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Conferences Love Cruise Everything (Protected)
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Michael(Shakes) = Richard Hatch
Sorry, it had to be done. Every reality show has to have a comparison to Richard, right? And who better to fit that role than our good pal Sha
2 messages
09-27-01 05:24 PM
What is this -- The Michael Cruise???
Hey shakes, you ever let anyone else in front of the camera? ...damn, you probably even had the cameramen sleeping before you.%0
14 messages
09-27-01 02:01 PM
Answer: Fox's Official Love Cruise Web Page.
Question: What do you get when you cross a druggie web design intern w/ a sh|tty television studio? I didn't think there were any sites mor
15 messages
09-27-01 01:16 PM
Hey guys....
...first chance to post on the board now that I've been fully living the tv star lifestyle....stayed out partying till 6am w/ Melissa, Ralph,
shakes the clown
12 messages
09-27-01 12:04 PM
SERIOUS Questions for Michael-Shakes
OK, Michael, I've been looking forward to watching Love Cruise and reading your posts for months--ever since I learned you were a Media Whore yo
0 messages
09-27-01 11:57 AM
so where is the episode #2 summary already?
we're not gonna let shakes use Yom Kippur as an excuse are we? I just got back from my Kol Nidre services tonight and popped the VCR tape right in
3 messages
09-27-01 08:21 AM
Ep 2 Preview (With Pics)
Okay... here's the preview for episode two: I did not vidcap any of the dance scenes, because we have all of them elsewhere.
8 messages
09-27-01 02:25 AM
Time to vote for Ep2... already!!!
1) Post the Ultimate Ep2 losers names as the subject line of your message (after any switch cards are used). 2) This is not a discussion
17 messages
09-26-01 10:14 PM
Toni's Got a Squeezebox
For some reason, The Who's "Squeezebox" keeps running through my head. I had planned on writing the unofficial Love Cruise Sinks theme song%2
5 messages
09-26-01 09:57 PM
Michael- Do you Remember the two newlyweds you met at your hotel?
Hey Michael, Just wondering if you remember us? We stayed at the same hotel as you and sideshow bob when you guys first went down to Grenada. Th
7 messages
09-26-01 08:59 PM
It seems like there was a miscount of passengers on board.
I counted 13 passengers last night. There was a buzz that Jeanette, Melissa and Greg were on board. Maybe they jumped ship when they learned who
0 messages
09-26-01 08:02 PM
Interview with Shrink who Screens these guys
This Psychologist for Reality TV screened contestants for Survivor, Love Cruise, BigBrother, and Amazing Race. Found this interview, which sl
0 messages
09-26-01 05:38 PM
When does the first loser return?
Anyone know when the first loser returns? ...and how often might it happen? ds/User_
11 messages
09-26-01 02:59 PM
Contestant Personality Types
If you take the quiz on the official page, you will get one of three personality types (I'm a Coy Strategizer, BTW...) Anyway,
4 messages
09-26-01 01:56 PM
I think you are going to win this whole thing! You are the only one smart enough to win this thing. Awesome strategy Shakes! You are
3 messages
09-26-01 10:50 AM
Don't forget to vote in the home page polls..
Considering we only have one day between Episode #1 and #2, don't forget to vote in the the Ep #2 bootes polls on the home page.
1 messages
09-26-01 10:37 AM
loud mouths
i think ralph and toni would make a great team..both loud...rude..self centered...and phoney
1 messages
09-26-01 10:01 AM
OMG! Shakes!!
Your laugh!!I LOVE your laugh!! And that smile could light up an entire city!! dang TARTS on that boat have NO sense.. *I* would have
2 messages
09-26-01 09:15 AM
Was that Anthony babbling or taginite?
Just kidding taginite :) Seriously -- go Michael -- call him on it -- damn, did ALL of the girls fall for that? Come on... %0
3 messages
09-26-01 06:41 AM
enter the voyage of the damned..please step back..departure delay
again.. and the gods gathered forth and proclaimed michael a naughty naughty messenger onto the boreds. -stick with t
4 messages
09-26-01 06:33 AM
All Hands On Deck! It's Time to Vote....
Hello Love Cruise fans! You know who you are....both of you. I guess we should start this off with a little vote. Here's a few rules for you:
22 messages
09-26-01 00:34 AM
The first two losers...
Hmmm - looks like Gina and Bob are the first losers... htm http://www
5 messages
09-25-01 08:51 PM
New face to boards awaiting the madien voyage!
Hi all! I have been viewing these boards for over a year now and I finally took my stalkings to the stage! I've been reading the boards on BB1
5 messages
09-25-01 08:45 PM
"Skanky and accidentally insightful" are the leads in this review by Bill Brioux of the Toronto Sun....
6 messages
09-25-01 08:27 PM
Great review from the Chicago Tribune....
No link so I'll just retype it here.... [b] The Idea[/b]: 16 singles set sail in a reality TV cash-prize game that put
shakes the clown
5 messages
09-25-01 04:19 PM
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