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Live Feeds Tuesday 8/22 [View All]
It's 2:45am BB time. Danielle, Will, and Janelle in the backyard talking about how great this season is. How the ratings have to be "throug
91 messages
08-23-06 04:55 PM
Alright so on the live feeds we've seen Boogie mention keeping James around for a couple more weeks while Will is ready to see him leave. %0
Tough Cookie
20 messages
08-23-06 04:06 PM
BBAStards Ep 19 Show Update [View All]
Since everyone else is in hiding or has realized this show is killing off brain cells faster than anyone can count...I'll start the thread for tonig
61 messages
08-23-06 03:36 PM
Live Feeds - Monday, August 21
Currently, all houseguests are asleep. On Feed-1, we have what looks like the bug room with two people sleeping in it and two of the b
111 messages
08-23-06 02:34 PM
Did Howie headbutt Boogie?
It happened quickly and I couldn't tell for sure, but it sure looked like Howie made contact with Boogie's face when he shoved his head at him i
shakes the clown
103 messages
08-22-06 06:52 PM
Question about the Contract and Splitting $$
I have a question I hope someone can answer. I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned in this forum that there is a contract allowing them t
1 messages
08-22-06 05:12 PM
Did I miss something?
I have been out of touch yesterday and today. From what I gather boogie put up Janelle and James. Then Janielle won POV. Is this correct???
2 messages
08-22-06 03:24 PM
Because DEAR GOD these people are boring. Makes you yearn for the festive days of Chihora and her comparative bowel movement seminars, don't it%3
9 messages
08-22-06 02:09 PM
8/21 Recap Please
Hi I asked for this on the other thread, but it seems like there is a lot going on and re-hashing the Boogie/Howie Non-Headbutt is tak
2 messages
08-21-06 07:46 PM
Live Feeds Sunday 8/20 [View All]
Will and Janelle are still up (very rare for the Doctor--seems like he has taken over from Kaysar as Janie's late late night buddy), discussin
110 messages
08-21-06 05:06 PM
"Hi Julie Chen"
I still like Julie.....A lot......but Will's persistence to addressing her formally after "sweetheart" is priceless. Anything for a
0 messages
08-21-06 05:02 PM
How do we Like Janelles chances now? [View All]
Janelle is no alone in the house. There are two alliances and then some sub alliances. If CT wants to make it to final four they
60 messages
08-21-06 02:50 PM
James' whining
James has been ranting, whining and avoiding Janelle at all costs since he thinks she cheated at the POV competition. He's requested BB to review
2 messages
08-21-06 11:20 AM
All It Takes is One
Just a though.....[i]didn't burn too much wood for this one.[/i] I really don't want Will to win. But it looks like the cards
15 messages
08-20-06 06:47 PM
How do we like Chicken George's chances now [View All]
So what does everyone think about CG's chances now? He has managed to win 2 competitions...
33 messages
08-20-06 03:42 PM
Live feeds -- Saturday 8/19 [View All]
So, after one of the busiest days in BB history, it looks like we'll get a new set of nominations today from new HoH Boogie. Looks like there%2
90 messages
08-20-06 09:19 AM
Boogie Mike & The Pointless Twist Of Doom. [View All]
Okay. He's got it. Pretty soon, he'll find out what it is. Now -- what does he [i]do[/i] with it? The cheap (and easy, and p
28 messages
08-20-06 00:01 AM
Live Feeds - Friday Aug 18 - Part 2 [View All]
Please use this one from now on.
101 messages
08-19-06 07:51 PM
8/18 Recap please.
There is just too much posting going on today with all the Drama. Can someone make a timeline of sorts of todays events? Including Veto c
3 messages
08-18-06 07:49 PM
Boogie breaking the rules?
Any thoughts on whether Boogie should have his new power stripped? Just called 818-655-6869 and confirmed that the producers have gotten lawyers in
Rebel Ann
8 messages
08-18-06 07:32 PM
Let's keep comments from Live Feed thread here
<James says Howie & Jani haven't said a word to him and it is "guilt." It's just guilt. What a sore loser he is. Instead of c
18 messages
08-18-06 05:28 PM
Live Feeds--Friday 8/18
James has won POV. And all have descended on CG to backdoor Janie. CG has said the only one he has a beef with is Dani since she tried to
159 messages
08-18-06 04:46 PM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #18 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all details of tonight's eviction, HoH contest, and the winner of the Coup d'Etat on this thread until the West Coast gets to ask
64 messages
08-18-06 11:31 AM
Live feeds -- Thursday 8/17 [View All]
Time to get this thread rolling, because we'll finally have some drama (especially after the live show). Looks like Will has NOT been able to
108 messages
08-18-06 03:09 AM
Live Feeds - Wed 8/16 [View All]
Going to get the thread started in hopes of some action today. The HGs are supposed to be awakened at 8:30, which is about an hour from now, fo
53 messages
08-17-06 01:00 PM
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