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Conferences Big Brother Live Feed Updates And Spoilers (Protected)
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Big Brother 11 Week 3 ECST [View All]
Okay. Take two. As a result of the Skeeball/Catapault HoH Competition, Jesse is the HoH for the second time this season already. (His third o
67 messages
07-31-09 12:36 PM
Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Week 3: The Return of Jesse the Body [View All]
Jesse has become the first repeat HoH of this year, actually earning the HoH this time by winning the Catapault Skeeball Target Shot Crapshoot HoH c
113 messages
07-30-09 04:47 PM
Big Brother 11 Week 2 ECST [View All]
We're now have the "Revenge of the Nerds" this week as the Brains are in charge with Ronnie as HoH! Dan has been promised to be in the cage t
53 messages
07-24-09 09:22 AM
Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Week 2: Ronnie's House of Cards goes boom [View All]
As soon as the feeds returned, Chima's in a screaming match with all those who voted to keep Braden, especially Michele..... The Chim
125 messages
07-24-09 08:33 AM
Big Brother 11 Week 1 ECST [View All]
It's baaaack! Once again we're going to have the spoiler threads each encompass a week of TV time in the hamster cage. This season w
75 messages
07-17-09 02:31 AM
Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Week 1: Who are you guys again? [View All]
Please keep all information on the live feeds here once they start up after tonight's premiere. This year, I'm going to try to give s
99 messages
07-16-09 09:35 PM
Spoilerish info
[i]She said that clips of “Big Brother” Media Day will be posted soon,an that Julie Chen will host the entire season of “Big Brother” 11
15 messages
07-08-09 11:33 AM
Just around the corner
CBS says that season 11 is just around the corner. What corner? They did an audition here last month. Seems to me to be too c
1 messages
05-29-09 03:49 AM
Forum restored
This forum data has been restored Thanks, SB
0 messages
11-13-08 07:16 PM
Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Finale: Dan's F4 HoH to the Ultimate Winner [View All]
Dan won the F4 HoH based on pictures of competitions of the past. There's a Luxury Competition coming up, with the winner getting to temporarily
100 messages
09-19-08 03:46 AM
Big Brother 10 Final Stretch ECST [View All]
This should do us for the rest of the season. Remember that tonight's episode is 1 hour after they're done with U.S. Open coverage, and Tuesday
58 messages
09-17-08 08:28 PM
Another Mid-Year Edition
They were doing a casting call commercial last week - Tuesday maybe. I would imagine it's a little too soon for next summer. Are we likely to see
3 messages
09-17-08 04:17 PM
Big Brother 10 Week 8 ECST [View All]
Please use this thread for info from the TV shows for the remainder of the week.
28 messages
09-05-08 04:13 PM
Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Week 1: Renny-gades vs. Jerry [View All]
As we left the carnage of the Fast Forward week in a day episode that saw the departure of both Michelle and Ollie within an hour, we were left with
42 messages
09-04-08 02:52 PM
Big Brother 10 Week True week 7 ECST: 2 for 1 sale! [View All]
Since I screwed up the title of the last ECST week, I decided to start this one immediately for the coming week (8/24/08 - 8/28/08)%0
70 messages
08-29-08 03:07 PM
How do you see the rest of the season playing out???
First 8/28 eviction: Michelle First 8/28 HOH: Memphis First 8/28 Nominations: Jerry and Ollie 8/28 POV: Dan or Keesha%0
4 messages
08-28-08 08:39 PM
Rush To Judgment III: HoH nomination speculation and possibilities for BB8 speed dating hour
First and (season) ten: do it again! Since this seems to be the one thing I can even remotely predict each season, it's time t
3 messages
08-28-08 08:28 PM
Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Week 7: Dealing with Dan and imminent hurry-up doom [View All]
After nearly 4 hours on the [b]George of the Jungle/Wipeout[/b] inspired HoH/Torture competition, Dan is your new HoH. He made a deal
104 messages
08-28-08 05:59 PM
I read on another board that they were given a break from endurance competition before showtime.
I don't have feeds. I've read that houseguests have fallen off during previous endurance competitions, and get right back on their perchs. Of co
4 messages
08-24-08 10:12 AM
Big Brother 10 Week 7 ECST [View All]
So, Renny's the new HoH. Libra got the sweep out the door. There will be a food competition that's supposed to "put half the house on slop"
57 messages
08-21-08 11:59 PM
Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Week 6: Mardi Gras Week with Renny [View All]
So Renny wins one of those "we'll tell you something that an evicted hamster said, you pick right and you get to elliminate someone, get it wr
43 messages
08-21-08 06:29 PM
Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Week 5: Wrath/Revenge of Michelle [View All]
Michelle won a True/False HoH contest based on the wake-up calls they got the night before. Julie has promised that the current hamsters
41 messages
08-17-08 11:16 AM
April & Ollie: a showmance tragedy in up to three months acts. [View All]
For specific discussion of this season's 'relationship' and the many details which don't make the broadcast (some of which are missing becau
24 messages
08-16-08 12:01 PM
Big Brother 10 Week 5 ECST [View All]
Carnage should abound this week. Jessie was evicted 4-3, and one of his best friend's Michelle won the subsequent HoH, and she's out for reve
66 messages
08-15-08 03:08 PM
Big Brother 10 Week 4 ECST [View All]
So let's review what we know is gonna be on this week's show so far, shall we? 1. The HoH contest was an Endurance/Torture conte
41 messages
08-07-08 09:59 PM
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