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BB18 | ECST | Week 1
Here is the official thread to discuss all that has happened on the show. This is NOT the thread for LiveFeed information. This thread
18 messages
06-24-16 08:50 AM
BB18 | Live Feeds and Spoilers | Week 1
Please leave any and all information pertaining to or gleaned from the Live Feeds or any other source as it pertains to the Hamsters and their activit
0 messages
06-22-16 12:19 PM
Slated to debut June 22. I have heard through the grapevine that the season will be with returnees. I have also heard that they will know about 2 week
9 messages
06-18-16 02:47 AM
BB 17 | Live Finale Night
*recap of the past 97 days* Liz, Steve and Vanessa, all still in contention for the big prize. HOH Part 1: Hangin
7 messages
02-18-16 04:12 PM
New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
0 messages
10-26-15 09:33 AM
BB17 | Live Feeds and Spoilers | Week 11
It seems that the live feeds are off for the whole day but we had time to see that the new Hoh is ... Vanessa. Maybe she would have been sa
19 messages
09-20-15 11:31 AM
BB17 | Live Feeds and Spoilers | Week 10
DoubleEviction night resulted in both Meg and James heading to the jury house. The newest HOH is... Steve.
18 messages
09-12-15 01:30 AM
BB 17 Live Feeds and Spoilers Week 9
The week should be interesting...if we can call this show intersting that is. According to posters at Sucks, the jury challenge was
11 messages
08-31-15 05:48 PM
BB17 | Live Feeds and Spoilers | Week 8
Be aware the reign of Judas. Yup, Austin is HOH. And according to everyone else still left in the house Vanessa should be Public Enemy #1.
11 messages
08-24-15 09:20 PM
BB17 | Live Feeds and Spoilers | Week 7
Yeah, it's late. But that's what happens when those dratblasted endurance comps come along, but anyways... it's now Becky's turn in the ch
14 messages
08-17-15 04:26 PM
BB17 | Live Feeds and Spoilers | Week 6
Bring on the reign of the 1st "solo" HOH... James. His first order of business? ... to insure either Shelli or Clay is ev
18 messages
08-07-15 04:42 PM
BB17 | Live Feeds and Spoilers | Week 5 [View All]
Another week of Grrlpwerrr. Vanessa and Jackie share the dais for a couple of days, What kind of mayhem can they bequeath? Let's talk
23 messages
07-31-15 03:44 PM
BB17 | Live Feeds and Spoilers | Week 4 [View All]
Congrats Shelli and Liz! You ladies own the first day or so of the week 4 cycle. Enjoy. ... Now that they're occupied, let's talk a
23 messages
07-23-15 09:51 PM
BB17 | Live Feeds and Spoilers | Week 3
Commence the inner-conversations about Austin and Vanessa's reign... (Two supposed alliance compatriots that BOTH despise Audrey.)
8 messages
07-16-15 09:03 PM
ECST Discussion Week 2
I'm watching the Tuesday episode and it feels like I missed something over the last few shows. Weren't Shelli, Da'vonne and Audrey in an alli
9 messages
07-11-15 01:47 AM
BB17 | Live Feeds and Spoilers | Week 2
Here it is...the reign of femininity! Becky and Shelli have control of the nominees, what's to come of this?
10 messages
07-07-15 04:19 PM
BB17 | ECST Discussion | Week 1
In mere moments we'll be brought to the edge of sanity and then forced into deciding if we're [i]really[/i] that self-loathing as to wat
15 messages
07-02-15 10:10 PM
BB17 | Live Feeds and Spoilers | Week 1
In anticipation of following some jokers updates and to get FP from making any more pleas for a live feed depository, I present the Week 1 Live Feed
17 messages
07-01-15 10:35 PM
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0 messages
06-18-15 11:04 AM
BB17 Start Date
They will of course actually enter the house a few days prior thereto, but the CBS episodes of BB15 are expected to start showing on or about June 2
Round Robin
2 messages
06-16-15 12:35 PM
BB16 | Live Feeds | Week 12
oops. Got a late start on this one. Caleb won the HOH. He nominated Victoria and Frankie. Cody has won the POV. It is unlikey he
4 messages
05-15-15 02:49 PM
BB16 | Live Feeds | Week 13
Finally, the puppet-master takes the royal seat as Derrick makes his move and grabs the HOH. Now that his biggest competition is gone,
9 messages
03-23-15 11:06 PM
BB16 | Live Feeds | Week 11
Oh boy. We lost both Nicole and Christine is a week-in-a-day episode. Now, the HGs have unknowingly sped up this week too. As of the mome
2 messages
09-07-14 04:10 AM
BB16 | Live Feeds | Week 10
Team America loses it's military mastermind, er... Donny. My guess is his game was sooo bad they all thought it HAD to be better. So they invented
13 messages
09-04-14 10:34 PM
BB16 | Live Feeds | Week 9
Well, we saw Zach get voted out, then immediately after speaking with the Chenbot, join Jocasta, Hayden and Nicole for a "Boomerang Competit
10 messages
08-25-14 03:21 PM
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