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Business opportunity
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0 messages
04-04-24 05:33 AM
Season 31 Episode 4
Sorry, not sure where I got season 32 from. I don't know if Corinne and Eliza were getting that edit so we'd be sorry they were gone
13 messages
11-13-23 10:03 AM
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1 messages
10-03-23 03:08 AM
termined out that we had annou
her wedding date. we were careworn because amber and her boyfriend were not even engaged, however she and her boyfriend claimed that they knew that
0 messages
09-19-22 10:33 PM
TAR20 Casino Game - Results! [View All] ayingPoker.jpg [h1]Hangin' in Hawaii[/h1] Man, that ascent up th
25 messages
07-20-22 04:13 AM
New Season Starts
I am glad the race is back. The lack of masks at the start really stood out to me,it is amazing how fast we can adjust to changes in how we interact
Earl Colby Pottinger
5 messages
01-19-22 08:40 PM
Tough as Nails
Is anyone watching Phil's new Reality TV show? SEEBS is giving it a big help by repeating the Wednesday episodes on Sundays. I did watch the fir
5 messages
12-29-21 06:02 AM
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0 messages
06-27-21 04:47 AM
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1 messages
02-27-21 05:31 AM
Season 32 Episode 3
Two musical tasks in one episode would be rough for the non-musical, though at least the karaoke had the phonetic spellings. Still too m
3 messages
01-26-21 01:58 AM
For Old Time's Sake
The new season started last night. Given the current circumstances, I expect it may well be the last. It will be a long time before teams can travel
4 messages
12-14-20 02:23 PM
Team Swap
What do you think about switching team members? I don't like it that much, but on this extended race there was time for teams to sort
Earl Colby Pottinger
11 messages
06-02-20 10:00 AM
How to get cast on Reality TV
Check out Reality TV Tips YouTube channel for great tips
4 messages
01-25-20 02:49 AM
No Roadblocks this Season?
Three legs in and no Roadblocks. Is this about Bethany? ds/User_files/52f2b64c0
6 messages
10-01-19 05:47 AM
Amazing Race Season 32 Episode 1
Anyone still around and want to talk about this season? I thinking bringing back some old teams is interesting, as I generally enjoyed
7 messages
10-01-19 05:46 AM
Season 32 Episode 2
Turns out Rachel isn't any less annoying with her sister than her husband. I especially loved how they made everyone wait for them while they figure
1 messages
04-25-19 03:49 PM
Jan 10 Race 30
When they first mention how it would be done I did not like the idea of the teams racing as pairs against each other. But watching it I fou
Earl Colby Pottinger
6 messages
02-01-18 01:27 PM
Jan, 17 Leg Race 30
I like the idea of trying to follow the gnome's path on the zip-line thru that maze of buildings. That was tough.
Earl Colby Pottinger
4 messages
01-25-18 03:36 PM
Mar.4 2017
Becca and Floyd really seem to be enjoying the race. I wish all teams enjoyed the race as much. Most of them seem to have fun at times,
Earl Colby Pottinger
2 messages
05-09-17 09:28 PM
April 27/2017
I really liked the night restaurant. Once again The Amazing Race has shown me a side of a country that I would never had known about.
Earl Colby Pottinger
6 messages
05-05-17 02:11 PM
New Season - Hello Stranger
Survivor and TAR have become very formulaic over the years and when they do twists os more often than not dumb ones but I liked this meeting of strang
9 messages
04-12-17 00:24 AM
Claps & Slaps - All Dating Edition [View All]
Hope Estee dosn't mind my picking this up and I hope we can generate at least a small conversation on this board. I'll start this to have a place
66 messages
09-07-16 02:14 AM
Detours [View All]
Which detour would you have chosen? Mariachi madness - find the mariachi members not actually playing -or- Great bulls of fire
35 messages
07-10-16 03:25 PM
Helping other teams vs giving answers
Well, it looks like they still haven't instituted a rule about not giving the answers to other teams, unfortunately. Although I guess it would b
17 messages
04-01-16 09:18 PM
I agree with the non-elim
I agree with the Producers to make the first leg non-elimination. I think it's only fair to let all the teams get one leg under their bel
12 messages
04-01-16 08:05 PM
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