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Ahoy there, mateys... time to vote!!!
Alright... it's that time again: 1) Vote, by putting the name of the contestants you believe will be removed from the ship in the s
26 messages
10-08-01 08:57 PM
Ousted contestant returns
I was looking at the satelite TV guide to see if the love cruise was still coming on tonight because of the bombing raids and the episodes description
Mumbo Jumbo
1 messages
10-08-01 08:11 PM
In defense of Michael
I am by my name a lurker only, this is my 1st post and probably my last...i read, thats it, :) I don't usually have much to say about most
6 messages
10-08-01 05:19 PM
Come on Shakes!!
Where is the episode 3 summary??!!! I’m dieing over here!!! I’m going through withdrawals!!!
5 messages
10-08-01 04:21 PM
Michael is the biggest asshole to ever walk the face of this earth! [View All]
First of all...what was up with the "I'm the chessmaster"? Does he really think people would be stupid enough to fall for his "malicious"
24 messages
10-07-01 06:17 PM
RE: Gina claims VICTORY!!
So sorry for the mistake in grammar! Yes, she has definitely emailed a few people and told them that she will indeed win the game! Unfortunately
3 messages
10-07-01 12:54 PM
Preview: Epsiode 5
[i]Episode #105. An ousted contestant returns"[/i] ... so it's true!!! http://community.reali
1 messages
10-07-01 10:29 AM
***Public Service Anouncement *** [View All]
Listen up New People !! I am going to explain a few things that may not have been clear to everyone. Michael is Shakes the Clown on this
Drive My Car
29 messages
10-06-01 02:41 AM
a little something about DaisyJLC
Let me fully introduce one of our newest posters, DaisyJLC, or as she was called on the ESPN Cleveland Indians board, DaisyWhore. Dai
shakes the clown
18 messages
10-06-01 00:19 AM
Toni's crying
Ok Toni seems like a nice person but come on enough with her 'I LOVE YA ALOT' and tears.
9 messages
10-05-01 11:12 PM
Rules for Message Board
Are there rules posted anywhere? I noticed that a post of mine was edited. In it I described the way I thought that Tomiko might have judged Micha
20 messages
10-05-01 09:57 PM
Gina returns to the Ship!!!!
This news has come straight from the "whore-ses" mouth! She has been emailing people from her cheesey website,! She tells
8 messages
10-05-01 06:55 PM
Webby and/or Moderators
Can you please do me a favor. Can you please tell these people that I am not Mike/Shakes? I am so tired of reading that I am. I would greatly a
18 messages
10-05-01 06:48 PM
Episode Five Preview (with pictures)
[b][u]Preview Transcript[/u][/b] [i][b]Announcer:[/b] Next, on the Love Cruise... [b]Michael:[
5 messages
10-05-01 05:49 PM
Shakes/Michael on Rosie!??!
The Rosie show solicits emails from everyone to suggest future guests. If enough people send Rosie email, Shakes could be on Rosie (unless of cou
20 messages
10-05-01 01:41 PM
Why can't we all just get along?
I am so sick of seeing all of these comments regarding racism on the reality shows. My basic opinion is "If you don't like it, don't watch it%
20 messages
10-05-01 02:32 AM
Michael..too cocky too soon?
Looks like he loses alot of ground next Ep. What do you think his downfall might be? Does Mike show his hand to the wrong person..and if
20 messages
10-04-01 11:08 PM
I Hate Michael
Not only is Michael clearly the most unattractive man on the boat, but he is also the most arrogant and annoying! I almost lost it when Michael s
84 messages
10-04-01 10:43 PM
Micow Action Figure
Hey, I just realized that if Rudy has an action figure (see pecialforces/rudy/index.sht
3 messages
10-04-01 04:25 PM
My Predictions to the End:
Okay... I think that I can safely predict the results for the next episode, and I have fairly decent speculation for the other episodes... %
12 messages
10-04-01 02:42 PM
tomica disappointed me
Was anyone else disappointed that no one pulled anybody's top off during the chicken mud puddle fight. It was there for the taking: all we needed
14 messages
10-04-01 01:54 PM
Where is the balance? [View All]
I would like to know why it is that there is only 2 "token" black people on this show? It is obvious that they will not make it to the end. Th
43 messages
10-04-01 11:00 AM
The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd
That's right folks.. Hot topic in the bar is what a Lisa is.. Peeps wanna vent?? This is the place to do it!!! ;-) I
18 messages
10-03-01 10:43 PM
Hey, Micheal, Keep Your Shirt On!
No, literally, please, keep it on. My fourteen year old saw those beer wings and jiggling man breasts and said "Eewww! He should talk to Ton
8 messages
10-03-01 08:33 PM
Oh my God, Chilltown has jumped networks and is back! 8-)
...only this time it's the "hip" spelling without the double L's. Shakes man, how could you. Who would have known that Michael%2
18 messages
10-03-01 07:14 PM
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