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Live Feeds Tues 7/25 [View All]
Looks like we have a new low on Big Brother...or maybe just another in a long list of very low lows. A very drunk Boogie pees into a water
43 messages
07-25-06 10:39 PM
will or Jase?
With these two on the block, who do you think will actually be voted out? I am hoping its Jase. I would love to see Will play the game after boog
17 messages
07-25-06 09:48 PM
Live Feeds Mon 7/24 [View All]
I thought I would start ou the discussion today. I wonder who James will nominate after George takes himself off the block.
101 messages
07-25-06 09:52 AM
Live Feeds Sun 7/23 [View All]
Well I guess I'll start the new thread for today. Is the POV ceremony for them today or tomorrow? I know that tonight is the show but i can't wa
32 messages
07-24-06 12:25 PM
Live Feeds Sat 7/22 [View All]
Of course everyone is sleeping. They had beer last night. When I turned on the feeds about 3AM BBT a very drunk Jani & Dani were trying
77 messages
07-24-06 12:16 PM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #7 East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep the first round of historical analysis on the reign of King James I on this thread until the West Coast gets a chance to stop pretending w
14 messages
07-23-06 10:11 PM
Live Feeds Fri 7/21 [View All]
Nominations & I guess food comp are today. Kaysar should be going to bed soon. He was waiting up until he could pray. Dani & Howie we
77 messages
07-23-06 00:35 AM
I'm not sure this should be in Spoilers- but since I don't know what exactly it is I thought I better put it here just in case. While
3 messages
07-22-06 06:00 PM
Live Feeds Fri 7/22
No one has started a tread yet... so I will do the honors... BB has just announced that the Veto competition will start in two hours, the
3 messages
07-22-06 12:42 PM
The Allience grid?
Any idea if this is correct..... Will and Mike for sure Nak and Diane Kay, Erika Janelle and Howie and Marcy with Jase and Ja
20 messages
07-21-06 05:06 PM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #6 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep the death count created by the flood of tears Diane unleashes whether she goes home or not on this thread until the West Coast gets to hav
46 messages
07-21-06 10:09 AM
Is there a James/Dani/Will alliance?
Very interesting conversations on the live feeds. Both Sucks and Clubhouse posters speculate there's been an aliance from the first episode, even
14 messages
07-21-06 10:03 AM
2nd Hand Feed (7.20.06) [View All]
1. It seems definite - Nak is going home. They are talking about whether to tell her. 2. The pictures of all the hamsters on the wall have bee
47 messages
07-21-06 01:21 AM
I disagree: KAYSAR being Unpredictable=SMART
despite what everyone says, i think he's really strategizing... i dont think he's a wuss at all. i mean, if he did the obvious and take
5 messages
07-20-06 05:10 PM
Question about Last Years's Big Brother Show
Greetings!!! I know last year that there was one website that I could log onto everyday and it talked about Big Brother.....does anybody
3 messages
07-20-06 10:23 AM
Live Feeds Wed 7/19 [View All]
It's almost 1PM and nobody started a thread yet. Should this season be canceled due to lack of interest? Today is voting day and
35 messages
07-20-06 09:26 AM
The Annual Biweekly APPLAUSE LIVE FEEDERS Thresd
ElaineO I need you Sundress Ruby Ring Elaine O I need you sooooooooooooooooooooooo..... (with apologies to The
6 messages
07-19-06 03:56 PM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #5 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all details of Diane's endless whining about having been nominated on this thread until the West Coast can -- actually, now that I thi
36 messages
07-19-06 09:29 AM
Live Feeds Tues 7/18 [View All]
Of course everyone is sleeping. When I turned on the feeds this morning Will/Boogie were sitting outside talking about the others. Will kept turni
30 messages
07-19-06 04:18 AM
Diane gets nominated and it's the end of the world as we know it
I'm not sure if it was a smart move (personally, I would prefer to see Mike and Will on the chopping block) but Diane is nominated for evictio
7 messages
07-19-06 00:38 AM
Live Feeds Mon 7/17 [View All]
Another late night in the house, so everyone should be sleeping for a long time. A drunk Boogie, along with his sidekicks Will & Jase
23 messages
07-18-06 00:55 AM
Live Feeds Sun (7/16)
Kaysar, Marcellas, Danielle, and Howie are in the living room. When I first started watching, they were discussing that sometimes initial reas
6 messages
07-17-06 08:47 AM
Dr. will question
when Will won who made it to the finals with him? me and my mom are stumpped trying to figure this out. http://community.real
3 messages
07-17-06 08:37 AM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #4 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Well, we got a good show coming tonight don't we. Who will win the POV and what was the food competition like. We will find out tonight. Please ke
21 messages
07-17-06 07:24 AM
Live Feeds Sat (7/15) [View All]
Looks like Marcellas is the only one still up. He is on the red couch in the BY. Seems to just be sitting there thinking. [I've never heard Marcel
39 messages
07-16-06 04:58 AM
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