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Ryan wins
Ryan wins veto and is taking shelia off and putting James up. However he and Sharon have secretly talking bout working together and how to win.
1 messages
04-05-08 10:38 AM
BB#9, Episode 23 ECST
Please keep all discussions of the live vote out of one half of the remaining intact couples (even if it wasn't the original pairing of the couple
16 messages
04-02-08 08:11 PM
Big Brother Live Feeds Week 7: Term of President Queen Natalie [View All]
After winning the America's Choice Candidate Poll/All-Stars Prom retread HoH competition we have a brand new HoH in Natalie! Will she
69 messages
04-02-08 05:21 PM
BB#9, Episode 22 ECST
Please keep the details of today's carnage, even if it has to be done by reviewing the program later via VCR/DVR due to the dearth of RTV progra
5 messages
04-02-08 06:29 AM
BB#9, Episode 21 ECST
With Natalie as our [s]President[/s] [s]Prom Queen[/s] HoH, you can easily imagine that the James vendetta will probably continu
14 messages
03-30-08 08:29 PM
BB#9, Episode 20 ECST [View All]
Please keep all discussions of the thrilling eviction vote, the fun of Easter Sunday in the hamster cage, and the victory speech of the candidate
23 messages
03-27-08 07:44 AM
Big Brother Live Feeds Week 6: Reign of Adam Shrek [View All]
By virtue of his (lucky) victory in the En Guarde! HoH Competition, Adam is your new HoH. This is gonna be another long week, isn
48 messages
03-26-08 03:10 PM
BB#9, Episode 19 ECST
Please keep all discussions of the return of the ED menace to the hamster cage for POV madness here until around midnight EDT, (which is [b]st
9 messages
03-26-08 04:45 AM
BB#9, Episode 18 60 minutes ECST
What, they pull this carp even when it isn't to screw over The Amazing Race? *resets DVR* *resets DVR again* %0
19 messages
03-24-08 08:08 PM
Parker spotted out of sequester
Apparently TMZ hired him back and they have some video on their site of the paparazzi taking some film of him out getting film of other people. %
2 messages
03-22-08 08:11 PM
BB#9, Episode 17 ECST [View All]
This week's been dead, probably because of the deja vu and sillyness/stupidness of this revive a hamster and the revenge of James and ..........
26 messages
03-20-08 08:41 AM
Big Brother Live Feeds Week 5: Reign of Lazarus II James II [View All]
After 4 1/2 hours James ends up winning the HoH Disco Ball Mobile Torture Competition of Doom......... Currently promised to be safe:
54 messages
03-19-08 06:22 PM
BB#9, Episode 15 ECST
Please keep all discussions of tonight's mess here until 11:00 EDT, 10:00 Webby Time When we last left the hamsters on BB, they w
5 messages
03-18-08 11:51 PM
Worse Twist Ever?
Bringing back an eliminated house guest, but at the last minute, give the current BB guests a choice of either taking James or the mystery guest b
1 messages
03-15-08 11:52 AM
Big Brother Live Feeds Week 4: Reign of Lazarus Ryan [View All]
Now that Ryan has been resurrected by the end of the "'Til Death Do You Part" twist and has become the first [b]single[/b] HoH it'll
49 messages
03-13-08 07:18 AM
BB#9, Episode 14 ECST [View All]
Welcome my friends to the BB Merry Go-Round! Tonight we'll see a hamster depart (either James or Sharon) and another hamster move back in (
54 messages
03-13-08 00:25 AM
BB#9, Episode 13 ECST
Please keep all discussions about tonight's POV randomizer prize/penalty giveaway of doom and the resulting POV Ceremony and the beginning recatio
10 messages
03-12-08 12:42 PM
BB9, Episode 12 ECST
Please keep all discussions of the Food Competition, the reveal of [s]Lazarus[/s] Ryan's HoH room and his nominees until about 11:00 p
7 messages
03-09-08 10:54 PM
Showtime free this weekend...
Just a reminder for those with DirecTV that Showtime has a free preview this weekend. So if you really want, you can watch BB After Dark at midnigh
0 messages
03-07-08 09:53 PM
BB#9, Episode 11 ECST
Please keep all comments of tonight's eviction, plus Chenbot's version of what this Siren twist actually means to the hamsters in the cage until
11 messages
03-05-08 09:18 PM
So what's the twist for the next evicted couple?
The current proposed theory (from Vince3) is that one person from the freshly-eliminated pair will immediately U-turn and head back into the house
9 messages
03-05-08 08:41 PM
Big Brother Live Feeds Week 3: Hell Week [View All]
With Josh and Sharon as the HoH couple leading into the "big surprise" for the evicted couple, which will probably involve the final breaking of
84 messages
03-05-08 08:16 PM
BB#9, Episode 10 ECST
Please keep all comments of the dramatic Power of Veto Contest and Ceremony until around Midnight EST. Or until they actually air something decent %2
8 messages
03-05-08 00:10 AM
Big Brother #9 Episode #9 East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep all sigpic-free discussion of the calm, dignified, intelligent and rational manner in which Joshuah conducts his reign of the house un
14 messages
03-04-08 09:44 AM
Big Brother Live Feeds Week 2: Rule of Dumb and Dumber [View All]
Let's review the carnage from the HoH competition, shall we? The houseguests won't have hot water for 72 hours The girls must
72 messages
02-28-08 10:40 AM
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