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Time (Once Again) To Applaud You Feedsters!
Between Dani's boo hoo hooing and Mike's Adventures in Palm Reading, you are REALLY taking some audio video bullets for the team today... %
18 messages
08-30-06 02:05 PM
Live Feeds - Tuesday, August 29 Pt. 2
A new thread just in case anything happens on the live feeds tonight that warrants discussion. This is a thread for discussing the events o
4 messages
08-30-06 02:22 AM
Live Feeds Tuesday 8/29
Just thought I would start it off today, this will pretty much be another day of nothing much interesting, Danielle will try to not get evicted Wi
31 messages
08-29-06 10:38 PM
Live Feeds Monday 8/28 [View All]
I thought I would start off todays discussion, today we will see the POV Ceremony, Janelle comes off Danielle goes up and proceeds to make the res
65 messages
08-29-06 04:44 PM
Live Feeds Sunday 8/27 [View All]
Since I'm sick today and can't do much more than sit here, I'll start this off today. Today is Christmas in the BB house. Don't k
59 messages
08-28-06 03:32 PM
POV competition
Can anyone help me out with this? I heard that Janie won POV and now there is talk about replacing her with Dani? Can anyone confirm this for me%
2 messages
08-28-06 01:14 PM
Chill Town strategy, a speculation thread. [View All]
If/when James goes tonight... CT's entire strategy hinges on Janelle (or Will. HA!) winning HOH tonight and putting up Dani and E
65 messages
08-28-06 09:38 AM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #22 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all details of Erika's nominations (which will be Janelle, Janie, and, in an unprecedented move, J-Dog) on this thread until
30 messages
08-28-06 08:24 AM
Live Feeds Saturday 8/26 [View All]
Today will be the POV competition, and more scheming.
83 messages
08-27-06 04:14 PM
for the sake of BB CG has to go
If CG stays in longer than will does that mean he was better than the puppet master himself? and if the final three are CG, dani (I have never
how do people miss these things
2 messages
08-26-06 11:59 PM
Christmas in August for the HG's
Just in from [i]Sunday will bring Christmas in August to the houseguests - we know they will get presents, but what
1 messages
08-26-06 06:50 PM
Live Feeds Friday 8/25 [View All]
Just thought I would start today off, today will be an action packed day with lots of scheming before Erika does her nominations, I think it will
58 messages
08-26-06 06:46 PM
Why Will needs to win POV this week
Perhaps it's just me but I think it would be definitely in Will's best interest to win POV this week. With the nominations most likely
1 messages
08-25-06 03:23 PM
Live Feeds Thursday 8/24 [View All]
Just thought I would start the discussion off, today will retty much be dull until after the live show, I can't wait!!!
92 messages
08-25-06 01:24 PM
Tension with "Jules" [View All]
It'd be hard to miss that. Janelle, cute little "Hi Julie"....just "hi" She got notable flustered at on
105 messages
08-25-06 01:16 PM
Big Brother All Stars - Episode #21 - East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's episode on this thread until the West Coast gets a chance to see James's master strategy at work. Let's
50 messages
08-25-06 06:48 AM
I am under a tornado warning - thank goodness I charged my laptop battery - and my local station is pre-empting Big Brother! What's happening?
1 messages
08-24-06 08:30 PM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #20 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep discussion of tonight's episode on this thread until the West Coast gets to hear James explain how absolutely everything that happens in
40 messages
08-24-06 08:15 PM
Live Feeds - Wednesday 8/23 [View All]
Okay, whoever has access to the live feeds, please let us know what is happening today. Please, let's use this post just for live u
Miami Joe
57 messages
08-24-06 07:37 PM
Go place your bets, Howie will definitely win BB7
I'm not a betting person myself, but if i was and actually knew a place where you could bet on reality tv I would be betting all my money on Howie
shakes the clown
17 messages
08-23-06 08:18 PM
Live Feeds Tuesday 8/22 [View All]
It's 2:45am BB time. Danielle, Will, and Janelle in the backyard talking about how great this season is. How the ratings have to be "throug
91 messages
08-23-06 04:55 PM
Alright so on the live feeds we've seen Boogie mention keeping James around for a couple more weeks while Will is ready to see him leave. %0
Tough Cookie
20 messages
08-23-06 04:06 PM
BBAStards Ep 19 Show Update [View All]
Since everyone else is in hiding or has realized this show is killing off brain cells faster than anyone can count...I'll start the thread for tonig
61 messages
08-23-06 03:36 PM
Live Feeds - Monday, August 21
Currently, all houseguests are asleep. On Feed-1, we have what looks like the bug room with two people sleeping in it and two of the b
111 messages
08-23-06 02:34 PM
Did Howie headbutt Boogie?
It happened quickly and I couldn't tell for sure, but it sure looked like Howie made contact with Boogie's face when he shoved his head at him i
shakes the clown
103 messages
08-22-06 06:52 PM
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