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BB Fan's favorite
Does any one know if perhaps CBS will do for BB All Stars something similar to what it did for Survivor All Stars,that they had a viewer's poll to
Miami Joe
3 messages
08-17-06 12:29 PM
Live Feeds Tuesday 8/15 [View All]
I just thought I would start the discussion for today’s feeds off, not much will probably happen today, although we might get some drama courtes
71 messages
08-17-06 12:23 PM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #17 East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep all discussion of tonight's episode on this thread until I wake up enough to have some chance of realizing which show I'm in the middl
18 messages
08-16-06 05:37 PM
Live Feeds Monday August 14th [View All]
Guess I'll get todays discussion going... Janelle and Marcellas up late, talking about George going up: http://www.y
71 messages
08-16-06 06:56 AM
Be the Living Damned: Finale.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I've got a headache you wouldn't (censored) believe. And my carpet is all soggy. Has Heather sto
12 messages
08-15-06 06:10 PM
Erika and Boogie
I watched a clip on where Will, Boogie, Erika, and Janelle were in the hot tub. When Janelle left, Will told us that Erika has be
9 messages
08-15-06 01:56 PM
Coup d'Etat secret phrase speculation [View All]
It is known that Danielle has already taken a shot at the secret phrase and guessed "Do not assume"/DNA after a correlation she made with Dolly
129 messages
08-15-06 07:53 AM
Live Feeds Sunday 8/13 [View All]
I just thought I would start the live feed discussion again today, probably not much will go on as there are no competitions or ceremonies. I hope
63 messages
08-14-06 04:41 PM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #16 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of the just advertised slop cook-off with more the previous hamsters being judges here so that the west coasters and see al
21 messages
08-14-06 07:41 AM
Janelle and the Legion
Poor Janelle is surrounded by evil doers, the legion of domers the turd herd and all she has is Howie, what a mess she's in! I am ho
1 messages
08-13-06 11:08 PM
To all live feeders.....
A huge round of applause and a hearty thank you for keeping all of us up to date on the BBAStards this season! http://community.rea
6 messages
08-13-06 01:33 PM
Prom vote [View All]
[font color="maroon"]Have you been to the SeeBS site to vote on the prom stuff? Best dressed? Class clown? Most i
51 messages
08-13-06 11:09 AM
Live Feeds Saturday 8/12 [View All]
Just thought I would start the discussion for todays feeds off! I am guessing there will be POV competition today.
74 messages
08-13-06 10:54 AM
BB full episodes at
Is anyone else having trouble with watching Sunday's HoH competition at I can watch the first two segments (Kaysar's eviction) fin
0 messages
08-12-06 03:21 PM
Could someone please fill me in?
I think I missed something somewhere. I thought Erica won HOH? I keep reading about Janelles nominations??
5 messages
08-12-06 05:34 PM
Live Feeds Friday 8/11/06 [View All]
It's nomination day. Thank goodness for the feeders that were up last night, because I was seriously confused when I turned my feeds on thsi
126 messages
08-12-06 04:03 PM
live chats
are there any live chats and how do you get there
0 messages
08-12-06 03:45 PM
Live Feeds Sat 8/12
Something should start happening soon??? So I thought I'd get the thread up and ready for when the live feeders dare to start watch
1 messages
08-12-06 12:42 PM
last night
i just wanted to say hello to evryone. i just discovered this site when i logged on last night to the live feeds. Its always like walking into the mi
chevy man
4 messages
08-12-06 12:10 PM
Janelle HOH - and SeeBS totally pushing S6 on us [View All]
In my personal opinion - See BS made a mistake to redo the complete competition. The real problems did not start until AFTER Janelle was already out
46 messages
08-12-06 09:50 AM
Coup d'Etat..huh?
What does that phrase have to do with a sheep and a bow, and a porta potty with a fly in it?! I dont get it.... I know what the phrase means...
1 messages
08-12-06 06:55 AM
Personally, I think the phrase that all are seeking is "expect the unexpected". As soon as I saw the sheep, I knew that was the answer. Afte
1 messages
08-11-06 07:32 PM
HOH competition
I am really confused. Didn't Janelle gain 10 points in the POV to NOT participate in "next weeks" HOH? How was she allowed to participate an
2 messages
08-11-06 02:42 PM
Live Feeds Thursday 8/10 [View All]
After midnight and Will is talking about DR stuff to Boogie and Erika. He says they (producers) guaranteed him that there's one more eviction a
89 messages
08-11-06 12:41 PM
BB Redoing HOH Comp From 8/10
Found this on the CBS Site: [b]Due to technical malfunctions of the buzz-in device, Big Brother will be redoing the Head of Househo
8 messages
08-11-06 09:58 AM
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