 PM
Enemies have been revealed
The Jokers site shows the enemies and their reason for beinig enemies. Some of the reasons look pretty lame, in my opinion. But here they are: h
4 messages
07-03-07 11:29 PM
Julie Chen to appear on "Letterman"
The oh-so-sparkly Julie Chen is scheduled to appear on Letterman June 28. So says this link I found at Jokers: http://www.interbri
Rebel Crown
2 messages
06-29-07 06:32 PM
House Pictures ds/User_files/4682dcbc783f779f.jpg ds%
4 messages
06-28-07 09:20 PM
live feeds/number of contestants
Hi. New here. can someone tell me about the live feeds? Is there sound too? I am thinking of getting it for the first time this year. Plus if
5 messages
06-27-07 02:18 AM
Tara Bourke - young good looking has an extremely nice body --- youngest houseguest Tiffany Dalton - oldish black woman Rodger (No last na
4 messages
06-24-07 04:48 PM
Big Brother 8
does anyone have any info on Big Brother 8 i hear they are doing one but that is about all i know. Hope they get some good people this year
5 messages
06-15-07 08:45 PM
You Tube Clips [View All]
Some of these are getting lost in the Live Feed threads, not that they shouldn't still go there if people want, but I thought having a place to
42 messages
09-23-06 09:29 PM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #28 (Finale) East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all rants of near-murderous rage -- um... all descriptions of the harm you inflict on not only your television, but those around you an
98 messages
09-16-06 11:27 AM
Will showing why he is the best EVER! [View All]
I figured this thread goes here since it is bound to contain info off the feeds.... Going into BB there was no doubt who the greatest
shakes the clown
191 messages
09-14-06 11:23 PM
Finale summary is up in bashers
Cue crickets and awkward silence. You're all gone already, aren't you? ds/Us
Canada Girl
2 messages
09-13-06 11:20 PM
Live feeds Tuesday 9/12
Last live feeds thread for BB7! Yea! The dud duo got to see another DVD last night. Prior to that, Boogie told Erika that the most
8 messages
09-12-06 07:38 PM
Live feeds Monday 9/11
On a day that will live in infamy, we have a final two well on its way to BB infamy as the most boring pair ever. Erika spend all of yest
15 messages
09-12-06 06:42 PM
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