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Conferences Big Brother Live Feed Updates And Spoilers (Protected)
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Nullify Eviction Vote Speculation [View All]
Does anyone know or would they care to speculate as to how the "nullify eviction" pass that James received from the HOH comp last week is able to
27 messages
08-08-06 02:46 PM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #13 East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep the names of the two S6ers who the new HoH nominates for eviction on this thread until the West Coast can brace for the first round of non
14 messages
08-07-06 11:48 PM
James Whining
James (eating pizza) on the couch with Danielle and CT whining that he might as well enjoy his last week in the house.....he seems resigned that h
2 messages
08-07-06 09:30 PM
Janey is wearing the Pov
She must have won! I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
60 messages
08-07-06 06:31 PM
Kaysar? Dumbest POV move since Marci in BB3? [View All]
If Kaysar gets nominated and the evicted he will go down in history as making the second dumbest POV move in BB history. I read on the feeds earlier t
shakes the clown
28 messages
08-07-06 06:15 PM
Live Feeds Sunday 8/6 [View All]
Since the other one was getting kinda long and it is Sunday I thought I would start off today's thread.
68 messages
08-07-06 10:06 AM
Do Will and Kaysar have a secret alliance?
Has anyone read about this conspiracy theory or seen/heard any of this on the live feeds? I was reading Dingo's hamsterwatch and something was m
10 messages
08-06-06 10:58 PM
Live Feeds Saturday 8/5 [View All]
For some reason I haven't yet figured out, Janie and Howie are sleeping in the HOH room. They awoke about 15 minutes ago. Their sleep schedules ar
156 messages
08-06-06 06:44 PM
Will and money plan
What's with the plan Will and Boogey keep talking about, they want to work out a split with a way to get around CBS rules. Can they get
1 messages
08-06-06 02:22 PM
Ladies.....or men...Would you find Will ........................ [View All]
I hope it's OK to put this in spoilers.....because I'm referencing a lot of the stuff we've seen on feeds.... I'm wondering if you
26 messages
08-05-06 06:45 PM
Did Chenbot screw up the HOH comp last night?
I think its pretty obvious that Chenbot messed up yet again on tghe live show, this time while giving the instructions for the HOH comp.
shakes the clown
15 messages
08-05-06 06:40 PM
Live Feed Updates August 4th [View All]
Let's start posting the live feed updates here to avoide the inevitable confusion that will occur tomorrow with two thresds titled "Aug. 5"%0
shakes the clown
30 messages
08-05-06 01:19 PM
What will happen to Season 6? [View All]
So guys, what's it going to be? Are Danielle and James going to nominate Janelle and Kaysar/Howie? Will all the players in the h
28 messages
08-05-06 01:05 AM
Live Feeds Fri 8/5
Kaysar, Janie & Howie are still up whispering strategy. They are all finally fully aware of Danielle & James. They plan to take Dani out next.
17 messages
08-04-06 03:13 PM
Live Feeds Thurs 8/3 [View All]
Eviction and HOH day, yet some of the hamsters are still up at 2:45am BB time. It's a Diane pity party in the living room and Diane i
73 messages
08-04-06 09:32 AM
HoH Endurance Competition Update Thread [View All]
I'll be up all night to keep us updated! Let's keep it on this thread for now, and if it gets too top heavy we'll make a second one. %0
122 messages
08-04-06 00:20 AM
What "Johnny Fairplay" had to say today
Listening to Ron and Fez today "Johnny Fairplay" was on and stated that he knows what the twist is this season. Supposedly he knows that BB is br
0 messages
08-03-06 09:50 PM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #12 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of Diane's complete and utter nervous breakdown, including the moment when she flings herself around Julie's ankles a
60 messages
08-03-06 09:35 PM
Big Brother All Stars Hate List/Week 4
Other forums have a love list, but like Evil Dr. Will, I hate them all. (except Will, of course) I hesitate to put this thread in the bashe
12 messages
08-03-06 05:42 PM
Big Brother Summary Sign-up Thread? [View All]
Is there one that is going to be started? The show is coming on in one and a half weeks. Oh, and are the summaries going to be one person does a
30 messages
08-03-06 04:52 PM
Live Feeds 8/2 [View All]
I was shocked to see the HGs still up. I thought I'd start the thread. Kaysar & Janelle are laughing and goofing around in the BY. Kaysar is gi
105 messages
08-03-06 02:46 PM
Is this the end of the SOV alliance?
I was reading hamsterwatch and there's all sorts of chaos in the BB house due to Janelle's nominations. James and Kaysar are upset at Janelle beca
13 messages
08-02-06 10:53 PM
Live Feeds 8/1 [View All] ds/User_files/449c80b4459e44ef.gif
74 messages
08-02-06 07:10 PM
B.B.A.Stards Episode #11 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all details of the rock-solid, ultra-permanent, completely unbreakable bonds that have formed between the S6 people as a result of Jan
31 messages
08-02-06 02:43 PM
Live feeds 7/31 [View All]
I'll start today off with everyone asleep. Here is some footafe from lsat night early morn of James calling Janelle out on her lies pt1%0
72 messages
08-01-06 07:08 PM
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